Day 2 of Training

We have continued the City Tech Writer project today. In the morning we did the critic first each of us have to present our digital draft and critic each others work. Then based on the suggestions the trainers gave us, we could change our draft accordingly. I was not sure about how big the font size will work well at first. The trainers have provided me a lot of samples to use as references. Finally under the trainers guidance I figured them out. Right now my posters are looking much better than I just came in to the office this morning.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of Training

  1. Hi Yimei

    Thank you bring your great ideas for City Tech Writer! I love both of your designs, it’s interning and creative, for font that you’re not sure about size, I think it’s fine, usually I will zoom in real 100% size, so if you feel the font is big for you , so you can make it small. Don’t worry now, you will figure out later!

  2. Hello Yimei,
    Your design and typography are elegant.
    I hope we help you by explaining how to use the font. We are glad that we help you make your poster better version.
    Again always ask for help.

    Thank you.

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