Day 3 of Training

We finally wrapped up the City Tech Writer project today. Through this project I am more aware of the hierachy of laying out contents. When I am doing my school project I’m focus on the visual elements more than contents.

Lu and Anmol helped us out with the file naming in the morning. Because all of us had made mistake on that part. We also had a brief discussion about the next project about information design. We shared each other’s topic and the trainers proved them. I spent the whole morning to do the research on the UX design process and think about what style I want to go with this project.

After lunch break We did final touch of the City Tech Writer project. Then Lu and Anmol introduced us the last group project we will work on next week. Compare to school project we have a long period to work on one project. But at work we have to manage multiple projects at the same time at short period of time. It’s a challenge for me but I will get used to it.

1 thought on “Day 3 of Training

  1. Hello Yimei
    It’s great to see your progress and you always eager to learn and putting out the best work. Improving your work is always good. Yes, we do want you to get used to handling multiple projects at a time. It will only make you a better professional and designer.

    Thank you.

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