Day 1 of Training

Today is my first day of Training. Our trainer Anmol and Lu gave us a comprehensive presentation of how the training will be like during the two weeks. After the introduction we did one hour imitation of one poster which the trainer assigned for is. The goal for duplicate the poster is to prove the mistakes in the poster and figure out the fonts and colors. After we finished it Lu and Anmol gave us feedback of our work. Also they told us how to find the same fonts in the Adobe Acrobat. When we came back from one hour lunch break we are assigned to design a poster for the City Tech Writer Volume 15th. The trainers gave us 45 minutes to develop some drafts also practice writing an email for the clients. Around three fifteen Lu and Anmol started to check our works and gave us some constructive feedbacks about our posters which I think is really helpful.

I think it is critical to take the training before we actually start our internship. Through the training we can get familiar with the working process. I want to learn how to quickly develop an idea and get my work done in a short period of time. Today I haven’t got a chance to work with Antonin but we had some conversation based on the thing we’re not clear. I believe we will work more closely next time.


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  1. Hi Yimei,

    You did a great job today. I think it would be a good idea for you to work more on sketch your concepts before you go for the computer. It’s good to feel comfortable to ask your team member questions you don’t know, we are here to helping each other.

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