End of Semester Reflection

Working as a design intern at Faculty Commons has been a great experience.  It has been a great place to learn and also grow as a designer and professional.  I would say my greatest experiences here would be designing for various projects, however, I have equally had as much of a good time getting to know my co-workers hanging out in the FC office.  Or even being on the hunt for Pelf more recently as the holidays approach.

Working at FC has pushed me to try new things as a designer and test my boundaries.  Before starting at FC I barely touched Adobe Illustrator.  Yet a full semester into working at FC and my last three projects have all been done entirely on illustrator.

As for improvements.  I feel like I could always ask for more help and assistance.  Whether it be for someone to look over my emails before I send them or get someone to offer advice or look over a recent project.  A fresh set of eyes or a new opinion is always something that can help take your work in a stronger direction.  And there is definitely always room for improvement.

Mid Semester Reflection

Since starting at Faculty Commons I have worked on a variety of projects that have tested previous skills of mine and helped me hone new ones.  I have been shooting a lot of event photos which is completely new to me. I have experience with photography however, I never got to shoot photos in a somewhat high pressure environment.  Most of my photography is for personal enjoyment. That being said shooting event photos was exciting and new to me. I have been tasked with essentially capturing entire events and the photos need to be clear and well composed.  This of course is done all while slipping in and out between groups of crowds while at the same time trying to be as inconspicuous as possible to not interrupt the event that I am shooting. It is nice to be on your feet and get something out of an event immediately after its finished and I have had the pleasure of attending multiple events because of FC.  Most recently the BMI event I attended was a lot of fun to shoot and the images that I got out of it were great.


Yet, aside from the event photography I still have gotten chances to design.  With each poster assignment or web banner etc. I take it as a chance to try new design styles that I want to practice or do things that I have yet to try before while still completing the clients task.  And being on deadline can be daunting however, it often helps me kick it into high gear and to get my ideas out fast and begin to start creating the necessary content. Just recently I created a flyer for an upcoming spring English class.  I used bitmapping and sort of based the imagery off of old political screen printed posters and I am very excited about the end result. It is nice when you can envision something and finally make it come to life.


Day 5

What did you learn today?

Today we continued to work on our group projects and received some critique on some of the work we had all created so far.  I learned how important it is not to clutter up certain projects with text and to be more aware of where I am leading someones eye.

What challenges did you face? And how did you plan to overcome them?

At first when creating advertisements for the City Tech app we are proposing I used images of an iphone to emphasize that it was an app.  However after some critique I realized that there is a much better way to emphasize the experience of the app with out being so literal.  Instead I came up with a more personal ad campaign that emphasizes the usage of the ad by using people’s experience through the app.

In what way were you able to help each other?

We really are used to each other now and feel completely comfortable sharing our opinions and reasoning behind a specific piece of this design project.  It is super helpful to have a second set of eyes looking at your work since often times you don’t notice some obvious mistakes or changes you could be making.


Day 4

What did you learn today?

Today we went over the layout for printing multiple deliverables on a single sheet.  For example how in which you would lay out bookmarks on a single page in order to print more to a page in order to save paper.  It is important to be very specific in the email to the printer on how many copies you would like, what paper and how it should be cut.

What challenges did you face? And how do you plan to overcome them?

Today we continued on with the group project and the issue I faced today was how in which could our app’s logo depict what the app would be used for.  That being said the original idea that we as a group had come up with was a little too “general academic” and not so much tailored specifically for the purpose of the app which is to connect City Tech students.  After discussing with the group and looking over various apps we were able to come up with a new direction for the logo and create something simple that communicates well, and works in various sizes.

In what way were you able to help each other?

We are really getting a feel for each other as a group and everyone is super eager to express their feelings and ideas which is what helps make up a strong group atmosphere.  We managed to bounce ideas off each other and end up settling on what we need for the app, as well as colors, theme, and general look and feel.  We are definitely on a roll and starting to fit into our roles that we have come up with.  I think as a whole we are a very strong team as everyone is willing to chip in and lead when necessary.

Day 3

What did you learn today?

Today we learned a lot of important details regarding printing and what goes into getting specific booklets printed.  It is important to know these details as when we do print booklets there are certain ways in which files need to be sent to the printer in order to be printed properly.

What challenges did you face?

Today we began our group project which is always a daunting task.  Working with a group can tend to be chaotic since you need to understand each others strengths and figure out which goals to tackle first.

How did you plan to overcome them?

By brainstorming together and beginning to do research we began as a group to gather structure on how exactly we should tackle the assignment.  The goal is to redesign the NYCCT APP, and by downloading the app as a group we started to figure out what aspects of the app were important to keep and build off of.

In what way were you able to help each other?
By building off of each others ideas we were able to begin finding a structure and plan on how to actually approach the problem.  We bounced ideas and discussed the important aspects of the app and what we should keep and what could be taken out.  Based on our own experiences using social media we took ideas from preexisting apps that function very smoothly and have clean interfaces that we use personally.

Day 2

What did you learn today?

Today we learned the process of working with a client in an efficient and productive manner.  You want to be professional and very clear when working with a client in order to do great work in a timely manner. Specifically I learned how important it is to be clear on a specific date, and the amount and type of deliverables.  Clarifying these specifics with a client only make it easier to be organized when working on a project.

What challenges did you face?

Today we also started our own creative project that solely surrounds around our own creative ideas and experiences.  My main challenge today was coming up with a good concept that I am eager to work on.

How did I overcome this challenge?

By brainstorming and using some of my own experiences as well as humor I was able to come up with a concept for our “This is my Stop” project.  Luckily I take the subway enough and have plenty of experiences and complaints to add character to my own project in a way that entertains myself and makes me eager to keep working on it.

In what way were you able to help each other?

By looking over each others work we can get an idea of everyone else’s ideas which often helps you or a team member spark their own new ideas.  It is certainly nice to be surrounded by other individuals who share an eagerness in designing and have very different ways about tackling a project.

Day 1

What did you learn today?

Today we got our first taste of what it is like to work on a design and team and with some minor time constraints.  We tested our abilities to read copy and check for spelling mistakes and general use of hierarchy.  It was great to get a feel for the environment we will be working in and get a general understanding of the work we will be doing as a part of Faculty Commons.

What challenges did you face?

Not too many challenges just yet but we definitely tested our creative skills right off bat.  Right away we were coming up with our own concepts and executions for certain projects that are consistent parts of the work at FC.  It was good pressure as well as fun to be able to put our own creative endeavors and ideas towards ways in which we visually communicate at City Tech.

How did you plan to overcome them?

By not getting to stressed and taking time researching and even googling I often find new ideas.  Even going for a walk can help me jog my creative juices and become inspired on how to tackle a certain project.

What way were you able to help each other?

We are a creative team. And for that matter we are all assets to each other.  We can each bounce ideas of each other as well as make comments/critiques on each others work in order to make much better stuff.  Were all here to positively enforce each other and make better and better work.