Day 3

What did you learn today?

Today we learned a lot of important details regarding printing and what goes into getting specific booklets printed.  It is important to know these details as when we do print booklets there are certain ways in which files need to be sent to the printer in order to be printed properly.

What challenges did you face?

Today we began our group project which is always a daunting task.  Working with a group can tend to be chaotic since you need to understand each others strengths and figure out which goals to tackle first.

How did you plan to overcome them?

By brainstorming together and beginning to do research we began as a group to gather structure on how exactly we should tackle the assignment.  The goal is to redesign the NYCCT APP, and by downloading the app as a group we started to figure out what aspects of the app were important to keep and build off of.

In what way were you able to help each other?
By building off of each others ideas we were able to begin finding a structure and plan on how to actually approach the problem.  We bounced ideas and discussed the important aspects of the app and what we should keep and what could be taken out.  Based on our own experiences using social media we took ideas from preexisting apps that function very smoothly and have clean interfaces that we use personally.

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