Mid Semester Reflection

Since starting at Faculty Commons I have worked on a variety of projects that have tested previous skills of mine and helped me hone new ones.  I have been shooting a lot of event photos which is completely new to me. I have experience with photography however, I never got to shoot photos in a somewhat high pressure environment.  Most of my photography is for personal enjoyment. That being said shooting event photos was exciting and new to me. I have been tasked with essentially capturing entire events and the photos need to be clear and well composed.  This of course is done all while slipping in and out between groups of crowds while at the same time trying to be as inconspicuous as possible to not interrupt the event that I am shooting. It is nice to be on your feet and get something out of an event immediately after its finished and I have had the pleasure of attending multiple events because of FC.  Most recently the BMI event I attended was a lot of fun to shoot and the images that I got out of it were great.


Yet, aside from the event photography I still have gotten chances to design.  With each poster assignment or web banner etc. I take it as a chance to try new design styles that I want to practice or do things that I have yet to try before while still completing the clients task.  And being on deadline can be daunting however, it often helps me kick it into high gear and to get my ideas out fast and begin to start creating the necessary content. Just recently I created a flyer for an upcoming spring English class.  I used bitmapping and sort of based the imagery off of old political screen printed posters and I am very excited about the end result. It is nice when you can envision something and finally make it come to life.


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