Mid Semester Reflection

I have came across one challenging project while working with FC. I’ve manage to accomplish the project after becoming more proactive in my communication. It’s was hard as well as a learning experience. I enjoyed seeing the end results of all of my projects. Sometimes when I’m working in the midst of an developing idea, reality doesn’t always mearsure up with the visuals.   A prime example would be my group project focusing on campaign for state awarness of Pink Tax. My partner Simone Alexis worked deligently through research, potential headlines/tagline and marketable giveaways. Although we’ve manage to come up with great results we forgot to factor in cost. We ended up researching various companies that provided limited to extensive services for their price range provided. This was my first experience stimulating the business aspect of my career of choice. Overall I find that FC has left me opened to more opportunities in terms of growth in design concepts and clients relations.

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