End of Semester Reflection

• Now that your (semester/college career) is over what are some goals that you plan to work toward this summer?

This summer I plan to relax, first and foremost. But when I’m not relaxing I will be looking for work, working my portfolio, and making some music.

• Looking back at (this past semester/your time) at FC,

  1. What is one of the best experiences you had working here?

The best experience I had working at FC was getting to work with such an amazing group of young designers. Their support and friendship gave me the confidence and drive to be a better designer, and I thank all of them for that.

  1. What is one thing that could have been done to improve your experience working here?

I really like the idea of having workshops to where we can share our skills with each other and also learn some new skills. I think one of these workshops should be held every semester.

• For those graduating, what words of encouragement or advice would you give to the upcoming designers at Faculty Commons?

My advice to our new interns is this: Never be afraid to try something new. Take this opportunity to grow yourself as a designer and help your fellow designers to grow as well. Each project should be a new challenge you set for yourself to move forward in your design. Learn how to paint, or code, or animate, or whatever just don’t ever get comfortable. You should always be figuring it out. This is your education. Take advantage of it.

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