Mid Semester Reflection

I am currently working with two clients from the English Department. I came across challenges having clear communication with clients. I think for it was so important to know what had to be done. I worked having a clear conversation with clients. I started to print out an email and read carefully. I need to understand if I am responding to the questions that are being asked. I asked for help from my colleagues and understand how to respond and meet deadlines on time.
I enjoy actually managing the English project which is meeting the deadlines and getting posters and advising tool printed. I wanted to enhance my management skills which English project is helping know what I am capable. I enjoyed working on different projects which the English Department provided.
The Zine project that I worked for FC training will going into my portfolio because I love working on that project and I am also going to app project into my portfolio because it was something different to work and I would to prove the City Tech App design project.

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