End of Semester Reflection

Working as a design intern at Faculty Commons has been a great experience.  It has been a great place to learn and also grow as a designer and professional.  I would say my greatest experiences here would be designing for various projects, however, I have equally had as much of a good time getting to know my co-workers hanging out in the FC office.  Or even being on the hunt for Pelf more recently as the holidays approach.

Working at FC has pushed me to try new things as a designer and test my boundaries.  Before starting at FC I barely touched Adobe Illustrator.  Yet a full semester into working at FC and my last three projects have all been done entirely on illustrator.

As for improvements.  I feel like I could always ask for more help and assistance.  Whether it be for someone to look over my emails before I send them or get someone to offer advice or look over a recent project.  A fresh set of eyes or a new opinion is always something that can help take your work in a stronger direction.  And there is definitely always room for improvement.

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