Fifth day

Today was fifth, the last day of training.
We have done 2 individual projects and currently finishing our group project.
The project is to create Logo, Stationary, Website etc. So we have to think how each piece will relater to other one and have consistante visual identity.
The training  helped me to learn a lot information in just 5 days. I learned more about Adobe Suite, how to communicate with a client, work in a group and most important I learned more about my weaknesses. Understanding  is the first step on the way to improve .

Week of June 17th, 2019. Monday

Today we finished our Creative project, and started working on our Finale project.
The Finale project is a group project, so at start it was kinda challenging. We all have different design style and vision so first we all tried to come up with visual identity.
But then we figured it out and now each member of a group has own task .

This experience is very helpful because in real


Today I learned more about File naming and Organization, Printing Specs and Client Relationship. 
This knowledge would help me in my work flow, make the process faster.
Today I had more time to know my partners, we shared our ideas about each others posters for City Tech Writer. It was nice to receive feedback,It helped me to improve my poster. 

Day 1

What did you learn?
Today I learned how to identify font in PDF by using Adobe Acrobat, write an email to a client in a professional way, how to save files for print and WEB, how to name files and organization of files and some new tricks in Adobe InDesign CC.
How its going to help you ?
This knowledge would help me in my work flow, make the process faster
What do you want to learn?
I would like to know more about Adobe InDesign CC
How was it working in a group?
It was nice to share ideas and receive feedback and ideas how to improve my work in a professional way
Did you get to know your partner?
Today was my and my partners first day of training, we didn’t have much time to communicate about our ideas. I’m looking forward to work with Yimei.