Today I learned more about File naming and Organization, Printing Specs and Client Relationship. 
This knowledge would help me in my work flow, make the process faster.
Today I had more time to know my partners, we shared our ideas about each others posters for City Tech Writer. It was nice to receive feedback,It helped me to improve my poster. 

4 thoughts on “Day2

  1. Hi Antonin,
    As a freshman, I think you did a great job! Your color, image you chose was very nice, the only one thing I think I may can help you more is font, otherwise you’re fine! Just keep going and do more practice.

    • Hello Lu,
      Thank you very much for all your help and taking your time to understand my idea and vision. It really helped me to improve my poster a lot without loosing my artistic vision.
      I appreciate your critique, you absolutely right, I have to improve my typography.
      Thank you

  2. Hello Antonin,
    Your layout design is very powerful. You can always work on typography and ask us for suggestions. I hope you found the links I sent the last post helpful. I am glad we made your workflow faster.

    Thank You.

    • Hello Anmol,
      Thank you very much for the link, it is very helpful.
      And I appreciate your critique, I think you absolutely right, my typography is very weak compare to my composition skills.
      Your recommendations today definitely helped me to improve my poster.
      Thank you

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