Week of June 17th, 2019. Monday

Today we finished our Creative project, and started working on our Finale project.
The Finale project is a group project, so at start it was kinda challenging. We all have different design style and vision so first we all tried to come up with visual identity.
But then we figured it out and now each member of a group has own task .

This experience is very helpful because in real

2 thoughts on “Week of June 17th, 2019. Monday

  1. Hi Antonin

    Thank you for your post. You did a great job with the creative project. The only thing you need to improve is typeface, but you’re fine now, just do more practice.

  2. Hello Antonin,
    Thank you for finishing up the creative project. We are glad that you got real work experience. The training experience will only help you get better.

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