End of Semester Reflection 2016

My semester has been an extreme learning experience. This was my first design internship experience and although in the beginning I was terrified, I found myself fitting in as the months went by. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goals, which was to sharpen my design skills and knowledge, to do portfolio worthy designs and also to network with other designers on a friendly and professional basis. My clients gave me work that made me sweat but made me fit and ready for the coming rounds. This was a phenomenal experience!

I’m currently working on two final pieces for two different clients. I’m still working on the style guide for the Newsletter and I’m working on the AFR Course Poster and Brochure. I’m working diligently to finish all I have as soon as possible, but I know that good design should never be rushed. I’m pretty happy with the finished work I’ve completed, however I humbly accept the opportunity to make room for improvement. 

My plan for the summer is to land a BTTIP internship in order to continue to grow as a designer. My hope is to go get hired as a full-timer. Also, I plan to do a lot of photography, I already have some neighborhood clients in line for photoshoots. More importantly I plan to work on developing my own design style using typography and photography. By the time the Fall semester comes around I should have some work ready for my Portfolio class.

Thank you all!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.49.51 PM

My presentation on the Newsletter at the Research Conference. (Click Image for direct post)

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One thought on “End of Semester Reflection 2016

  1. Paul,

    You have done so much and you have been through a lot this semester. You were given a huge task to create the Arts and Science Newsletter and I am so proud to see you complete it and take it to a whole other level. You asked questions and took advice from your support team ( Mandy and I ), and the entire FC team on a daily basis. When you had work to complete, you made it happen with your clients. Your skills have grown so much and it definitely shows in your work and yourself. I’m glad you have enjoyed your first design internship experience and take your skills with you to your BTTIP internship as well.

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