Paul Nembhard – End of Semester Reflection Fall 2016

Have you completed all your work (for the Fall 2016 semester) with your clients and closed all loops?

Yes, I’ve completed everything but my client for the Newsletter wrote me an email with a request to add one more submission for a faculty member. It wont be too much work to fix.

Are you happy with your results with the work you completed this semester? What was your favorite project you got a chance to work on this semester?

I’m pretty happy with the work I did this semester. My favorite things were the Black Solidarity poster and the New Faculty Welcome card (there’s just something about that red Cardinal that just makes me smile).

How are you going to prepare for next semester during the Holiday Break? If you are departing from the team, let us know your plans for 2017.

Wow, I cant believe I’m finally done with school. I’m gonna miss all my classmates and my FC family. My plans are to continue to work as much as I can while growing and building my life with my wife Rose. I hope to get a job in the design field as well. I’m not sure when I’ll start applying to jobs however. Overall, this semester was great and memorable, the Christmas party was AWESOME!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!

End of Semester Reflection 2016

My semester has been an extreme learning experience. This was my first design internship experience and although in the beginning I was terrified, I found myself fitting in as the months went by. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goals, which was to sharpen my design skills and knowledge, to do portfolio worthy designs and also to network with other designers on a friendly and professional basis. My clients gave me work that made me sweat but made me fit and ready for the coming rounds. This was a phenomenal experience!

I’m currently working on two final pieces for two different clients. I’m still working on the style guide for the Newsletter and I’m working on the AFR Course Poster and Brochure. I’m working diligently to finish all I have as soon as possible, but I know that good design should never be rushed. I’m pretty happy with the finished work I’ve completed, however I humbly accept the opportunity to make room for improvement. 

My plan for the summer is to land a BTTIP internship in order to continue to grow as a designer. My hope is to go get hired as a full-timer. Also, I plan to do a lot of photography, I already have some neighborhood clients in line for photoshoots. More importantly I plan to work on developing my own design style using typography and photography. By the time the Fall semester comes around I should have some work ready for my Portfolio class.

Thank you all!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.49.51 PM

My presentation on the Newsletter at the Research Conference. (Click Image for direct post)

Training Day 5

Wednesday, January 12, 2016

What did I Learn?

Today was mentally my toughest day. I think its because it started with me running out of my house frantically in order to get here on time. Meeting with the Dr. Ferrell and Professor Lundstrem was a great opportunity for me to introduce myself professionally to clients and to speak in a manner where I was eager to work with them. This to me was the most important lesson today; being ready for everything.

What were my challenges?

Time management is becoming evident in my life now especially because I have multiple projects waiting on me this coming semester. Learning how to work on projects while sending emails and meeting with clients isn’t easy. I commend Ms. Jordan and all the other members here at FC who’s doing this with ease.

How did we help each other?

Arianna and Mandy had to read a few of my emails before I sent them to make sure they were professional and clear. They are well appreciated!


Training Day 4

Wednesday, January 11, 2016

What did I Learn?

Today I learned how to use the Sketch app which was taught by Mandy. I’m really excited to use the app because of its user friendliness. I also learned, after many revisions, that proofreading copy is VERY important. When I was designing the Guidebook I focused more on the design part, rather than the entire finished piece which includes copy. I learned that its also my job to make sure the copy makes sense.

What were my challenges?

To be honest, today was challenge free. My jitters were absent from me!

How did we help each other?

Today we communicated very well. I not only listened to critique, I also gave critique. In a design team, each voice counts, friendly critique makes good designs.

Training Day 3

Wednesday, January 7, 2016

What did I Learn?

Today I learned how to do follow ups with clients. I had to thoroughly reply to them and ask questions about previous emails. I was introduced to websites that will inspire my creativity and I also learned how to pick up print jobs and do deliveries.

What were my challenges?

Today was pretty steady and not too difficult, but if I had to name something challenging, I would go with communication via email. I believe that I’m getting better at it, but I still need practice.

How did we help each other?

Arianna and Mandy again helped me to compose emails and taught me little shortcuts in InDesign.

Training Day 2

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What did I Learn?

Today I was given my first project and was invited to meet with the client to discuss the problem and the solutions. I’ve worked on freelance projects before where I met with clients but in informal settings. Today, I experienced a more formal setting where I had to approach the client in a professional manner. Although I wasn’t hesitant to ask questions, I was conscious of what to ask and when to ask.

What were my challenges?

My challenges today was writing emails as professional as possible. I used to think I knew how to write emails until today. I’m aware that every word matters, as well as the details. This was probably the toughest thing today.

How did we help each other?

Mandy and Arianna was by my side all day and they helped me write emails, gather data in our client meeting and prepare the project contract for the client. We assisted each other in coming up with the creative process for todays project.

Training Day 1

Thursday, January 5, 2016

What did I Learn?

Today I revisited some old tools and shortcuts that I forgot. I was reminded about the Tabs bar, and transferring files from Illustrator to InDesign faster. The tools I learned made my workflow much more relaxed.

What were my challenges?

The most challenging part of today while working on my project was figuring out how much I should design. I wasn’t sure if I should do minimal design or do a lot of styles and visuals. I was later told at the end that was up to me, the design just has to look good and read well.

How did we help each other?

The team communicates very well with each other, and we spoke about what we could and couldn’t do and helped each other with basic things. Today was pretty calm, and not extremely challenging, I learned a lot!