Training: Day Two

Friday, June 5, 2015

My second day of Training went perfectly well. I entered the graphic Design major because I have a passion for designing, and being able to do that for hours is making me thoroughly happy. In the beginning of the day, I chose an element from the periodic table to create a design process, As of now it is still a working progress. I also was finishing off my design for the header of the Faculty Commons, and with only a few more adjustments and critique, I’ll be able to say that I’m finished with the header design. Today, I was accompanied by my good classmate and peer William Luperena, who is also working on the same design process as I am. I always look at my friend’s work for inspiration, and being a great designer that he is, I like to take a sneak peek at his work to see how that can reflect and motivate my work. Today, I got critique from Mandy and Racial, who both work as designers for Faculty Commons, which was extremely helpful. Again, I’m looking forward to fun and exciting challenges.

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2 thoughts on “Training: Day Two

  1. Loubna,
    Thank you for sharing your reflection of Day 2 in training and particularly how how you interacted with your fellow trainee and members of the Faculty Commons Design Team. Looking forward to seeing the header that is selected for our site. It is important to use critique as a way to receive structured feedback on design concepts and to articulate why you made certain design choices, and to decide how to address your design based on that discussion. Please come in with homework completed and be ready to share what you discovered.

  2. Thank you Professor Jordan for your motivational comments. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time training at Faculty Commons knowing I’m doing what I love to do. I’m always open to feedback and critique on my work so that I can improve. I’m ready for tomorrow with the homework I was assigned. I’ll see you then.

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