ADV 1100 – Digital Paintings Free Study

Broad Value portrait

This was the last part to assignment #3 it was to recreate a collage we made using Photoshop. I already know how to use the program so it wasn’t anything new but I admit it was a little challenging to not have measurements. I had to measure just by looking at the image and guessing which spots I had to copy and paste.


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2 Responses to ADV 1100 – Digital Paintings Free Study

  1. Waterjet says:

    Fine article! thank’s and good look.

  2. Ming Zhang says:

    This is a great added-value portrait. I like the fact that there are some good contrast between the light and dark colors. Especially in areas such as parts of the eyes connecting with the hair color. It wasn’t specified whether this was a broad or narrow range collage, but I think it looks great as a broad range. One improvement I could make would be to either decrease the size of the hair cutout or find a better alternative piece that can fit in with the composition so that it can flow better and create a good gradient contrast. Overall good job!

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