ADV 1100 – Value-Added Portraits — High key & Low key Photographs

Low key

High key

These are two of five pictures that I took that represent high key and low key. The first image shows how there’s a lot of white and creme colors, meanwhile the second image shows darkness with a hint of light. Even though they both have a mix between light and dark they both share a dominant color which defines them as high key or low key images.

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One Response to ADV 1100 – Value-Added Portraits — High key & Low key Photographs

  1. Ming Zhang says:

    These are excellent photographs displaying high and low key values. The first photo is a good representation of low key since it was taken during the day and the environment around the photograph was bright. There is a good portion of white as well as light creme colors as you have explained. The second photograph is a good representation of high key since the setting was in a dark gloomy area. The only bright color was the light in the middle of the photograph. Even though the light made the area a little bit brighter I can understand that you know what high key was and that it was difficult finding anywhere in the school to take a photograph of a dark environment.

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