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  1. Eileen’s topographic free study was outstanding in everyway. It was all done with ink pen with a touch of red paint, which made it her own. It was unique in my eyes and on a personal not my favorite. The work was presented very neatly and you are about to tell that a lot of time and effort was put into the free study. Her use of rhythm, line and pattern worked effetely together to create a self-inspired topographic map. Comparing her free study to her mash-up, you are able to tell that mash-up had an influence on the line and there strokes. After interviewing Eileen I found out how much of a deeper meaning her free study had. The red lines were rivers, which represent fierceness, a sign of freedom, choice, and direction. If you look closely to her work you see many other objects for example a walnut, which stands for what her last name means. She used the topographic symbols in her work to stand for different things, like the symbols for rocks that stood for roughness. We would never really know everything else you have the chance to speak to her like I did. There is only positive feedback I can give because I really cant find one little thing she can improve on. I can honestly say this piece was very attracting to the eye, and she should be very proud of her good work. It will receive an A in my grade book. Nice Job Eileen!

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