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  1. Hello Chelsea,
    This is a great and unique essay. I like how you compare the similarities between both “Serpell” and “Queneau’s” contents.In your essay you mentioned that “Similar to Serpell Queneau uses imagery in one of his ‘exercises’ to give the reader a chance to clearly visualize what is being narrated”.I find this is very interesting,the way you point out how writers use imagery to create images and visuals in their readers’ minds.You did a fantastic job and looking forward to reading your final product.Make sure to include a reference page at the end of your essay.

  2. Hi Chelsea,

    This was a great draft. I always enjoy reading about other stories besides “The Money.” You chose to write about the short story by Serpell “Triptych: Texas Pool Party” which I enjoyed reading. “You write that she uses specific word choice and style to construct the main idea of the story.” That is your thesis? Is it her specific word choice and how she constructs the story unique for you? I find this story interesting because of everything that is going on today with police brutality. When you discuss the Perseus part, I feel like you can interpret a little deeper. The author of this story is an African American woman interpreting the mind of a racist white cop. Why do you feel like she used the certain word choice she used? Overall I enjoyed reading your draft because it made me as a reader ask questions. My suggestion would be to dig a little deeper with the interpretation because of the non-fictional story/message the author was portraying in her perspective. Lastly proof read for any grammatical errors. I’m looking forward to reading your final draft.

  3. Great essay, Chelsea. I like that you chose to write about “Triptych: Texas Pool Party.” You raised very interesting questions while writing this essay. One suggestion to you is to take a look at the MLA Citation Guide. The only thing you have to write in the parenthesis is the author’s last name and a page number. And do not forget to do works cited page.

  4. Hi Chelsea,
    As stated above thank you for finding commonality and comparing two other pieces of work that we dissected in class. It was a very creative approach to the assignment, and is a current hot topic, “Police Brutality”. As always to quote in MLA means to “Quote” (Author,Page number). In addition, please remember to create an updated works cited page on your final draft.

  5. I really appreciate your choice in choosing the “Texas Pool Party” story. You need to add a works cited page with outside sources. You also need to use the MLA format of in-text citations.

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