Listening Log 4

Song used: “Rock Bottom”-Eminem

Lyrics that strike me

“Money will brainwash you and your ass mindless”

“And yesterday went by so quick it seems like it was just today”

“Live half a life and throw the rest away”

The lyrics in this song strike me because you feel his pain and anger towards society, which is a contrast to most songs you usually hear, which is often about how they waste money like toilet paper.


“When you want something bad enough to steal”

“‘Cause your mad enough to scream but you’re sad enough to tear”

“That’s Rock Bottom”


The song retains the same tone and there are no changes over the course of it.

Listening Log #4

Song: Touch Off

Artist: UVERworld

3 phrases that strikes me:

“さぁ俺の番だ 先頭バッター”

Who’s turn is it now? Who’ll destroy us?


What am I missing? Why is it useless?


I have to find the fuse before it disappears



These phrases mean to find a way to escape from an ongoing timer bomb. You have to find a way to stop the timer.

3 phrases that repeats:

“わずか数センチだって 願った場所に向かって”

It’s only a few centimeters more (yeah) The place we want to reach (yeah)

進んでゆく 止まるなんて Na, Na, Na…

So we cannot stop now Na, Na, Na…

心に購って 諭しては諦める

When I lose my hope And give up for even second

“そんな未来で何が言える?Na, Na, Na…”

What kind of future will that bring me?

“進んでゆく 止まるなんて Na, Na, Na…”

That’s why we cannot stop now Na, Na, Na…

3 things I noticed in the music:

  • I noticed that the guitar rhythm and sound fits perfectly in the song.
  • The tone of the song mostly stays the same, until the rapping part appears at the end of the song.
  • This song is a popular Japanese Rock anime song.

Listing log #4

Kwame Manuh


We don’t talk anymore by “ charlie puth”


Repetitions I noticed.

“We don’t talk anymore”

“We don’t love anymore”

“What was all of it for”


Changes I noticed.


The song starts with a lone musical tone and then it moves into the high pitched volume.

Secondly, the artist also uses another artist to portray his love for the girl. This girl is her girlfriend who was used in the music video.

Also the music also shows that the boy showed he loved the girl and his words were beyond a reasonable doubt that he loved the girl.


Striking Phrases.


“I wish I would have known that wasn’t me”

“ Should have known that your love was a game”

“I hope you are lying next to some somebody”


These phrases striked me because he tried to understand why the girl he loved so much didn’t love him back. He also tried to understand the girl and not force himself on her. He is such a gentleman who understands love and what It takes to become a boyfriend to a girl. I think that the artist has an overwhelming emotion towards the girl and he tries to express it in the music .


Listening Log 4

Song:  Juicy – The Notorious B.I.G (Biggie Smalls) 


“Don’t let’em hold you down”

“Reach for the stars”

“I’ll give you good and plenty”

Noticeable Changes:

-The artist transitions from the boastful tone of a glamorous rich life, to back to talking about his struggles growing up in brooklyn..

-The base cuts off as the last part of the chorus is being played after the last verse.

-In the very beginning and the very end, only the instruments can be heard.

Striking Phrases:

“Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood”

“Considered a fool, ’cause I dropped outta high school ”

“No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us”

This song embodies the life of a black male in America, growing up in the ghetto , and making a better life for his family through his talent. As a black male myself, I’ve witnessed those same struggles Biggie speaks about in this song, which makes this song nostalgic and relatable.


Listening Log #5


Crazy Brazy – A$AP MOB FT. KEY!

  1. 3 Repetitions

“Gucci rag tied on my head.”

“Put a red dot on yo head.”

“I put that guap on yo head.”

Emphasis on street banter with the intent of flexing cash, high end garment accessories and lethal weapons.

2. “Shoot, no hesitatin.”

“We do it for our reputation.”

“They don’t play me on the station, press em like detonation.”

Applying pressure for a lucrative outcome.

3. Nothing really pops out in this song as it stays pretty consistent with the “blood” theme.


Listening Log #4 – Miguel Garcia


Growing Pains – Pierre Bourne

  1. 3 Repetition

“I’m manning up, manning up, manning up.”

“Lost my mind but I got it back.”

There are no other repetitions in the song really.

2. 3 Phrases

“Lost my mind but i got it back, Loose track of time but I got a bag.”

“Everybody broke just stay 10 toes, had none to eat man we was po.”

“Yeah my heart on punishment, I can’t fall in love with her.”

These 3 phrases outline the intention of this song which is to show the distress in his heart and mind.

3. The beat transition to the next song towards the end would bridge to another song further developing this melancholy.


Listening Log #3 – Miguel Garcia

LL3 (Sorry it is late, my Macbook’s entire keyboard and trackpad are frozen and in the shop, had to buy an entirely new laptop.)

Mortal Man by Kendrick Lamar

  1. 3 phrases that struck me

“Is your smile on permanent? Is your vow on lifetime?”

“Would you know where the sermon is If I died in this next line?”

“If I’m tried in the court of law, if the industry cut me off.”

I find it interesting how Kendrick questions his fan’s loyalty by pointing out the potential adversity he may face and then challenging his fans to think if this were to happen, would they still be fans?

2. 3 Repetitions

“When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?

“Do you believe in me? How much you believe in her?”

“You wanna love like Nelson, you wanna be like Nelson.”

This shows more emphasis on the questioning of loyalty and the potential prophetic being he’s portraying Nelson Mandela to be and comparing himself to Nelson.

3. The only change in this song is when Kendrick includes an excerpt of Tupac talking live on a show and including his own audio and questions in a mock interview which I found extraordinarily cool.

Listening Log Assignments #1-5






Listening Log Assignment #3

Listening Log Assignment #3: song used – Falling by Harry Styles (cover by: Jose Audisio)

1) Three phrases in the song that striked me were:

“I’m in my bed, and you are not here”

“Forget what I said, it’s not what I meant”

“And I can’t take it back, I can’t unpack the baggage you left”

They striked me because these lyrics represent a broken relationship where he or she regrets what they said to their partner and it hurt them, to the point where the relationship had to end, and he or she is distraught. 

2) Three repetitions I noticed in the song were:

“What am I now? What am I now?”

“What if I’m someone you don’t want around”

“I’m falling again, I’m falling again, I’m falling”

It seems that the chorus in the song always repeats these three same phrases, to show how he or she is deeply affected by the breakup.

3) In the song, I have not noticed any changes except the voice of the man who sang the cover.


Listening Log Assignment #5

Listening Log Assignment #5: song used – When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

1) Three phrases in the song that striked me were:

“My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways
Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life”

“Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, oh”

“And it haunts me every time I close my eyes”

They strike me because it represents young male teens who are in relationships, where one simply does not give their love or attention to the woman that loves them and eventually ends up losing her due to that mistake. He emphasizes himself being “selfish” and focused on his “pride” and “ego” as he did not realize what he had before it was too late.

2) Three repetitions I noticed in the song were:

“It all just sounds like ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Mm, too young, too dumb to realize
That I should have bought you flowers
And held your hand”
“Should have gave you all my hours
When I had the chance
Take you to every party ’cause all you wanted to do was dance”
“Now my baby’s dancing
But she’s dancing with another man”

He emphasizes a lot on what he missed out on, and even recognized his mistake in a failed relationship with a woman he once loved.

3) Some changes I noticed in the song was the beat and rhythm. Bruno would sing high then low.

Listening Log Assignment #4

Listening Log Assignment #4: song used – Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

1) Three phrases in the song that striked me were:

“Wise men say”

“Only fools rush in”

“But I can’t help falling in love with you”

They strike me because for the listener you can assume that at the beginning of the lyrics it mentions that men should not rush in the relationship but he can not help it and he falls deeply in love.

2) Three repetitions I noticed in the song were:

“Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be”

“Take my hand
Take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you
For I can’t help falling in love with you”

Love is the central theme

These repetitions show how deeply in love he is.

3) Some changes I noticed in the song was Elvis’ voice. He would drag his voice at the end of every lyric which I think is very beautiful and fits in the romantic scene as the song is love themed.

Listening Log Assignment #2

Listening Log Assignment #2: song used – Imagine by John Lennon (Dubstep Remix)

1) Three phrases in the song that striked me were:

“Imagine all the people living for today”

“Nothing to kill or die for”

“Imagine all the people living life in peace”

They strike me because it represents the reality of how the world actually is, instead of what the lyrics says. The lyrics show a good version of the world in illusion.

2) Three repetitions I noticed in the song were:

“Imagine” always starts in every other sentence

Peace is always mentioned as a central theme

Piano beat is always the same and reoccurring

3) Some changes I noticed in the song was the beat, tempo and style as it is a remix of the song.

Listening Log #3

Song: Spring Day

Artist: BTS

3 phrases that strike me:

“벚꽃이 피나봐요”
It seems like the cherry blossoms are blooming

“이 겨울도 끝이 나요”
This winter is also coming to its end

“보고 싶다”
I miss you

“보고 싶다”
I miss you

“조금만 기다리면”
If you wait a little bit,

“며칠 밤만 더 새우면”
if you spend just a few sleepless nights,

“만나러 갈게”
I’ll come to meet you

“데리러 갈게”
I’ll come to pick you up

These verses strike me because it is describing the feeling for yearning for someone. Someone will be there for you when you are alone. When you have someone with you, you will never be alone ever again.

3 repetitions in the music:

“눈꽃이 떨어져요”
The flowers of snow fall

“또 조금씩 멀어져요”
And little by little, they drift apart

“보고 싶다 보고 싶다”
I miss you, I miss you

“얼마나 기다려야”
How much longer should I wait

“또 몇 밤을 더 새워야”
and how many sleepless nights should I spend

“널 보게 될까 만나게 될까”
Before I get to see you, before I get to meet you

3 changes in the music:

  • The song first starts in a slow beat and transition into an R&B feel.
  • The song contains pop and EDM sound in the background.
  • The rhythm and the voice of the members were on the same pace.

Listing Log 3&4

3- Song- Prune, You Talk Funny 

Three lines that strike me

I like the way that words come out your mouth

It takes me many miles to make them out”

“I like the way you decorate your neck

It takes me just a sec to break a sweat”

And I would tread upon flowerbeds to stare and stop”


I personally chose this song because it is about how much this guy enjoys this girl, also how it makes him feel. These lines strike me because I and everyone has had that one person in their life that makes them feel special. Who they really like and I knew someone like that before.

There changes in the song-

-In the chorus new instruments are played and louder

-Towards the end of the song music cut off and it was only a voice

-in the second part of the song that beat is different

Three things that stayed the same-

-The beat in the chorus stayed the same

-The tone of his voice was the same throughout the song

4-  Song-What You Won’t Do For Love by Boddy Caldwell

Three lines that strike me

“In my world only you

Make me do for love what I would not do”

“My friends wonder what is wrong with me

But I’m in a daze from your love, you see”

“Some people go around the world for love

But they may never find what they dream of”

These lines strike me because when I was young my mother would sing this song to only me. It was the best thing that ever happened to me so far in my life. My mom would do anything for me because of the love we have for each other. You can’t even comprehend the love she has for me!!!

Three things that stay the same in the song

  • The beat especially the drums keep the same rhythm
  • The music keeps the same throughout the song
  • Volume of the music is the same 

Three things that change in the song

  • His voice gets higher then lower at some points in the song
  • At the end of the song a new instrument is played
  • The beat beat gets higher in the middle



Listening Log 4

Song: The Sound of Silence

Artists: Simon & Garfunkel

3 Phrases that strike me

“Hello darkness my old friend”

“People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening”

“And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence”

The repetition is ” The Sound Of Silence” at the end of every verse. It tells how people became silent in while there are negative things that happens, and is not stepping up to do what is right.

The song strike me because of the fact that sometimes, I am silent about the things that is happening, and which I should have stepped up. But as time is going, I am learning, and stepping up for what is right.

The changes in the song is the tone. The tone of the song tells the listener that the society is not what it used to be. The society, especially the younger generation have shift their focused on drugs, money, sex, and illegal activities in which the moral values instilled since the beginning is starting to vanish.

Listening log from week 1 to week 5

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Crispin Thys


Listening Log 3

Song: Take Care by Drake ft. Rihanna


Lyrics that strike me : 


“I’ve loved and I’ve lost”

“Ah, dealin’ with a heart that I didnt break”

“You hate bein’ alone, well, you aint the only one”


Repetitions I noticed:


“I’ll take care of you”

“If you let me, here’s what I’ll do”


Changes noticed:

The melody and beat changes constantly throughout the song. Everyone’s favorite part of the song is the end, when the unidentified male singer is singing. Listening to this song in the past we all thought it was a lit song. Listening to it now, thinking about the past it is now a sad song.

Listening log Log 2 & 3

For some reason, my listening log 2 disappeared, so I will start off with that.

“Summertime Sadness”(Cedric Gervais Remix)-Lana Del Rey

Lyrics that strike me

“Cruising down the coast goin’ bout 99″;”I know if I go, I’ll die happy tonight”;”Nothing scares me anymore”. These lyrics come out as very depressing especially compared to the mood of the music.


“Summertime Sadness”- (Obviously)

The music get’s more thrilling as it gets to the chorus, and dies back down for the second verse


The music starts off slow with Del Rey singing in a depressing tone. Even as the music gets louder, she still sings in the depressing tone. As I mentioned before, the music get’s more thrilling as it gets to the chorus and resets by the second verse and does it again.

Learning Log 3

“Money Trees”-Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock

Lyrics that strike me

“Everybody gon’ respect the shooter, but the one in front of the gun live forever”;”A Louis belt will never ease that pain”;”hope them boys don’t see my stash, if they do tell the truth, this might be the last time you see my ass”

This was actually one of my favorite songs for a long time. Although I love last word used in this song,  these lyrics strike me the most. It gives you an insight as to life in the ghetto, and the way the lyrics are recited are so calm, as if these actions are what everyone does.


Most of Lamar’s lines end with “ya bish”

If not for “ya bish”, he’ll end it by repeating the key words 2 times, for example” Home invasion was persuasive(was persuasive, was persuasive)”

The bridge is repeated two times

Structure of the song

The music is very calm, but with a little melancholy. After a few seconds, Lamar starts his verse. He usually ended each line by repeating phrases in the line 2 times. The music basically remains the same for most of the song. It has 3 verses, a chorus between each, along with a bridge before it goes to Jay Rock. The sing ends with Lamar asking for someone to bring his car back, stating how his friend is high.









Log #3 Kwame Manuh

Kwame Manuh

Prof. Monroe

Listing Log #3

“I love you dangerously” by charlie Puth


3 phrases that striked me.

“Gave you all of me and now I have nothing left.”

“ Knew we would crush at the speed that we were going”

“But you are the fire I’m the gasoline”

These lyrics used in the song strikes me because he uses the words to describe the love he has for the girl. He tries to sound corny by using words that don’t rhyme which enables him to use a variety of words. He also uses words that are real life activities that happen. For example he says that “he knew they world crush at the speed they were going” This is very relatable moving at a fast pace eventually leads to a crush. And for their relationship they were moving at they were bound to miss some things that were supposed to be talked about. 


Repetition I noticed.

“ I loved you dangerously”

“Didn’t care if the explosion ruined me”

“Ooh , more than the air I breathe”


Changes I noticed in the song 

Charlie puth’s song starts in a normal tone introducing the mode he was in while singing. Also as the song progresses he shows raw emotion and the tone increases in volume and it becomes high pitched. As he tries to end the song he then goes back to the first part which was full of sorrow and sad tunes.

Listening log # 2


Kwame manuh

Remix of  Mirror

By Rick Ross

Three Phrases that striked me 

“Life is lined up in the mirror don’t blow it”

“You inherit real estate when you stay in line”

“ I see the pain hidden in your pride”

These phrases striked me because The artists use words that rhyme and the words also have a significance to it. The artist says “I see the pain in your pride “This is of a large significance since most people with pride tend to conceal all their feelings at the moment. Also in talking about life this quote signifies that everyone’s life is ahead of them thus decisions you make are solely on you. The quote “life is lined up in the mirror, don’t blow it” supports the quote which i claimed in the prior explanations.


Three repetitions in the music

“ With everything happening today”

“ You don’t know if you are coming or going ”  

“Life is lined up in the mirror don’t blow it “


Three changes in the music 

1.In the beginning the artists started off with high style hip hop with curse words but as it gets deeper in the song he tends to use less abusive words.

2.The artist diverts the track using only the chorus as part of the song he changes the middle part of the song and turns it into a completely different thing.

3.The flow of the rhythm during the song is a little off compared to the original song. Maybe this is done to show the distinction between the original and the remix version of the song.

Listening Log #2

Song: Gurenge (紅蓮華) (Remix)

Artist: LiSA

3 phrases that strike me:

“世界に打ちのめされて 守る意味を知った”

I’ll strike you down into the earth and learn what it means to protect

“紅蓮の華よ 咲き誇れ”

Crimson lotus, bloom proudly


Shine on your fate

The lyrics are saying that to save the things that you want to save. You have to determine your own path. The flower will shine brightly towards you.

3 repetitions in the music:


Now I know why we become stronger

“僕を連れて 進め”

Take me with you and advance

3 changes in the music:

  • The guitar and piano tones is the same throughout the entire song.
  • The song has a amazing vibe that gets everyone excited and warm up as the hook begins to play.
  • This is an amazing and popular anime cover song used in the anime “Kimetsu No Yaiba” (Demon Slayer).

Listening Log 3

Song: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Artists: Green Day

3 Phrases that Strike me.

“Summer has come and passed”

“But never forget what I lost”

“Wake Me Up When September Ends”

The song strikes me because of the background of the song about a son of a US Marine Corps soldier, whose father died in a war.  The father who has to leave his family for the sake of fighting to end all kinds of terrorism activities being executed on innocent humans that are against human rights. I myself relate to this as well because I am training to become a future US Army Officer, and I hope and pray that I can still see my wife and kids in the future, and to the people serving in the military; even to the people in the law enforcement.

Repetition I noticed

“Here comes the rain again, Falling from the stars”

“Like my father come to passed”

“Wake Me Up When September Ends”

The changes I noticed is that the song started from a low tone to a grieving son. I also notice how the son misses his father who he needs to be with while growing up. In this song, it appears that the son followed the footsteps of his father to avenge his death from the hands of the terrorists.


Listening log week 3

Crispin Thys

Week 3 listening log

Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)

Phrases that Strike me:    

1) Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days

When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out


2) Used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face

Saying, “Wake up, you need to make money”


These phrases strike me because they both talk about how the past was simpler than the present, and how childhood was great, but now the demands of adulthood are stressful and often focused on making money




1) Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days

When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out


2) Repetitive clap in the background throughout the entire remix


3) wake up, you need the money



1) The remixed version of this song is much slower overall than the original


2) The remixed version has a lot more upbeat intercession music between different stanzas

Listening Log from week 1 to week 5 – Indeevari K.

Indeevari Kumarasing- Listening Log- Assignment #1



Listening Log Assignment:  song used – “The Greatest” by Sia

(1) 3 phrases/lyrics that strike me

“Uh oh, running out of breath, but I oh, I got stamina.”

“Don’t give up I won’t give up Don’t give up No No No”

“I am free to be the greatest I’m alive”

This song fills me up with positive energy and motivation to move forward whenever I encounter an obstacle in my life. This song also keeps reminding me as long I have stamina in me, I can still stand up and fight. I can relate this song to what is going on in this world these days, so many people have lost their lives due to the virus. We should be happy to be alive and we must be persistent and keep going on. So many people did not get a chance to see the next day,but we are free to be the greatest. Never give up or never take away someone else’s life. As long as we have stamina, we can fight and be the greatest.


(2) 3 repetitions you notice

“Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I oh, I got stamina”

“Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes Well, oh, I got stamina”

“Uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb but I, I got stamina”


(3) 2-3 changes that you notice

The rhythm is very upbeat, and the song is very hyper. I notice the tone changes throughout the song, but the song carries the same massage until the end.



Listening Log #1

“Change your life” – Kehlani ft Jhené Aiko
Lyrics that strike me:
“Used-to-be models, IG honeys all shaped like bottles
But now you seein’ that it’s more than body, face, and smile
You see me, and you look beyond it, you feel inspired”
The sentence “you see me, and you look beyond it, feel inspired” striked me because this significant other doesn’t just focus on physical perspectives but has taken the time get to know this person.

“Baby, let me change your life
You wanna see (everything )
That you can be anything you want”
At the start of the song it is smooth and calming as the song goes on there is a smooth change in the beat as the artists switch between eachother. Also when they sing the repetition line there is a bass.