Listening Log 4

Song: LOVE. by Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari


Lyrics that strike me :


“Love or Lust”

“If I minimized my net worth, would you still (love me)?”

“Just love me”


Repetitions I noticed:


“I wanna be with you”

“Just love me”

“So give me a run for my money”


Changes noticed:

The lyric meanings go from wanting to be with someone to wondering if they love you for your wealth or for you. “Just love me” has a deeper meaning as the song goes on and you realize he means love him for him not his money rather than it being him asking the person to love him in general.


Homework7 due 06/25/2020


Crispin Thys



Prof. Street


First, I want you to read Young’s text and then respond with a paragraph describing what you think her view/definition/interpretation of sexual assault is.  Consider both what she thinks IS sexual assault AND what she thinks IS NOT sexual assault (saying what a thing is NOT is just as important to forming a definition as is the ability to say what it IS).

I believe that Young’s view of sexual assault is that today we are increasingly forced to put things into black and white boxes, and I think that she thinks it is dangerous to fall into this trap. Young argues, that having sex to please your partner, when you are not particularly in the mood, is not considered sexual assault, but she questions why two seemingly enthusiastic individuals who are intoxicated is considered assault. She argues that if someone were to clearly say no, and maintain that no when pressured, and is forced into a sexual encounter, this would be classified as assault, but Young does not believe that if you initially say no, but change your mind later without explicitly saying yes, that this is considered assault. I think her view addresses the gray area and argues that things are not always a matter of yes and no.



2)Second, I want you to read Munro’s “Wild Swans” and write a paragraph summarizing the story that is focused on whether or not you would define its “main event” as a form of sexual assault. Be sure to include a close reading & analysis of one quotation from the text as well as your own specific thoughts about what YOU think the definition of sexual assault IS and IS NOT.


I would define the main event in white swan as a form of sexual assault. Specifically, when Munro writes, “Nevertheless, she would rather not. She would still rather not. Please remove this, she said out the window. Stop it, please, she said to the stumps and barns.” This was the only confirmation that I needed to know that this was, in my eyes, sexual assault. I believe that sexual assault exists when one party does not wish to partake in the sexual encounter. In fact, none of us should be forced to be placed in a position when we are uncomfortable. Even when it was simply a corner of the newspaper touching her leg, it should have ended there. The girl should have felt comfortable speaking up in this instance to say no, and it is unfortunate that she did not end it here. Even though she tried to say, “Please don’t” and she was unable, the minister should have been able to recognize her discomfort and stopped there.

Listening Log #3 – Miguel Garcia

LL3 (Sorry it is late, my Macbook’s entire keyboard and trackpad are frozen and in the shop, had to buy an entirely new laptop.)

Mortal Man by Kendrick Lamar

  1. 3 phrases that struck me

“Is your smile on permanent? Is your vow on lifetime?”

“Would you know where the sermon is If I died in this next line?”

“If I’m tried in the court of law, if the industry cut me off.”

I find it interesting how Kendrick questions his fan’s loyalty by pointing out the potential adversity he may face and then challenging his fans to think if this were to happen, would they still be fans?

2. 3 Repetitions

“When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?

“Do you believe in me? How much you believe in her?”

“You wanna love like Nelson, you wanna be like Nelson.”

This shows more emphasis on the questioning of loyalty and the potential prophetic being he’s portraying Nelson Mandela to be and comparing himself to Nelson.

3. The only change in this song is when Kendrick includes an excerpt of Tupac talking live on a show and including his own audio and questions in a mock interview which I found extraordinarily cool.

Listening Log #3

Song: Spring Day

Artist: BTS

3 phrases that strike me:

“벚꽃이 피나봐요”
It seems like the cherry blossoms are blooming

“이 겨울도 끝이 나요”
This winter is also coming to its end

“보고 싶다”
I miss you

“보고 싶다”
I miss you

“조금만 기다리면”
If you wait a little bit,

“며칠 밤만 더 새우면”
if you spend just a few sleepless nights,

“만나러 갈게”
I’ll come to meet you

“데리러 갈게”
I’ll come to pick you up

These verses strike me because it is describing the feeling for yearning for someone. Someone will be there for you when you are alone. When you have someone with you, you will never be alone ever again.

3 repetitions in the music:

“눈꽃이 떨어져요”
The flowers of snow fall

“또 조금씩 멀어져요”
And little by little, they drift apart

“보고 싶다 보고 싶다”
I miss you, I miss you

“얼마나 기다려야”
How much longer should I wait

“또 몇 밤을 더 새워야”
and how many sleepless nights should I spend

“널 보게 될까 만나게 될까”
Before I get to see you, before I get to meet you

3 changes in the music:

  • The song first starts in a slow beat and transition into an R&B feel.
  • The song contains pop and EDM sound in the background.
  • The rhythm and the voice of the members were on the same pace.

Listening Log Assignment 1

Listening Log Assignment

Song: Fake Love

Artists: Drake

1). 3 phrases  in the song strike me were:

” I got fake people showing fake love to me”

“Somethin’ ain’t right when we talkin’
Somethin’ ain’t right when we talkin’
Look like you hidin’ your problems”

“That’s when they smile in my face”

The song strike me because I am still true to what I say and do. The world views love as a cover up to wrongdoings, atrocities, wrongdoings, and glorifying violence. Love should me peace, serenity, and being true without any violation of human dignity.

2). Repetition that I noticed

“I’ve been down so long, it look like up to me
They look up to me
I got fake people showin’ fake love to me
Straight up to my face, straight up to my face
I’ve been down so long, it look like up to me
They look up to me
I got fake people showin’ fake love to me
Straight up to my face, straight up to my face”

3). 3 changes I noticed in the song are, the tone,  the message, and the reaction. The tone is basically saying that love should be like from the past that it must not only to have good things, but to correct mistakes also. The message is that the real definition of love is respect and understanding. The reaction is that how should we execute love, not only romantic love but also for brotherly love for everyone.