Video- How to create a new post for Listening Log, etc.

Sorry for all the background noise! #Construction

Also for anyone who’s post appears as “Uncategorized” If you find your post and click edit, then all you have to do is choose “Listening Log” under categories just like in the video below! Don’t forget to click “Update”.

I hope this is helpful!!


Preliminary Announcements and Tasks

Hi everyone,

You’re on my list for the June edition of English 1121 at City Tech–glad to have you and to begin the class online this coming week.  I’ll have a good deal more for you on Monday when I post the first assignment to our OpenLab site.  In the meantime, there are a few preliminaries I’ll ask you to do (by Monday morning, ideally):

1) Go to the course site and follow the notes/links on how to set up an OpenLab account (if you don’t already have one) and join the course.  (You have to do this to submit day-to-day writing assignments and receive grades on the OL site.)

2) Create a Google Drive folder (with link-sharing enabled) for sharing Essay drafts and other assignments with me (if you don’t have a Google account, I apologize, but you’ll have to create one of those first).

3) Copy your Google Drive folder URL; you’ll need it when you fill in your info on this Contact/Info form I need you to complete.

4) Sign up for a time to meet with me on one of the coming 4 Wednesdays.

5) Begin reading the Course syllabus & assignment calendar.  You might also begin perusing our course readings.

Feel free to write with any comments or questions.  And look out on Monday for assignment #1–I’ll be posting it to the OpenLab site, so you’ll want to check there.

Excited to read you all–welcome!


Monroe Street
English Department, City University of New York
Psychoanalyst, Institute of Expressive Analysis