Classes underlined will be days in which we will meet for class on Zoom. Dates in italics will be due dates for major class assignments.


Unit 1:

Literary Narrative 

Class 1A 1/29: Zoom Class Meeting

Class 1B 2/2: Zoom Class Meeting

Class 2A 2/5:

Literary Narrative Outline due today

Class 2B 2/9:Zoom Class Conferences and Peer Workshop

February 11th: Literary Narrative First Draft Due  

Class 3A 2/16:Zoom Class Meeting

Class 3B 2/19

February 21st: Literary Narrative Final Draft and Part One Reflection posted to Blackboard

Unit 2:

Discourse Community 

Class 4A 2/23:Zoom Class Meeting

Class 4B 2/26:

Class 5A 3/2:Zoom Class Conferences

Class 5B 3/5:

March 8th:Discourse Community first draft posted to Blackboard

Class 6A 3/9: Library Research Session

Class 6B 3/12:

Class 7A 3/16:Zoom Class Meeting and Peer Review

Class 7B 3/19:

March 22nd:Discourse Community second draft posted to Blackboard

Class 8A 3/23:Zoom Class Conferences

Class 8B 3/26:

April 3rd: Discourse Community Research Draft posted to BlackBoard

Class 9A 4/6:Zoom Conferences Midterm Grade

Class 9B 4/9:

April 9th:Discourse Community final draft and Second reflection posted to Blackboard

Class 10A 4/13:Zoom Conferences

Class 10B 4/16:

Unit 3:

Argument Research

Class 11A 4/20:Zoom Class Meeting

Class 11B 4/23: 

Outline for Argument Research paper posted to Openlab

Class 12A 4/27:Zoom Class Conferences

Class 12B 4/30:

Class 13A 5/4:Zoom Class Conferences and Peer Workshop

Class 13B 5/7:

May 10th: Argument Research paper first draft posted to Blackboard

Class 14A 5/11:Zoom Conference 

Class 14B 5/14:

Class 15A 5/18:

Final Draft of Argument Research paper as well as Portfolio posted to Blackboard 

Class 15B 5/21: Grading Day