ENG 1121 Readings and Videos

Introductory Weeks

Bunn, Mike. “How to Read Like a Writer.” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 2, 2011.  https://wac.colostate.edu/docs/books/writingspaces2/bunn–how-to-read.pdf

“Online Discussions: Tips for Students.” University of Waterloo, https://uwaterloo.ca/centre-for-teaching-excellence/teaching-resources/teaching-tips/developing-assignments/blended-learning/online-discussions-tip-students

“Student Tips for Online Learning Success.” North Hennepin Community College, www.nhcc.edu/student-resources/online-learning-d2l/tips-for-online-learning-success.

DePeter, Ron. “How to Write Meaningful Peer Response Praise.” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 3, 2020. https://writingspaces.org/sites/default/files/depeter-write-meaningful-peer-response-praise.pdf

Gurung, Reagan A. R., “Adapting for 2021: A Student’s Guide.” 21 Dec 2020. https://www.teachingprofessor.com/covid-19/adapting-for-2021-a-students-guide/


Olivarez, José. “Maybe I Could Save Myself by Writing.” Medium, 12 Sept 2018. https://gen.medium.com/young-chicago-authors-maybe-i-could-save-myself-by-writing-poetry-latinx-teen-79752108d0b5

Unit 1 – Literary Narrative

Rose, Mike.  “I Just Wanna Be Average.” Lives on the Boundary. Free Press, 1989.

Donald Murray The Maker’s Eye

Unit 2 – Discourse Community

Borg- Discourse Community

John Swales, “Reflections on the Concept of Discourse Community

Dirk–Navigating Genres

“Understanding Genre Awareness.” Center for Applied English Studies, the University of Hong Kong, 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Daut5e0kWBo

Jay Owens Memes- Chapter Post- Authenticity and the Ironic Truths of Meme Culture

Unit 3 – Argumentative Research

John Mundy and Glyn White “Comedy, Race, and Ethnicity”

Behm-Morawitz-Examining the Intersection of Race and Gender