•   How to Summarize An Essay

•   Class Presentations

•   Whitehead Listening Questions

•   Subjects & Verbs/ Online Exercises:

•  Fragments/ Online Exercises:

•   Ship of Fools

  Cover Letter Exercise,  Why use good grammar

•   Subject-Verb Agreement Online Exercises

•   NY Photo-History Project

•   Red Deer Commercial

•   Dark Days (Documentary about NYC homeless living in subway tunnels)

•   Videos: MaybeThe Message / Lyrics: Maybe & The Message

•   Some class presentation articles:  Teen Pregnancy Rates in the Bronx , Women Who Built NYC ,  After Curnell death, lawmaker requests Senate review of Charleston police ‘stop-and-frisk’ , Report finds ‘stop-and-frisk’ does not cut crime ,  NYPD beating

•   Sample Final #1: “Texting Shorthand Annoys Purists and May Have Lasting Impact”

•   ENG1101 Final Exam Essay Grading Rubric

•   Sample Final #2: “Social Networking in the 1600s” ,  Sample Final 2 Essay Options

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