Out of Doors Campaign- Pandora



The idea is that the clients who bought the Pandora bracelet “Nature Love” will enjoy a free trip from Forest Hills to our Pandora store located at Austin ST and participate to win one of our “Nature Love” charms.


  1. Buy the Pandora ” Nature Love” bracelet. (25% off)
  2. Show the bracelet to our Teddy driver located in Fores Hills. Then, will appear a scanned code.
  3. Enjoy the trip
  4. Arrive at the Store and participate to win one of our Pandora ” Nature Love” charms.

Mood Boards

Sketches and Story Board proposal

First Draft

Story Board

  • OOD Campaign was promoted at Forest Hills Stadium during a concert.
  • Mon and Daughter arrive at the Pandora Kiosk
  • Scanning the code
  • Enjoying the trip from Forest Hills to the Local Store at Austin St.
  • Arrive at the store
  • Asking about the Pandora giveaway!

Final Design OOD Campaign

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