Nature Love by Pandora – Social Media Campaign


PANDORA “NATURE LOVE” ( Reel for Instagram)

Concept & Direction

A mother and her daughter spend time joyfully together in a park. Out of the blue, the mother surprises her daughter by hiding a teddy bear and then revealing it to her. The daughter is overjoyed at her mother’s thoughtful gift. However, the daughter also has a surprise of her own for her mother – a “Nature love“  bracelet from Pandora ( Packaging box of “bracelet”). Her daughter’s sweet gesture moves the mother. The scene ends with a heartwarming hug between the two. ( We will create a montage of the bracelet, and then showcase a discount card featuring the bracelet and its accompanying charms to conclude the video).


Evelyn – Mom 

Dayelin- Daughter  


-Packaging of Pandora “Nature Love” box

– Bracelet made with Modeling clay 

– teddy sheep  


Evelyn- casual brown  clothes 

Dayelin-  casual brown clothes 


Juniper  Valley Park 

Production Schedule  Sunday 11:00 am to 2:45 pm 

Shoot Types  

1. LS introducing characters and Pandora text. 

2. LS and MS  of mother and daughter sharing moments. 

3. MS mom surprises her daughter.  

4. MCU  of daughter’s reaction 

5. MS of daughter giving the Pandora box to her mom 

6. CU of daughter’s hands showing the Pandora box. 

7. MS  mom opening the box ( her perspective) 

8. CU  mom’s reaction.   

9. OTS hug mom’s perspective 

10.  FS or TS  mom and daughter hug 

11. End Card “ Nature Love” 20% Off   

Edition : Adobe Premier Pro

Story Board


-Packaging of Pandora “Nature Love” box

– Bracelet made with Modeling clay 


@EM | DESIGNS Nature Love Reel

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