Self evaluation

Although I have recently finished my time at the BNY as a graphic design intern – I would like to mention one specific project I worked on which I was definitely proud of. The project in which I felt proud of was actually a project that I worked on for another BNY employee named name is Carli Beseau, who had asked me for my help on a photo flyer project. Although Carli doesn’t work in my department (external affairs) and instead is actually the Executive Director of Programs & Exhibits at building 92, I still prioritized her project as I would for any and all other projects I received and/or executed etc. Carli had provided me with a brief for what she wanted which was:

Project title: How to take the best photos with your phone

Objective: Prepare a brief outline (one page or less) of tips and tricks for taking strong photos on your phone. This brief will be used to help people as they prepare photographs for social media. Namely, posting on Instagram

Audience: EA team here at the Yard

Goal: To help EA team take stronger photos so that we get more likes and shares on social media

Ideas: I’m not sure what your brief will look like, but consider exploring items such as:


  • Design principles: thirds rule (taking photographs a bit off center), edge tension (cut things off in interesting ways), suggestions on photo editing apps (I like Priime), etc.


After reviewing and executing the project brief and flyer itself successfully – I was also given the opportunity to discuss the project at a meeting with my external affairs team and the team from building 92 that works with my team (dept.) which also made me feel more confident of my work and contribution.