Sustainability Crash Course Networking event at Pratt


The networking event I attended was located at Pratt Institute here in Brooklyn. The event was a sustainability crash course instructed and hosted by professors and/or Professionals who are already involved with their own business etc. At the crash course I learned about sustainable design and I was also given the opportunity to discover professionals who have established their own business and practices in the real world. I attended two sessions in which I very much enjoyed and the first one was led by am Dagirmanjian co-founder of Storey Inc. and the second one was led by Alexandra McNair founder of Fashion FWD.

1st session

The session with CEO / speaker Sam Dagirmanjian was helpful because he spoke to us about his story and how a “story” in general should be used to attract your audience. He explained how storytelling is very effect to your audience because it could be very empathetic. The first part to reaching people online is to create content that’s topical, relatable and informative and interesting of unusually appealing. Other key points Dagirmanjian made were how storytelling is how people communicate which is one of the most important tools and skills to have. He also mentioned how your content should be intriguing, convenient and easily shared across all media outlets / channels. Storey is a tool that was created to helps all innovators / creators, ambitious or determined entrepreneurs / founders, and idealists to share their ideas effectively in order to reach success or inspire others including their very own consumers.



The second session which was about Fashion and the good/bad which taught me about the negative / positive effects that the apparel industry has on workers, communities and our overall health even as consumers who aren’t aware of all that should be known when it comes to the fashion industry. A consumer may never really think about the process of making that one piece of garment because it doesn’t directly affect you even when we buy a pair of jeans or a shirt.  I was also unaware of how poor the working conditions in areas of developing countries like India are. Workers of these industries work in tanneries / factories without the right protective garments which cause health illnesses for the workers and the communities that these industries are located in. There was a photo shown of a factory that had been demolished due to poor facility conditions – where most of the workers died as a result.




Sam Dagirmanjian

CEO of Storey Inc.