Journal entry 7

During my internship at the BNYDC as a graphic designer for external affairs located at building 292 I felt like I have learned more than I actually / physically did in terms of labor. I felt I had a more mental growth experience rather than a mass-production of graphic design related work during my time at the BNY. And although this may sound positive – there are also negative aspects involved as well. What I feel may have been some negative aspects are that I didn’t do enough design work for me to actually include in my portfolio or professional lifestyle – I did indeed work on some corporate projects and spreadsheets for partnered organization info etc. especially when it was a slow work day. But for the most part I learned to always try to keep myself busy and be productive with my time and in return learned to become time efficient and organized in many ways – considering I am a full time student. Some of the positive aspects of my internship experience was the communication… I took the initiative most of the time to communicate amongst my fellow co-workers whether it was just to ask a simple question or even a complex one to get a little more insight about BNY brand or external affairs. I didn’t learn too much about the navy yard as a whole as much as I thought I would but I definitely made connections whenever I could as well as participated in discussions whenever I felt necessary (meetings, conferences, events etc.)