Matthew Rupchand’s Expanded Definition of Data Encryption

To: Prof. Jason Ellis
From: Matthew Rupchand
Date: 02/24/2021
Subject: Expanded Definition of Data Encryption

The purpose of this document is to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the meaning of data encryption. The way that I will be discussing data encryption is by explaining how it is used in security settings for computers and data. As per McGraw-Hill (1977), the definition of data encryption is as follows, “.. the task of developing a standard encryption device for use in data networks”. In other words, data encryption deals with encrypting data from hackers that can try to steal the information it holds. Through an analysis and discussion of the articles, journals, and encyclopedias that I will state in this expanded definition, you will be able to see and understand how different authors and scholars use the word data encryption in different contexts but still share its basic meaning.

Within the Oxford English Dictionary, they describe not data encryption but the word encryption alone. The definition that the English Dictionary gives is “The process of encrypting” which relates to how the word encryption is used in terms of the process that it takes. In McGraw-Hill science and technology textbook, they describe encryption as “.. the task of developing a standard encryption device for use in data networks” (McGraw-Hill. (1977)). This definition given by McGraw-Hill gives more insight into what exactly encryption is and the use through data networks. It relates to the definition given by Oxford English Dictionary by furthermore explaining what it means to encrypt hardware and data. When writing, a person may use encryption in terms of the Oxford English Dictionary. On the other hand, when explaining the process of how encryption works, others may use the definition given by McGraw-Hill in a way that describes how the task of encryption works for users. 

Journals such as “Ensuring Data Security in Databases Using Format Preserving Encryption” by Shikha Gupta, Stibir Jain, and Mohit Agarwal use data encryption in the context of the purpose it poses. A quote from the journal that shows this is “… it is necessary to apply effective and secure encryption/decryption schemes to enhance the security of data”(Gupta 214). This quote from the article provides a description of the purpose of implementing encryption for data to ensure better security on sensitive information. A second journal that I researched was the “Study on Encryption methods to secure the privacy of the data and Computation on Encrypted data presented at Cloud” by Dr. Nagesh and Thejaswini L. Within the article they state “Various encryption methods can be used to secure the data present at (the) cloud. Many of the encryption methods provide secure storage” (Nagesh 383). This quote from Nagesh gives information on how encrypting data can provide a secure way to store information and material. Another example of how data encryption is used in context is from an article by which states, “Data encryption (is) the process of disguising information as “ciphertext,” or data unintelligible to an unauthorized person”. This shows how’s use of data encryption can create a different context than as described here is that data encryption is “unintelligible to an unauthorized person” which means that only select people or people who know how encryption works will only be able to understand it. Lastly, within the article by, they use data encryption in the way that it describes how data is converted into encryption and how it can be decrypted. The quote that shows this is “… the conversion of data from a readable format into an encoded format that can only be read or processed after it’s been decrypted.” ( This quote gives an insight into how you could use data encryption in the context of how it works and how it is made into a readable format.

Working Definition
From the definitions that I retrieved through quotes from the articles, journals, and encyclopedias and throughout my writing, I have come up with a simplified working definition of data encryption. A working definition of data encryption that will be relevant to my career field of networking and security would be that data encryption is a process that developers can take to protect the user’s data from threats. Working with networking and security protocols, data encryption will be a crucial part of making sure all the data stored is protected and unreadable to any person without access. It is important to understand the importance of data encryption because without it, a company would risk losing vital information which in turn can lead to chaos and disorganization. 

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