500-word Summary on technological innovative methods as a tool for socio-economic development

Name: Shemei John
To: Professor Ellis
Date: September 22, 2021

Subject: 500-word Summary on technological innovative methods as a tool for socio-economic development

Below is a summarized essay on an article about the importance of prioritizing and utilizing informational technology services. The authors, who have also conducted research, argued that innovation in technology correlated to education and educators has been proven to be beneficial. Several authors in the article like, Turkot T.I., “Innovative education is an industry that is constantly updated with knowledge, technologies, teaching aids, organizational and managerial approaches.”[1, p.107] share the same views on the matter.

Information Technology has proven the beneficial use of its existence in each and every sector of our society. Through the sharing of information, technology is even more important for distant learning hence the pros. The pros of distant learning are beneficial in that it challenges the individual to grow and mature by learning differently from the classroom by use of technology and this is innovation. Since learning is based on the whole premise of information, we benefit greatly from using technology in our homes, schools and workplace environments. It is imperative for technological literacy to become standard criteria for anyone, while being self-taught/Self-reliance is the greatest tool to learn anything, being computer literate is evidently important since by using these mediums they become an essential tool.

However, some areas of the debate, needs further investigation which is the only con to the matter. Nevertheless, innovation in technology and its use in education works hand-in-hand with educators and students who are technologically literate. Even though they are a lot of pros for these new innovative technological methods, keeping the old methods are still beneficial to our society.

A great example of technological innovation that has positively affected the way we educate and learn is the internet. Never has teaching and learning been more successful than it is today because of the rise and use of technology like our internet. Not having the right or no technological support can hinder or put most institutions in a deficit. The goal is to improve and progress, not just to solve today’s problems, but also solve potentially future problems. Innovation in technology can help us achieve this goal faster, competently and effectively, and it is progress. Innovative education is like a nuance that will grow and changes with the changing world.

If a state’s success if determines by how technological innovative a society can be, then the same can be said about the technological innovation of our education. Research is currently being done to determine better ways to motivate educators towards technological literacy. Independent individual work, by use of information technology, has proven beneficial through a group of students who were given asynchronous work. The necessity of computers and the use of information technology in teaching and educational purpose is imperative in today’s times. Every professional should possess foundational principals and skill-set of technological communication and informational technologies. Our technological advances may have modernized society but the most influential effect is, as of recent, the advantages of distant learning and tele-working, which prove how important it is for education to be technological innovative, and why information technology services should prioritize education on its service list.  


[1]     V., Nemchenkol, G., Pchelianska, T., Markova, O., Volodina, “INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES IN THE USE OF INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS – AS A TOOL FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.” Academic Search complete (EBSCO) on     Food Industry Economics. 2021, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p105-111. 7p.

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