500-word summary about the SYVR system.

To: Professor Ellis
From: Jiaqi Huang
Date: Oct 6, 2021
Subject: 500-word summary about the SYVR system. 

The following is a 500-word summary of an article about the possibility of SYVR system. The SYVR virtual assembly 5g integrated system has multiple functions, it can construct stable virtual scenarios, capturing multidimensional industrial data, simulate virtual assembly process, and presenting the data visualization result based on its physical simulation which can save time and cost, create more value, improve the quality of product and more efficiency for industrial areas. With the 5G high-speed networks, mainstream VR graphic engines are mainly focused on games, movies, and education areas, the results achieved in industry areas are slightly less and can not meet demand, and are not being diverse enough. 

The performance of virtual technology with 5g high-speed networks in virtual manufacture industries are not mature enough and there are many important problems that need to be solved, like the transfer of the real-time data, the generation and visual display under high-speed networks, the build models in a virtual sense, and the implementation of high-level physical simulation techniques, etc.

Based on the article, the system can build virtual environments by using realistic physics simulation and real-time rendering techniques for various industries. We also can adjust data in real-time, present complex scenes, and build the interactive system under the 5g high-speed network environment. And the industrial virtual manufacturing system can import models, process data, and provide visual presentations to users. 

The SYVR engine saves a lot of time and cost and brings more value to industrial production and the equipment manufacturing fields by providing virtual test and design simulation because it can construct virtual experiment scene based multi-dimensional industrial data input and processing, also can show user effect in visual and create interactive simulation system but all these functions need to under the 5g high-speed network and the virtual environment. 

The SYVR system supported real-time operation guidance, daily inspection, dynamic 3D production display, and employee training which means users can get enough training in the simulation of the realistic industrial production line so as to reduce the number of accidents and improve the quality of products with higher efficiency. The system can provide a high quality of industrial VR/AR while keeping the high bandwidth and low delay based on its strong calculation and real-time simulation, it also can build the industrial digital application system by using its data simulation platform to help 5g high-speed networks make contributions in different areas. Thanks to the development of the 5g high-speed network, it can help the SYVR system make advances on its high-performance industrial real-time simulation graphics rendering engine too so as to have a higher level of simulation effects. 

The SYVR project can improve the safety and correct percentage of key operation by using its functions like virtual operation guidelines, daily inspections, and real-time data visualization effects and the need of this system also can speed up the development of 5g virtual technology which expands its application in industrial, medical areas. “Large-scale applications, upgrade the existing VR experience level, provide more possibilities for industrial, medical and other scenarios with high requirements on low latency, and explore more commercial 5G + VR intelligent manufacturing solutions.”[1,p2]

I believe this system can provide people with a work environment with more safety and efficiency.

Reference[1]Y. Liu, Y. Tang, J. Zhao, O. Sun, M. Lv and L. Yang, “5G+VR industrial technology application,” 2020 International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization (ICVRV), 2020, pp. 336-337, doi: 10.1109/ICVRV51359.2020.00090.

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