Beginning of Class Writing: Delegating Responsibility

Today, we’ll begin with this brief writing assignment using the reading that you brought into today’s class, and then we’ll spend most of today’s class working on your research project.

The beginning of class writing assignment is a memo delegating responsibility for researching topics for an upcoming meeting. You are the person designated to lead this project, so you will do the delegating. As a team leader, it’s important that you learn about your co-workers so that when you delegate responsibility, you do so by giving the right task to the right worker. You’ll have a chance to try this out on this assignment by imagining how your co-workers’ skills make them suited for researching a topic found in the article that you read for today’s class.

For this assignment, you will need to do some prep work that will take a few moments. First, identify three topics, names, companies, etc. in your article that one could research further. Second, make up two co-workers’ names, which you will use in your delegating.

Now, write a brief memo addressed to your two co-workers (memo block: to, from, date, subject). Begin your memo explaining that you all have been tasked with preparing a talk based on this article that you had read followed by a colon and a blank line:

Write your APA Bibliographic entry for your article here.

Then, explain that management has asked you to lead this team. Next, write that you will research topic [name the first topic], because [give a reason supporting why you will research this topic]. [Give name of first co-worker], please research [name of second topic], because [give a meaningful reason]. [Give name of second co-worker], please research [name of third topic], because [give a meaningful reason].

Finally, set a deadline for the research and tentatively set a date and time for you all to meet and discuss your results.

Copy-and-paste your work into a comment made to this blog post.

15 thoughts on “Beginning of Class Writing: Delegating Responsibility

  1. Nikka

    TO: Bob Anderson, Sue Smith
    FROM: Nikka Rosenstein
    DATE: 10/31/2017
    SUBJECT: China Digital Currency

    Hi, Bob and Sue.

    The tech team has been asked by the CFO to give a presentation based on this article:

    Knight, W. (2017). China’s Central Bank Has Begun Cautiously Testing a Digital Currency. MIT Technology Review, 120(5), 22-23.

    The CTO has asked me to lead this team, since I’ve worked with the CFO previously and I have a fairly good idea of why she’s asked for this and what she wants. I’m going to take this time to research how the rise of Bitcoin has affected and interacted with businesses like ours, and our markets specifically. I’d like Bob to focus on the Bank of China and its recent history and motives, since you have a background in history. Sue, since you probably understand the technobabble better than either of us, I’d appreciate if you could put together an explanation of digital currency and how Bitcoin works as best as can be explained to a layman.

    I’ve put a request in the calendar for us to meet and discuss our research and presentation on Monday (Nov 6) at 9:30. You both looked free but please let me know asap if we need to move that date.

    Thank you!

  2. Jen Travinski

    TO: Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

    FROM: Jennifer Travinski

    DATE: October 31, 2017

    SUBJECT: Memorandum on Topics to be Researched

    Fred and Barney, you and I have been tasked with researching specific topics in order to prepare a talk on the following article that I have read:

    Maldarelli, C. (2017, September/October). When is the best time to… Popular Science, 62.

    Management has tasked me with being the team leader for this project and therefore I will be asking you both to look into researching specific topics and I will be researching a specific topic myself. I will be researching the best time of the day to eat in order to have the best impact on insulin because of my past experience with diabetic patients and familiarity with insulin deficiencies. Fred, please research the best time of the day to exercise in terms of the body’s peak muscle tone because you have experience and background on biological and anatomical studies. Barney, please research the best time of the day to do math as it relates to when we’re most alert because you have experience with math tutoring and higher math classes such as calculus and algebra.

    Please have your topic research completed by Monday, November 13th. We will meet at 10:00 a.m. on November 14th in order to discuss our findings and results.

  3. G James Mitchell

    To: Darcy Bryant and Amy Swordson
    From: James Mitchell
    Date: 10/31/2017
    Subject: Pitching Services to AOL

    Hey team, we have been asked to present a lecture about the actions TalEx took described in this article:

    Schoonover, Christopher (09/2017). “Taking on Goliath”. Inc. Magazine, 206.

    Management has asked me to lead the team and I have planned a three prong approach for us to cover the most ground in our preparation. I will research starting a recruiting start up. Due to my work experience and success with organizing and launching new accounts, I’m confident I’ll yield progressive results.
    The client needs of AOL are a big factor in this project. Darcy Bryant, I think you will be best suited for researching what they ask of their outsourcing partners. I know you have success building relations with client contacts, and balancing correspondence between them all. I think you’ll be able to bridge this subject best.
    Payroll services are the biggest obstacle to TalEx’s success. I know Amy Swordson has detailed experience with resolving payroll issues in high complexities. I think that knowledge will give you the best edge when finding details on this subject.

    We are scheduled to present on November 27th, and I’d like us to bring our results together before the holiday break. Let’s meet on the 21st to brainstorm any final points. That will give us time for any revisions before the big day.

    Thank You,

    James Mitchell

  4. NawiesniakP

    TO: Harry Greenfield and Sonia Munich
    FROM: Paulina Nawieśniak
    DATE: October 31, 2017
    SUBJECT: Keep your brain healthy.

    Dear friend we have been chosen to work on the article I recently read please follow the memo for more information.

    Stedman, N. (November 2017). Keep your brain young and sharp. Dr. Oz the Good Life, 12.

    Our management has asked me to lead this team with the above subject since I have some experience with this field of work. I would like for us to research and find out more about what happens to the brain when a person exercises and and eats better. I would like Harry to dig more and research some other supporting arguments on this topic since he has finished his personal training certification and is currently studying nutrition. For Sonia I would like to focus on the brain and what are some benefits that can be achieved by exercise and healthy eating, if any at all. She would be a great candidate for this research as she worked with the Alzheimer’s Association for a year. For myself I will research more about how to train the brain, and what can be some exercises to improve our memory. Since I studied the human brain for the past two years I think I would be most familiarized with this specific topic.

    I would like for all three of us to meet on Wednesday at 3:00PM so we could further discuss our topics and presentation. Let me know if this day and time will be ideal with you guys.

    All the best,


  5. Christian B.

    TO: Juan Par and Francisco Ortega
    FROM: Christian Baque
    DATE: October 31, 2017
    SUBJECT: Assistance in research with an Article

    We have been assigned by Mr. Vasques to research about this article;

    Car and Driver ( 2017, November) What’s the autonomy economy? Vol. 63 (5), 86-88.

    We have been assigned to research this topic since we are the more experience in the field described in the article. Since we are a team we each have a task given, I will be taking care of researching on Google’s automated-vehicle project and how it could be beneficial to our company. Mr. Par, you will be in charge on finding out the best automakers that have a foot-ahead in the ability to have a autonomous vehicle, because I feel like with your enthusiasm of cars you would enjoy and have more knowledge about this subject. Mr. Ortega, you will be searching the liability of having automated vehicle, because you’ve been in charge of the insurance of our vehicles in this company I feel like this is would be a strong suit for you. The presentation is November 17 at 9am. We will meet November 10 and discuss what we have found so far. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me I’m always here for help.

    Christian Baque

  6. Donovan Valle

    TO: John Stockton and Karl Malone
    FROM: Donovan Valle
    DATE: 10/31/17
    SUBJECT: Ready-to-cook meal kits and environmental awareness

    We have been asked to prepare a talk based on the following article:

    Ray, J., (2017, November). Too many ingredients. Wired USA, 62.

    Management has assigned me to assemble a team of talented researchers to head this up, and you guys are the best people to help make this a successful project.

    I’ll be researching the background and history of ready-to-cook meal kits, and their evolution throughout time. John, because of your vast knowledge in marketing and sales, I would like for you to do some research on the current top selling meal-kit companies, and give some key examples as to why customers choose those said products. Karl, because of your strong background in scientific and environmental journalism work, I’d like for you to research the packaging practices of these top selling companies, and figure out some strengths and areas of improvement in regards to the effects on the environment.

    Let’s take a week to assemble all of our research data and we can discuss in person next Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


    Donovan Valle

  7. Preston I.

    To: Tim Bryant and Adam Thomas
    From: Preston Isolani
    Date: 10/31/17
    Subject: Black Mesa

    Hello Tim and Adam, the article we will be using as a basis for where we will go with our research is down below:

    Clark, T. (2017). Source code. PC GAMER, December 2017, 27-31

    I’ve been asked by management to discuss the Black Mesa mod that is of much popularity. To gain a deep analysis as to why it’s popular I will conduct research as to what was Valve’s primary focuses during the development on the original Half Life with my vast knowledge of gaming history. Tim I would like you put some research into the races and characters in Black Mesa and why it’s attracting people to play it in this generation of gamers with your background in Character Design. Adam, could you put research into how platforming can be designed to be engaging while not unfair to the player with your vast experience in Level Design.

    I would like to have the research in by November 15th. I would like to meet to see where we are, possibly November 11th, 3:00 P.M. Contact me if there are any issues with these dates, thank you.

  8. Howard Daley

    To: Robin and Francis

    From: Howard Daley.

    Date: October 31, 2017

    Subject: Delegating Responsibility for Researching Topics For upcoming Meeting.

    I have been handed the task of for preparing a talk based on the following article that appeared in the New York Times:

    Satow, J. (2011, February 27 ). The Super Comes out of the Basement.The New York Times,

    I have been asked by management to take the lead on a meeting that will include you both.

    I will be researching the topic on: What it takes to be a Super. Considering how important this is and the

    role we can play to be more effective.

    Robin, will be expected to do the research on the following topic for the meeting. : How to stay effective

    in today’s high tech operations in Property Management.

    Francis, your task is to research the Responsibilities of the Building Manager and how to improve it.

    We meet in a week on November 7, 2017 at 300 Jay Street in the Atrium, in Brooklyn New York.

  9. leslie

    To: Tiffany Blue and Liza Henry
    From: Leslie Bonilla
    Date: 10.31.17
    Subject: Research into Mexico earthquakes

    I have been asked to look further into the causes of the quakes happening in Mexico. I was given three topics that need further research and was allowed to form a team to work with on this assignment. I have chosen you guys to work with. The three topic are the North American Plate, static stress and dynamic triggering and UNAM ( National Autonomous University of Mexico) calculations, these terms are taken from the article below:

    Witze,A (2017). Deadly Mexico quakes not linked. nature, (549,7673), 442.

    Tiffany, please research static stress and dynamic stress because you have experience in research administration and it’ll be easy for you to research these terms and its inner workings.
    Liza, please research the UNAM calculations of the earthquakes because you have experience with mapping and will have no problem looking at the facts and data along with mappings of the earthquakes taken place in Mexico.I will research the north American plate , because I took a course in physical geography and have knowledge on the subject. I will look into the connection between the direction the plate is moving and its connection to the earthquakes that Mexico is receiving.

    We will discuss our results on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 12:30 PM, make sure to be prepared.

    Thank you.

  10. Mei,Huakang

    To: Acton Smith , Ian Kim
    From: Huakang Mei
    Date: 10/31/2017
    Subject : Scary Movie

    Hello team, we have been asked to give a presentation based on this article :

    Heid. (2017, October 25). You Asked: Is Watching Scary Movies Good for You? Retrieved October 31, 2017, from

    Management has asked me to be the leader for this project and I will need to ask you both to look into the specific topics that we got. I already have some ideas on what we need to work on. I will be researching are some people want to watch scary movies to lose weight because I know people who usually love to watch scary movies to burn calories. Acton, please research how people can burn calories by watching scary movies because I know you have experience and background on biological study. Ian, please research is there are any negative on the people who keep doing this because you know people and experience with medical science.

    We are scheduled to present on Thursday November 9 , so before that I would like to have a meeting to discuss our research and presentation. That’s going to be on Friday November 3 in the meeting room at 10:00 a.m.

  11. zina

    TO: Anne Smith: John Robert.
    FROM: Zinab Adam
    DATE: 10/31/2017
    SUBJECT: Research on the 2017 London’s Rules and Regulations.

    We have been assigned to research and submit a complete report about the new rules and regulations for urban development in London; UK based on the published article on the The FM World online Magazine. This report is very essential for property management office in London to insure that they are in loop with these changes and does not affect our ongoing projects.
    Herpreet Kaur Grewal. (2017, October 19). Action needed to stem loss of workspace from office- to- residential conversions.

    Our CEO asked me to lead this team and assign each one with a certain task based on your experience with the subject. As of me ; Because of my close knowledge with the British Government legislature; I will be collecting data on the 2013 Government legislation that has led to the large conversions in workplaces to homes. Anne Smith, please research and collect data from the research that been published by the British Council for Offices(BCO); as I recall you’ve done these type of tasked before and I recommend that you use the same methodology you have used before. Regarding the Property Consultant CBRE and its relation with BCO, I would prefer that John Robert handle it since he is already working with CBRE in another task.

    Since is report is due before the end of the fiscal year of 2017-2018, I would like us to meet one month from today which is December 1st. in the afternoon an hour after lunch and discuss our findings. Note that you need send me a brief report of any updates by the end of every week before the deadline.

    Best Regards


  12. Tunde O

    TO: George Disher, Smith Floy
    FROM: Tunde Ogunyemi
    DATE: 10/31/2017
    SUBJECT: Belly Fat Reduction

    Hi, George and Smith.

    As a team leader, our department has been given the task to research on: How to reduce deep belly fat.
    Knight, W. (2017). China’s Central Bank Has Begun Cautiously Testing a Digital Currency. MIT Technology Review, 120(5), 22-23.

    Our Organization-Energy food processing Co (EFPC) has designated into our hands to research and find a way by which our company can embark on the production of foods that can reduce belly fat. As we all know that this is the most common killing disease in America.
    I have also delegate upon you George and Smith to research on Pfizer energy producing organization and research on the company’s food producing department. While I will be expecting George to research on Planet fitness organization and see the ways people are having success in the gym.
    We will be meeting next Friday to discuss on these researches.
    Thank you!
    How to: Reduce Deep Belly Fat, (Sept. 2017). Science For The Curious Discover. p.69

  13. Arnold

    TO: Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith
    FROM: Arnold Lopez
    DATE: 10/31/17
    SUBJECT: Paranormal and Science

    Management has tasked us with preparing a talk based on an article I’ve read which explains how some “unseen forces” we feel have a scientific explanation behind them:

    Hoffman, J. (2017, September 18). The science of spooky. Brainspace, 20-21.

    I’ve been put in charge of this team and we need to gather as much information as we can. So I will begin by researching “brain tricks” because I have proven to be able to see past illusions and notice what is real and what isn’t. Rick will focus on researching more on “haunted places” because of his ability to travel freely anywhere. Morty will focus on “magnetic fields” because of his ease-of-access to technology.

    We will all meet by November 11th to discuss all we have discovered.

  14. s.powell

    To: Shirley McLain and Cynthia Bailey
    From: Shanna Powell
    Re: The Princeton Review; Top Law School Rankings

    As you know we have all been tasked with preparing a talk based on the article I have read: __________
    Cassens Weiss, Debra. (2017, October 31). Which law schools have the best professors and classroom experience? New Rankings Released. ABA Journal. Retrieved from
    Management has asked me to lead the team and I will start by researching the topic of “The Best Laws of 2018”” The Princeton Review” just released there 2018 best law schools. I chose this topic because Law School is the major educational foundation for people who work in the legal field. Law school is a major concern for any person going into the legal industry with plans to further their growth potential.
    Shirley McLain, please research, The Princeton Review’s “”. I would like for you to find out more in-depth information on their survey. You are very good with gathering statistical information. I would like for you to partake in their survey and explain what it is bout. Also, I would like for you to find out the statistical data gathered to form the questions listed in the survey.
    Cynthia Bailey, please research, The Princeton Review’s” School Ranking Methodology”. You are very good with finding out the method behind things or the “Why”. Please research the thought process behind the methodology of the Princeton ranking. If possible, find out the current and most popular careers at the time of graduation for each year of 2015-2017. See if this has any relevance on the choices made.
    Please have your research ready and available for discussion 2 weeks from today which will be November 14th 2017 at 3:00pm.

    Thank you,

    Shanna Powell

  15. Ronald Hinds

    TO: Messieurs Francis Eberle and Steven Hubert

    FROM: Ronald C. Hinds

    DATE: November 07, 2017

    SUBJECT: The Dark Dialect

    I, as a team leader, have been tasked with preparing a presentation at our annual retreat, in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania on the topic of “The Dark Dialect:”


    Mc Fedries, Paul (2017, October 17). The Dark Dialect. IEEE Spectrum, 54(10), 22.

    Pearce, Alan. 2017. Deep Web for Journalists – Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search: The Digital Journalists’ Handbook Kindle Edition

    Mr. Cecil Ashton, our Vice President, has asked that I lead a team, of the three of us, to research the topic “The Dark Dialect.” Mr. Ashton thinks that this topic needs further research because he is curious about cyber security and about infiltration by outside forces of our enterprise. The hacking into the vote for Sheriff in the 2016 election has increased his concern. Francis can you please research the deep Web, dark Web. I know that you have a passion for dispelling conspiracy theories and you can do a good job in exploring this theme. You can also explain complex data in a way that most can understand. I think that you will become, even before completing your studies, an excellent Technical Communicator.

    Steven, as a former investigative writer for The Newtown Journal you have a knack for unearthing stories that merit winning the Pulitzer Prize. It is an open secret that the religious conservative management team at the journal, nixed your progress. With your background I would like you to read and give the team a synopsis of Alan Pearce’s, Kindle book, called Deep Web for Journalists. At this company we have a more liberal orientation and you will make progress in your new career.

    Lastly, I will research the topic of the dark net. My familiarity with the Tor, network makes me the candidate for this topic.

    I think that as a team we can pull this off.

    Gentlemen, because Mr. Ashton is antsy let us meet, a week from today, to discuss our findings. See you at our neighborhood Dunkin Donuts on November 14. The coffee is on me. The Vice President wants a report on his desk by the end of the workday November 16, 2017.

    Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

    Thank you for your co-operation.


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