Beginning of Class Writing: Reflection on the Articles Selected So Far

You’ve read a number of articles for these beginning of class writing assignments so far this semester. This assignment is a personal reflection on the types and topics of the articles that you’ve selected.

First, mouseover the title of our OpenLab site “ENG1133 Specialized Communication for Technology Students,” right click on “Dashboard,” and left click on “Open in New Tab.” This will leave the OpenLab site open in one tab and the Dashboard open in another tab.

Second, in the Dashboard tab, click on Comments. Then, type in your name or username in the Search box on the right and click “Search Comments.” This will load all of your comments.

Third, look at the titles of the articles that you’ve read for our class. Consider the articles and the topics that they covered.

Fourth, write a brief memo addressed to me with the subject “Article Reflections.” In your memo, describe the article that you read for today’s class and discuss it in relation to the other articles that you’ve read. Do they all share a similar theme? Are articles about different things? How might your reflection help you choose articles in the future to enrich your learning? You do not have to name each article in your reflection, but you should discuss the topics or themes of the articles you read in the past.

Fifth, write an APA bibliographic citation for the article that you read for today’s class at the end of your memo.

Finally, copy-and-paste your memo into a comment made to this blog post. Put your plan into action for selecting your next article. Consider other articles and possibly other magazines than you’ve read in class so far.


16 thoughts on “Beginning of Class Writing: Reflection on the Articles Selected So Far

  1. Nikka

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Nikka Rosenstein
    DATE: 11/14/2017
    SUBJECT: Reflections on Articles Selected So Far

    Looking back on my in-class writings, I have no doubt it would be difficult for an objective observer to find the thread that links the articles I’ve chosen. I’ve pulled from Harvard Business Review, but also Popular Mechanics. Vloggers don’t seem related to A/B instance testing. It’s a mixed bag, to say the least.

    Partly this is because, unlike other students, I’m not coming into this class with solid experience or specific preference in a particular field. My longest experience was at an internship in a corporate environment helping to implement a social intranet platform. One task I dealt with specifically was writing mid-length blog posts promoting the benefits of using such a platform, both in the abstract and by outlining specific tools and their uses. Thus I began the semester imagining that I was still operating the blog, and focused on articles I might use as topics or references for my own posts.

    Admittedly, as the semester went on, I drifted away from this focus and started picking up things that peaked my interest in other ways. An article on the science of sleep and aging caught my eye because I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, and last week I fairly shamelessly went with an article about AIs playing video games. This week I was trying to drift back toward my central purpose with an article discussing technological progress in the last few decades. The article focuses on how technology spreads from invention to consumption, to proliferation, back around to where innovation is focused based on the resulting demand. I thought this might be a good article to reference if I were trying to convince a corporate audience to embrace an up-and-coming technology such as a software platform.

    I’d like to continue to keep my subjects broad, but for the remainder of the semester I’ll try to at least select articles that have some theoretical bearing on work interests rather than my own enjoyment.

    Iozzio, C. (2017). Thirty years later… Popular Science, 6(6), 9-10.

  2. Artilese

    Professor Ellis

    Edgar Artiles

    November 14th 2017

    Today’s article I read for class is called “The Newest First Class Perk Is Not Having to See Another Human Being on Your Flight” by Cailey Rizzo. The article is based on the current advancements airlines are making in passenger comfortably. Emirates has recently unveiled their new Boeing 777 outfitted with luxury private suites. These suites offer complete privacy without having to lose the luxury of service. Outfitted with a small window passengers can receive any orders placed on their private suite tablets and not have to interact with the cabin crew.
    Most of the articles i have read in our past classes all relate to travel and tourism. From Craft Brewing in Beijing China to the reinvention of wine town Napa Valley, my articles consist of destinations and cultures we all can learn from. I will continue to use articles that embodies my passion in Hospitality. Writing about my passion provides a constant flow of energy i can put towards my thinking and writing allowing me to learn and build.

    Rizzo, C. (2017, November). The Newest First Class Perk Is Not Having to See Another Human Being on Your Flight. Travel+Leisure, 11-13.

  3. Christian B.

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Christian Baque
    DATE: November 14, 2017
    SUBJECT: Article Reflections.

    In this article it describes how we are moving into the era of self driving vehicles but Honda has recently announced its release of the 2018 Accord which isn’t self-driving and comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. Honda announced that its family luxury sedan would be coming 2.0 turbocharged engine and with a 6-speed manual transmission. Even though they are keeping their “gear banging” tradition, Honda has upgraded its infotainment system with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interface. As I look back at my previous assignment I see the coming interest in the technical advances in the automotive industry and how it would reflect in the career path I’ve chosen. At the beginning of the course I notice that I was choosing article that reflected more into CNC machining which is a big part of being a Mechanical Engineer. As the year went on I drifted toward the technical advances in the automotive industry which was more into the world I always liked, it reflected a little bit of both the world I know and like.

    Car and Driver ( 2017, November) Can this car save the sedan? Vol. 63 (5),34-39

  4. Jen Travinski

    TO: Jason Ellis
    FROM: Jennifer Travinski
    DATE: November 14, 2017
    SUBJECT: Article Reflections

    This memo will discuss the article, “The Enforcer,” by Jason Lederman in Popular Science. It will also discuss its similarities to the previous articles about which I’ve written.

    Lederman’s article features Jodi Holeman, the scientific-technical services director at Fresno County’s Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District. She and her group are trying to decrease the Aedes aegypti mosquito population because their females spread the Zika virus and yellow fever. What’s unique about Holeman’s approach to this problem is that she is infecting batches of A. aegypti males with the Wolbachia pipientis bacteria and then releasing them through neighborhoods. Females who mate with these modified males will create eggs that never hatch, and therefore their populations will decrease and so will the cases of infections from their bites.

    This article is very much in keeping with my previously discussed articles, all of which have had a scientific or technological bent to them. Even though the writings have dealt with similarly themed topics, they have been about decidedly different subjects. Some of the topics have been alien worlds, agricultural robots, the slinky toy, hackers and circadian rhythm, to name a few. After reflecting on the articles I’ve chosen, I think I’m on the right path because my interest and my degree concentration is going to be in communication design, which features technology heavily. I think that all of my articles are further connected in that they all delve into topics, many of which are cutting edge, to explain new discoveries and to shed light on the direction in which science and/or technology is going. For example, my articles about agbots, Kepler 452b, AI, and social media for Gen Z kids all deal with new discoveries and technologies, and discuss how they are affecting us and where those technologies are heading in the future. Because my concentration will deal with web design and graphic design in communications, I will continue to try and select articles that further my knowledge on science and technology. I will look into writing from more sophisticated tech magazines such as PC World, American Scientist or Computerworld.

    Lederman, J. (2017, November/ December). The enforcer. Popular Science, 28.

  5. leslie

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: Leslie Bonilla
    Date: 11.14.17
    Subject: Article Reflections

    The future of edifices is now a tangible one. Creating a net zero home is the new frontier. There are many companies that are producing Eco-friendly materials and coming up with solutions to reduce the carbon footprints that skyscrapers hold.The latest idea is the plan to build these edifices completely out of wood, wood will soak up the carbon from the atmosphere. So long as , the usage of burning coal stops during the manufacturing of wood parts in factories. Skyscrapers are massive things and the sq ft will definitely make a huge impact in sucking up carbons in the atmosphere.

    My articles do share a common theme ,of science technology and the future of planet earth. I focused on topics relating to global warming and the new technological advances that are occurring at this moment in time. These new technological advances is helping us to better understand the issues we face today and new inventions and notions is helping us to fix these dilemmas. I will continue to read and research this topic because it is something that is important to me.

    Media, N. (2017, November 14). The skyscrapers of the future could be built with the garbage of today. Retrieved November 14, 2017, from

  6. G James Mitchell

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: James Mitchell
    Date: 11/14/2017
    Subject: Article Reflections

    I’m writing to provide a comprehensive summary over the topics in articles I’ve been reading this semester.

    I originally chose Inc Magazine’s “500” issue that catalogues top companies for the past year. Each article is a short synopsis of the company, it’s history, and often interviews the founder. Basically all my articles came from this magazine, but all are relevant to my interests and career goals as well. Most of the success stories come from entrepreneurs that started out young and inexperienced. Thus, I am starting at the same point all these millionaires are.
    My article today is in regards to a refugee that came to America and is now a successful businessman. This shares the trend of a rise to riches story integrating technology and ingenuity.
    Other than these articles noting successful entrepreneurs, similarities include the technology and tools they use, overcoming obstacles, and bolstering progress. Each entrepreneur had their own story of having to handle these issues in order to get to the top of their industry. The technology was particularly interesting to me, due to my personal interest in digital technology. A few articles even pertained to staffing, which is the industry I hope to make a business in. So these articles were helpful in my pursuits.
    I really like these articles. The perspectives of the founders and their success stories were motivational, and I think I could benefit from reading some biographies of well known leaders and successful businessman.

    Marikar, Sheila (09/2017). “The Drive to Thrive”. Inc. Magazine, 206.

  7. Preston I.

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: Preston Isolani
    Date: 11/14/17
    Subject: Article Reflections

    The article that I read for today is entitled ‘Virtual Encounters’ and discusses the applications of VR other than gaming. Virtual Reality currently has practical medical uses as it is employed to try to solve psychological issues. VR is used in exposure therapy in order to help people overcome phobias and treat PTSD victims. It shares a tie to the other articles that I have reviewed because for many video games are more than simply being a hobby or a way to pass time. To many people it extends beyond that emotionally and physically. The technologies involved with video games can push a lot of boundaries. Whether it be methods to help people medically or an experience that can strike an emotional response, the tools of gaming and the games that sprout from them really affect a large part of society. This is evident in games of previous gaming generations that have been a part of people childhoods and bring fond memories of going through an entirely unique experience. Such experiences as these are reasons why Half Life got a fan remake in the form of ‘Black Mesa’. Majoring in CST it helps me alot cause it shows me that no matter what I’m programming in the future I have to keep in mind it will have an impact on the people using it, whether it be good or bad it will have one. It keeps me open to try to see how to optimally make something that’s functional and loveable. This also extends past gaming too so that’s where I see the real importance.

    Warr, P. (2017). Virtual encounters. PC GAMER, Holidays Issue 2017, 32-39.

  8. creunis

    To : Ellis
    From : Creunis Lors
    Date :11/14/2017
    Subject : Article Reflections

    The article i read for today’s class is “The open science cyber risk profile : The rosetta stone for open science and cyber security”.This article brings up the importance of cyber security in the science field. Even though many people in the science field do not consider this, the science fields have a plethora of important , life changing and years of data that if got into the wrong hands and manipulated it could affect society in many ways . The importance of cyber security is ever growing to prevent computer attacks and hacking of sensitive data. Most of the articles i have written about talk about some kind of technology , system or software and it importance. But some of the other articles address career field standards and trends . The articles i have chosen so far have been very helpful . Without these articles there is a lot about the information and technical writing field i would not be aware off. A good portion of the articles i have read has provided clarity into a field that can sometimes seem ambiguous.

    Peisert, S., & Welch, V. (2017). The Open Science Cyber Risk Profile: The Rosetta Stone for Open Science and Cybersecurity. IEEE Security & Privacy, 15(5), 94-95. doi:10.1109/msp.2017.3681058

  9. Mei,Huakang

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Huakang Mei
    SUBJECT: Article Reflections

    The article that I read for today’s class is call “Why You Should Think Twice Before Drinking Tap Water on a Plane, According to a Flight Attendant” by Mahita Gajanan. This article is about lots of the airplane’s tap water do not meet the sanitation standards. Look back to the articles that I selected for the in-class writing, I can find a connecting between them. They do not share a similar theme, they all have their own theme. But, almost all of them are come from a similar category. All the articles are about different things, some of them are about travel news, some of them are about health and some of them are about businesses. Almost all the articles that I read for class are related to travel. I will continue reading article about travel because I love travel and this is what I am focusing to study in. Reading article not only help me to gain knowledge, also open my eyes to the world.

    Gajanan , M. (2017, October 19). Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water on Airplanes. Retrieved November 14, 2017, from

  10. Howard Daley

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: Howard Daley
    Date: November 14,, 2017
    Subject: Article Reflection

    This article posted in the New York Times addresses the unending race between Rats and Residents of New York City. The author in his description of the pest situation have the rats at an advantage, given their resilience and proliferation in spite of ongoing efforts and budget to eradicate them.
    It is his conclusion that we are fighting a losing battle and we have no other alternative but to live with them instead of trying to eradicate them only in vain.
    This seem to be a common narrative when it comes to the pest population in the city, we’ve adopted a defeatist attitude. However, we should be mindful that for every New Yorker there may be five rats for every person.
    This article is in keeping with the theme of the overall theme that i have posted within the Facilities Management discipline. To name a few such as Pest Control, The Super, energy management and the Energy Star on its Death Bed.
    All the articles addresses a different topic. The Articles all attempt to show a common theme throughout though each topic addresses various aspects concerning the Operations and Management of an Asset. The various topic choices have provided a road map whereby you can be focused on the any particular area of facilities Management and Building Operations. Though vast and varied, and perhaps broad on topic the core values remain within reach. Pest control, HVAC, Mechanical Systems are all integral.

    Howard Daley
    Erlinger, S. (1987, November 2). In New York, Rats Survive the Man Rave. Thepp. 5 New York

  11. Tunde O

    TO: Jason Ellis
    FROM: Tunde Ogunyemi
    DATE: 11/14/2017
    SUBJECT: Article Reflections.
    In retrospect, the articles that I have read for the semester so far are based on the following; under the article; “the fast(ing) way to lose weight”; there are numbers of way that account for the reasons why people are not getting the best result in dieting as a means of losing weight. the best possible way to lose weight has much to do on yourself. What kind of food to eat, when and size of the food to be eaten? In the same tune, the Summary of Article About Amanda MacMillan, which is how exercising makes you look younger. It was evident that the physical exercise and how often it is being done daily and persistently or consistently can make one to live longer and younger than their age.
    Considering the remote class of fitness, all that one needed to set up a remote and fitness class of studio is to have enough space at home to accommodate every move, equipment that is necessary, device must be working well and the area must be well lighten to allow the instructor to be able to see every move of the streaming at the other end. Regarding the danger of governing on social on social medial, the polls had showed that the hate that the president of the United States of America is facing is on the increase, because more than half of the Americas believe since the election, and that the government has not been doing the right thing in all aspect.
    Most of the animosity that the president faced he had thought and believed that the media are the one behind it.
    The title of the article that I read for today’s class is “surviving a loss”. The summary of this article is all about the loss of miscarriages which are very common and it was recorded that about 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. People that suffer this king of loss often don’t find it easy in their life time. As a matter of fact, some are disconnected and confused that they need support of in every sphere of their lives to be able to cope. There are different thigs that can cause a miscarriage. However, the emotional effects on people are also different and can displace and destabilize most from their comfort zone. Women felt the pains most. it results to anger on the long run.
    Miscarriage has not been well discussed in our society, it’s not well taught in order for the younger ones to know how to avoid it and the coping mechanism when it eventually occurred. The solution got the miscarriage is to seek the support of the family members, especially parents, co-workers, and physician who will guide for the necessary.
    This article is different to the other articles that I have written about in this semester.

    Gur, T. (March/April2017). Surviving a Loss. WebMD, 57.

  12. zina

    TO: Prof. Ellis.
    FROM: Zinab Adam.
    DATE: 11/14/2017
    SUBJECT: Article Reflections.

    I read the article ”Breathe easy” from the FMJ of July 2017; that is about how air quality can affect occupants productivity in a workplace or facility. In particular, the ways that make HVAC more compliant to green infrastructure within the building and how to enhance occupants comfort, health and safety. My articles about different technologies, studies, and opinions within the facility management field; Starting from using new technology to protect computerized systems in smart buildings from electronic disturbance. In addition to to health and safety measures in healthcare facilities, lighting and developing products that promote productivity and comfort in workplace, occupants well-beings, and the connection of building design to productivity workplace and how smart green buildings are ideal for occupants well-beings in consideration to the environmental factors as air quality, and temperature impacts. Also making high- risk living safe in relation to the tragic fire of the Grenfell Tower in London, and building rules and regulation and how to keep up with urban development.
    In all my chosen article, I have tried to cover different aspects of Facilities management; specifically facility engineering technologies in relation to occupants. In my future writing, I would prefer to continue in the same track and cover the other systems within the facility that have great impact on occupants comfort and productivity and the updated technology in facility engineering and also profitability as one important aspect of being knowledgeable in facility management and excel as a facilities manager in the future.

    HVAC; Breathe easy (2017, July). Facilities Management Journal, (25/7), 38-40.

  13. Arnold

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Arnold Lopez
    DATE: 11/14/17
    SUBJECT: Article Reflections

    The article I read today has to do with tricks and manipulations around us that end up causing you to gain weight and eat unhealthy. Danger zones would be at home, supermarkets, and restaurants. The bigger the plates at home, the more we’ll eat. The less we cook, the more we’ll eat as well. Even the accessibility of foods and snacks will make us eat more such as being able to serve food directly at the table instead of getting up and going to the stove. In the supermarkets, the longer the aisles, the more we’ll buy. Even the shopping carts have been made larger and deeper to make it look empty so we’d fill it more. Restaurants with darker surroundings and lightings make our unhealthy food look less unhealthy than what they really are. The larger the glass, the more we’d drink and the larger our group, the larger our portions would be.
    Compared to previous articles I’ve chosen to write about, this one is on a completely different topic. Most of my articles are completely unrelated and have varying themes, but I think I’m going to stick in this direction: Articles about health choices and maintaining ourselves fit open my eyes and make me want to better myself more while also allowing those who read my comments to gain interest as well. All the articles I’ve written about in the past have caught my attention and were a good read, but this makes me want to change rather than finish reading and feel like I learned a fun fact.

    Ideas and Discoveries (2017, September 15). The psychology of eating. ID: Ideas and Discoveries, 36-45

  14. s.powell

    To: Jason Ellis
    From: Shanna Powell
    Date: November 14, 2017
    Re: Reflection Writing
    “Article Reflections”
    This memo will reflect on the article read today and also the articles read in previous classes. I will discuss if the articles have a similar theme, if my choices in the articles read previously; affect the choices in articles I may choose in the future, and does each article have a different issue.
    The article read today brings to light an issue that I did not know existed. My article speaks on the delay of an execution in the form of lethal injection. A Nevada Supreme Court Judge, Jennifer Togliatt delayed the execution of Scott Dozier so that her decision can be taken into consideration. The issue brought before the court exposes harshness of the drugs being used to administer lethal injections. The “cocktail” of drugs being used now will allow a person viewing the execution to not see any visible signs of the prisoner’s internal pain. The judge has asked to hold off on the execution and allow the prisoner to use the new drugs being presented as an option.
    The new “cocktail” is a combination of fentanyl (opioid), diazepam (sedative), cisatracurium (muscle relaxer, causes paralysis). This combination will all allow the prisoner to be in a paralyzing state, with no visible signs of pain to the public and will allow them to not feel pain themselves. The states are now trying to figure out the doses needed to be given to make the perfect combination and the pharmaceutical company that is willing to provide them with the drugs needed.
    When reflecting on articles from previous classes read, I realized that each article’s theme was injustice. Each article talks on a situation that is affecting the life or lives of individuals that need to be addressed. The most challenging article I discussed was about a convicted rapist given joint custody of the child produce from the rape he caused. I think this article was one of the most shocking, upsetting, and appalling form of injustice towards women and mankind as whole. Another article spoke on a teen girl that was not allowed to have an abortion because she was in an immigration holding facility waiting on the government’s decision to deport her or not. The only way the court would allow the girl to have the abortion was if she has a sponsor. Besides the fact that this incident violates this young lady’s right to free will bus also, possible forced her into making decision that may not be the in the best interest for her and the child. The horrible part about this, before the issue was brought before the court, three weeks had passed. In situations like this, time is of the essence.
    The final article I will discuss is about a nurse who was arrested because she would not draw the blood of a person that was brought in by the police that was unconscious. It is the law that a person’s rights will be violated if blood is taken without their consent. When a person’s blood is taken, the tests can reveal very personal and protected information about themselves. The another horrible part about this situation is, the nurse called her supervisor in from of the arresting officers and explained that it is illegal for the hospital to draw blood on an unconscious person if not for a medical emergency. The officers still arrested this nurse who was only doing her job and caused her undue embarrassment at her job and all over social media. The last unfortunate issue in this huge issues is the police officers did not know the law that they are to uphold and follow.
    As you can see these articles all have different issues but reflect injustice. While reviewing my past articles, has taught me that I truly have a passion for seeing injustice and speaking out on it. This will probably affect the way I choose articles in the future.

    Cassens Weiss, Debra (2017, November 10). Judge Delays Execution because of Concerns About Drug in new Cocktail
    Chammah, Maurice (2017, August 30). The Marshall Project. Nevada Plans on Using Fentanyl in Upcoming Execution.

  15. Ronald Hinds

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis
    FROM: Ronald C.Hinds
    DATE: November 14, 2017
    SUBJECT: Article Reflections

    For today’s class, the substance of my chosen article is the history/origins of PowerPoint. The article traces the history of what became later known as PowerPoint. My choice of earlier articles has been on a range of themes reflecting my curiosity about different subjects while honing my skills in technical communication.

    Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation software made its debut in 1987. PowerPoint’s
    development happened over a period of time, starting in 1982 with the personal computer, before gradually moving on to Macintosh. Over its development many entrepreneurs were involved in the process. It emerged at the time that King “PC” was ruling over the offices, internationally. The idea of using a “slide” for visual presentations came from the world of photography.

    There are 1.2 billion copies of PowerPoint at large, internationally, but in 2003 a powerful PowerPoint presentation gained notoriety after it was used by the United States of America’s Secretary of State, Colin Powell, to gin up the guns of war and invasion. He sold President George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. PowerPoint is also used in the school classroom, by students, to inform and persuade their classmates but its use has been decried, in some quarters, as fostering and “keeping a hierarchical single-path structure.” Its widespread popularity and use have made it synonymous with any presentation created with computer software.

    I think I will stick with my format because it helps me to develop my style of writing and reinforces my choice of using different themes. These themes help me to improve my technical writing skills. For example my letter to the editor of IEEE Spectrum helped me to appreciate the history of the Soviet Union’s forays into space and also encouraged me to do more research. Doing research is pivotal to the development of technical communication skills and for zeroing on the audience.

  16. NawiesniakP

    TO: Jason Ellis
    FROM: Paulina Nawieśniak
    DATE: November 14th 2017
    SUBJECT: Article Reflection

    This memo will be address to article “Let’s Go Completely Nuts!” by Sally Wadyka in the magazine Dr. Oz The Good Life. This article will show the similarities that were discussed by me in my previous writings.

    This article is referring to good dieting and in particular to eating nuts, because they have a lot of good nutritional benefits. It explains the nutritional facts, gives very valuable information on nuts and throws in a few recipes on how to cook and prepare different type of nuts which some are, roasted curried chickpeas and almonds or chocolate espresso clusters. This article also gives a very detailed facts on nine different type of nuts that are the most popular among buyers. Author also mentions the great benefits that go along with adding nuts in to our diet. One of the most important benefits that will appear is anti-aging factor that nuts can provide our bodies with, and other very interesting facts.

    This article is similar to all of the other articles that I previously had a chance to write about. They all talk about similar themes which three most important ones are: health, body and mind. All of the articles I choose in the past share those three similar themes, which I am interested in. I could reflect and research on more of this kind of health related themes, by using scholarly articles or academic journals, that way I could get even more information in relevance. Some of the articles that are very much the same to the one I have read for today is mind and body. All of them have to do something in relation to health. Keeping a healthy diet and maintaining balance in our lives is one very important aspect that I learned from the articles I have read.

    Wadyka, S. (2017, November 1). Let’s go completely nuts. Dr. Oz the Good Life, 58-61.


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