Beginning of Class Writing: 140-Character Summary and Citation

Today’s beginning of class writing will be very brief, because we want to spend more time on your research project. Your response for this writing assignment includes two parts.

First, write a summary of the article that you read that is only 140 characters long. How will you do this? Twitter, until recently, limited posts or “tweets” to 140 characters. This limitation actually opens new opportunities for how you think and write. Instead of being too verbose, you have to focus what you say with a laser-like intensity. Use this online tool to write your summary.

Second, write an APA bibliographic entry for the article that you read for today’s class. Your APA bibliographic entry does not have a character count. It may be as long as necessary.

Third, copy-and-paste your 140-character summary and APA bibliographic entry into a *single* comment (your one comment will include your summary and citation) made in response to this blog post to receive credit for your work.

18 thoughts on “Beginning of Class Writing: 140-Character Summary and Citation

  1. Nikka

    New app alerts users of nearby police activity to catch it on video, but Roye found crimes are often over too fast.

    Roye, R. (2017, October). The New Citizen Journalists. Popular Mechanics, 38.

  2. G James Mitchell

    Rockwood’s “Ready 2 Rally Troops” provides 5 methods addressing a trending slump in morale, startups have 3 yrs in.

    Rockwood, Kate (09/2017). “Ready to Rally the Troops”. Inc. Magazine, 206.

  3. Jen Travinski

    Gendreau says that to market to Gen Z kids, appeal to their curated identities by using social media to allow them to also curate purchases.

    Gendreau, H. (2017, September). Kids these days: it’s time to stereotype a new generation. Wired, 26.

  4. NawiesniakP

    Sara addresses how people should workout out in order to see the strengths and progress that goes along with it.

    Angle, Sara (2017, July/August). Now about those other workouts. Shape Magazine, 100.

  5. Artilese

    Fields of Vision is an article about a Swedish estate known as WANAS which has become a destination for cultural travelers.

    Williams, G. (2017, Septemeber). Fields of Vision. TRAVEL+LEISURE, pp. 102-109.

    Gisela Williams describes WANAS, a Swedish estate known for its unique artistic twist using nature as a “coterie out of Alice in Wonderland”. She describes WANAS as a magical place for all, from single travelers to couples and even family. Gisela visited WANAS with her three children and was surprised by their reactions, “Cool!” yelled her eldest as they shimmied and spun around the hypnotizing beats seemingly piped in from the top of the trees”. Local artist Henrick Plenge Jakobsen added his creativity by dying the local sheep’s purple. This wonderland has added Restaurants and lodging accommodations as tourists are beginning to flood in.

  6. Donovan Valle

    Thompson argues that smartphones will force content creators to shift the aspect ratio of their media moving forward.

    Thompson, C. , (2017, September). Vertical reality – phones have tilted our worldview. Wired USA, 40

  7. creunis

    “An introduction to type” by Andrea Wenger gives a synopsis of different personality typing systems .

    Wenger, A. (2017, February). An Introduction To Type. Intercom, 64(2), 6

  8. Ronald Hinds

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis

    FROM: Ronald C. Hinds

    DATE: October 24, 2017

    SUBJECT: Editing for Plain Language

    Understand the needs of, and focus on the the audience, in plain concise language. Emphasize your message and use the active voice.


    Gillenwater, J. (2017, July/August). How complex is editing for plain language. Intercom, 64(6), 11-13.

  9. Preston I.

    The article talks on the importance of Half Life 2 and its impact. The ability to innovate an already thriving genre proves its importance.

    Clark, T. (2017). Half life 2: looking back at pc gaming’s best fps. PC GAMER, December 2017, 44-54

  10. Christian B.

    Josh Jacquot provides details about the glory and the fall of the Dodge Viper SRT to be the best street legal car.

    Jacquot, J. (2017, November). Terror Inducer and Racetrack Annihilator, RIP. Car and Driver, 63, 26-27

  11. Arnold

    Ben Affleck isn’t straying from the recovery of his alcohol abuse as girlfriend Lindsay Shookus is aiding him in his sobriety and happiness.

    Archer, V. (2017, October 23). All shookus up! New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, 14-15.

  12. Howard Daley

    Property managers can be fraud-ed.So checks and balances are put into effect .Insurance pays the courts enforce the laws

    Iannucci, L. (2017, October). Forensic Audit following the Money. The Cooperator New York, Vol. 37, No. 10. pp. 26, 36.

  13. Tunde O

    Keeping the blood glucose under control is the best way to prevent kidney disease which can automatically lead to diabetes disease.

    S. Arevalo, A. H. McAluliffe-Forgarty, CPsychol, (2017, Fall). 10 Ways to outsmart Diabetes. Diabetic Living, Vol.14. (No.3) p.29-31.

  14. leslie

    Emily Sohn discusses the possible breakthrough achievements that blood testing will have in the near future through the usage of new technological advances. It’s very possible that there will be blood based diagnosis of brain injuries, infections and cancers in the near future. Blood tests are becoming more comprehensive and more accurate, all the same, there is too much data emerging from these tests. The blood tests expose dense information of future developments of diseases in healthy people. There is a link between our immune system and the possibilities of blood testing. Also, the Tau protein is being focused on because it is found in high levels during brain injuries . This same protein is linked to Alzheimer disease and type 2 diabetes. Ultimately, this can help us find a diagnostic marker for Alzheimer disease.

    Sohn, E.( 2018, September 28). Frontiers in blood testing. nature, 549(7673), S16-S18


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