Beginning of Class Writing: Paraphrasing and Quoting Exercise

During the first part of today’s class, let’s take part in an exercise meant to help you better understand paraphrasing and quoting.

In a comment made to this blog post, write these three things:

  1. An APA citation for the article that you read for today’s class. It’s been awhile since our last class, so I hope that you read a very interesting article to use.
  2. Choose one paragraph in the article that’s about something interesting. It could be a paragraph about something that the article taught you about. It could be a paragraph defining something. It could be a paragraph that describes a person, place, or thing in detail. The idea is to choose a paragraph with substance to it. After you’ve found it, read it again several times. I mean it. Read it carefully. Load its knowledge into your mind. Then, close your magazine. Put it away for the time being. Next, write a sentence that summarizes in your own words the paragraph that you picked. Now, open the magazine again so that you can write an in-text citation at the end of your paraphrase. You already have the author’s last name and date in your APA citation. You need to find the page number in your magazine that the paragraph appears on. With that information, you can add the in-text citation at the end of your sentence like this example from the Purdue OWL website: APA style is a difficult citation format for first-time learners (Jones, 1998, p. 199).
  3. Now, find a sentence in another paragraph that contains a nugget of information. This means a sentence that tells us something or explains something or defines something. Use all or part of this sentence to create a sentence contained a direct quotation or quote from the article. When you quote something from a source, you should never place a quote in your writing separate from what you have to say. Instead, you should incorporate your quote into your writing. For example: Hugo Gernsback defines his term “scientifiction” as “a charming romance intermingled with scientific fact and prophetic vision” (1926, p. 3). Before it was called science fiction, “scientifiction” was defined as “a charming romance intermingled with scientific fact and prophetic vision” (Gernsback, 1926, p. 3). While some readers might like their science fiction to be “a charming romance intermingled with scientific fact and prophetic vision” (Gernsback, 1926, p.3), I prefer SF to be more focused on the science than the characters.

After you’ve completed these three things, copy and paste them into a single comment made to this blog post. If you have questions as you are working, remember to ask questions, because these skills will help you as your get further in your reports.

14 thoughts on “Beginning of Class Writing: Paraphrasing and Quoting Exercise

  1. Nikka

    Iansiti, M. & Lakani, K. (2017, September/October). Managing our hub economy. Harvard Business Review, 95(5), 85-92.

    Digital networks increase in value the more connections they contain, so as our lives fill with more technology with wireless connectivity, networks that can coordinate the most devices are the most valuable. (Iansiti & Lakani, 2017, p. 87)

    An article in Harvard Business Review speculates that “health care, industrial products, and agriculture are three contenders” (Iansiti & Lakani, 2017, p. 88) for the next sectors that might see the rise of hub-based economies.

  2. NawiesniakP

    Abbasi, J. (2017, November 1). Find a dose of calm. Dr. Oz the Good Life, 22-25.

    In today’s society we tend to look at the news and see a lot of horrible things that are happening around us, research shows that people who tend to watch news a lot may develop anxiety; even if they aren’t a part of the breaking news story, like Boston Marathon. ( Abbasi, 2017, p. 24)

    Dr. Oz advises his reader to, “prioritize things that bring you a sense of calm and thankfulness” in order to keep calm and stress-free life. (Abbasi, 2017, p. 24)

  3. Jen Travinski

    Ray, J. (2017, November). Too many ingredients. Wired, 62.

    While meal kits are becoming increasingly popular and their all-in-one contents are of high quality to make great meals, they also come with environmentally unfriendly packaging, such as ice packs and plastic pouches, which can contribute to already packed landfills (Ray, 2017, p. 62).

    To try and correct this packaging waste issue, Ray notes, “National chains such as Kroger and (surprise!) Whole Foods have test-marketed kits that you can pick up in a ready-to-go bag that requires less packaging” (2017, p.62).

  4. Preston I.

    Wallace, K. (2017). The man behind the mask. Game Informer, Dec. 2017 Issue, 26-27.

    In this interview with Yoko Taro he discusses how there’s much thought for how the endings of his games are created, ultimately wanting the gamer to use their own imagination once they reach the game’s definitive end. (Wallace, 2017, p. 27)

    Yoko Taro thinks that death is a topic very intertwined with the concept of gaming itself, “Death is kind of inherent in games” (Wallace, 2017, p. 27). Death is usually a means to progress in games, “Usually that’s by killing your enemies, so in playing and creating games, it’s something you have to think about because it is integral to a lot of titles.” (Wallace, 2017, p. 27), therefore he tries to use this subject matter to bring certain thoughts to surface from the consumer.

  5. Christian B.

    Gall, J. ( 2017, November) Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Car and Driver Vol. 63 (5),100-104

    Even though Jeep has increased the weight of the new Grand Cherokee TrackHawk it is still averaging a high amount of horsepower. The weight is from the reinforcement and improvement of the drivetrain components.(Gall, 2017, p. 102)

    According to Jared Gall “ launch control” is described as a “system” that “cuts fuel to individual cylinders, allowing the engine to rev higher” (Gall, 2017, p. 103) this could ultimately help maintain control of a car with 500+ horsepower during a race or daily driving.

  6. Ronald Hinds

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis

    FROM: Ronald C. Hinds

    DATE: November 28, 2017

    SUBJECT: Paraphrasing and Quoting


    Anderson, Mark (2017, November 17). Albert Einstein-refrigerator technician? IEEE Spectrum, 54(11), 19. .

    This memo is to demonstrate my skills at paraphrasing and quoting from a source article.

    Albert Einstein had a propensity, as a human being, to understand mankind’s plight and to be sympathetic in solving solutions (Anderson, 2017, p. 19).

    While dealing with one of Einstein’s many inventions, Mark Anderson describes “light striking a photoelectric cell” as having the potential to “produce a current proportional to the intensity of light” (2017, p. 19).

  7. Donovan Valle

    Rubin, P. (2017, December). Reenter the matrix; provocations of a virtual reality juggernaut. Wired, 21-22

    Lanier explains the core difference between VR and AR, with VR being more of exploration into the human body, while AR is more focused on exploring the outside world. (Rubin, 2017, p. 22)

    According to Lanier, the huge technological hurdle that Virtual Reality still has to cross is to allow its users to “improvise while in VR” (Rubin, 2017, p. 22). Furthermore, he likens this ability to that of playing “a musical instrument, but you’re playing reality…” (Rubin, 2017, p. 22) When asked if he believes VR could ever get to this advanced stage, Lanier says “It’s a hard thing to do. It might turn out that it’s never done. But I think people will figure it out” (Rubin, 2017, p. 22). If Lanier’s idea of improvising on reality ever comes to fruition, we might be seeing the Matrix films come to life.

  8. G James Mitchell

    Fried, Jason (Sept. 2017). Diversity is Not an Accident. Inc. Magazine, 206

    Our customer service team was the first to make progress in diversity. The dynamic group’s wealth of contrasting approaches created a trend among other teams. (Fried, 2017).

    “Our customer service group was the first in the company to take this on. As their team evolved, it felt better to work among(sic) people of different ethnicities and backgrounds, and who had had different life experiences. It became infectious.” (Fried, 2017)

    When aiming to attract diversity to your business it is important to pay attention to the language of a job ad. According to Fried, “there are certain terms that skew male, and we now tell people who see themselves in these terms not to apply…” (2017).

    In order to improve the attraction of diverse candidates through job ads, Fried suggests multiple people contribute, such as on his team where, “the ad is reviewed by Ann and a few others, who can adjust language that might turn off particular groups of people.” (2017)

  9. s.powell

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: Shanna Powell
    Re: Paraphrasing and Quoting Exercise

    Horwitz, Sari (2017, November 22). Tens of thousands with outstanding warrants purged from background check database for gun purchases.
    The Washington Post. Retrieved from

    Until further notice, on February 15th; 500,000 names have been removed from the Criminal Justice Information Services Division database, which prohibits fugitives from buying guns. (Horwitz, p. 1)

    “Even if the FBI’s revised definition of fugitive from justice is assumed to be legally correct, purging the NICS database of every single individual previously identified as a fugitive from justice was an unjustifiable, alarmingly overboard, and dangerous decision” (Horwitz, p.2)

  10. zina

    Creating a clean air zone (2017, May). Facilities Management Journal, (25/5), 14.

    There are different reasons for poor indoor air quality, and the out dated or unmaintained ventilation system is one of the most common reasons that cause it. (Crunden, 2017, p.14).

    Nigel Crunden presented ways in which facility managers can improve occupants breathing space “ to indoor air quality, the first steps that FMs should take are preventive ones, which involve good ventilation design and building maintenance”(Crunden, 2017, p.14). This is one of most effective solutions that I would prefer to use as a facility management.

  11. Mei,Huakang

    ebowitz, S. (2017, November 27). 11 Easy Ways to Become Instantly More Successful at Work. Retrieved November 28, 2017, from

    One of the way to become successful at work is to find yourself a mentor because having a mentor you can exchange knowledge and advice to keep on track in what you want to do. (ebowitz, S. 2017)

    The author inform the reader, “there are steps you can take immediately to get closer to your goals.” (ebowitz, S. 2017) If you have no idea how to become successful you should check out this article and learn some tips.

  12. Howard Daley

    Penny, J. (2017, October.). Best Practice for Heating and Cooling. Buildings, p. 10.

    Results from two separate surveys done in California Berkeley, serves to increase in the efficient operation of HVAC systems that operate mainly in the Commercial environment.The goal been to attain a high rating in the Energy use Intensity (EIU). It was confirmed that though the HVAC system yield some potential savings, it remains the single most contributor of energy use. It was agreed that this was the area needing study and innovation as far as control is concerned.

    The use of radiant heating/cooling in the commercial property where cost savings and sustainability is important. As was pointed out in Buildings Magazine “Radiant Heating and Cooling, an energy- efficient technology popular for net zero energy buildings, is starting to gain acceptance for a wider population of commercial facilities” (Penny, 2017, p.10).

  13. creunis

    “Beginning of Class Writing: Paraphrasing and Quoting Exercise”

    Divergent thinking give the opportunity to explore possibilities .Allowing a person to choose the best solution from a variety of ideas . Rather than simply choosing the one that will “solve” the problem faster . A faster solution isn’t always the correct solution . (Lauren, 2011, P.15)

    Convergent is defined as “Convergent thinking, or seeking a single correct answer for a problem while setting aside other potential solutions”.(Lauren, 2011, P.14)

    Lauren, B. (2011, October). Thinking Through Media Labs. INTERCOM, 58(8), 14-15. Retrieved November 28, 2017, from

  14. Arnold

    Sharpe, J. (2017, Nov. & dec.). The explosive guy fawkes. National Geographic History, 3(5), 64-75.

    Many English Catholics were outraged by the 1559 settlement created by Queen Elizabeth I who attempted to create a uniformity in religion by banning all Catholic practices, be it worship or readings, in a period where it was generally accepted throughout Europe for subjects to follow the Christianity of their states (Sharpe, 2017, pp. 68-69).

    Robert Catesby, ringleader of what is now known as the Gunpowder, died escaping the King’s forces. His death “spared him” from “grisly punishments” that were meant for traitors (Sharpe, 2017, pp. 75). His death, however, left historians without “his version of how the conspiracy unfolded” as well as “how the idea of blowing up Parliament came to him, as well as the way in which he recruited his team of conspirators,” which included the famous explosives expert Guy Fawkes (Sharpe, 2017, pp. 75).


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