Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineering and a Career in Computer Engineering by Christian Ross

Welcome. My name is Christian Ross, and I am a freshman at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). My choice of major is Computer Engineering. Reason why I know this major is for me is because, ever since I was first introduced to a computer when I was younger in elementary school, I’ve always loved spending time on them and figuring out how they work and function and what really a computer consists of. Computer Engineering is the best career for me because of the work you get to do and the pay you receive is great. Becoming an engineer takes dedication and I have dedication for this major. With the skills that I will acquire such as coding, I will have the ability to go anywhere I want. I will give a descriptive background on the path and future of pursuing this major and where will the skills I acquire lead me to. You’re going to see the wonderful paths that this major will lead me to, why I’m pursuing it, and hopefully crosses your mind.

According to the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) College Course Catalog 2014-2015, the Computer Engineering Technology program, “the courses in the baccalaureate program build upon the knowledge gained at the AAS level, with an emphasis on computers, computer-controlled systems and networking. More emphasis is placed upon independent thinking and analysis. In addition to advanced coverage of computers and electronics the curriculum includes programming and advanced mathematics. (City Tech 220)” By studying in this major, a wide field of technical electives including topics from computer engineering technology, electrical and telecommunications engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, computer programming and design, gives me the ability and opportunity to further pursue my choice of own area of interest. “Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make computers, faster, smaller, and more capable (Virginia Tech 2).” Based on this sentence, computer engineers work with their hands which is very fun to do, you feel like you’re creating a whole brand new awesome product just with your own two hands. Their job all around is to make computers and the performance more developed with better specs and performance while still making them more lighter, easier to carry around and transport, which is just great for the consumers that love to travel to place for vacation to other parts of the world and love being on their computers.

In order to further expand the reasoning and field of study of my major in Computer Engineering, I will demonstrate to you the three reasons that I have that best show the evidence of why I chose these options. The first reason why I chose to become a computer engineer is due to the fact that I love computers and what they can offer to you. Computers are the future! Ever since I was younger and was first introduced to computers in elementary school, I’ve completely fell in love and become hooked to them. I personally believe that with using computers from a young age as soon as possible, it will help your skills in the future, for example, using software programs and learning them to develop videos, art, using programs such as Microsoft word that improve your writing and reading skills, the future is in computers. According to an article in the New York Times, “With the right software and the right and the right guidance, personal computers can also be a marvelous tool for regular student, Mr. Colligan noted, especially for writing. A computer and word processing software can allow a student to revise his or her work without the penalty of laboriously retyping every word each time a better thought comes to mind. Despite the abundance of inferior educational software on the market, there are nonetheless some truly outstanding programs that can improve a child’s skills in math, science and other academic areas. We’ll try to identify the best of them in this column from time to time.” As you can see, computers are not only used for entertaining purposes they also improve your skills in many areas working with specific popular used websites and programs that teaches you skills, that you can apply to your future careers.

The second reason I decided to pursue a career in my choice of computer engineering is because, the salary for this career choice is actually really great. Reason being, is because there’s such a high demand for computer engineers and not many people are a part of it. I love working with computers and I love the salary, so the pay for engineers tops it all off. As stated by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean annual wage for a computer engineer is approximately $106,930. The hourly wage for computer engineers is $50.12. That’s exactly around the amount of what 50% of computer engineers make hourly, which is quite outstanding if you compare this salary to many other careers and professions, which I’m quite excited about.

The third reason that convinces me to become a computer engineer is due to the fact that, “strong demand appears to exist for entry-level workers as well.” Becoming a computer engineer or related to it as other areas within the field, such as computer programming and design or electrical anything associated with these types of work can be pretty tough. You will be constantly thinking of your work all day and always improving on what ways you can come up with to better your work for the next time through testing and testing nonstop. Many people start but don’t go through it and switch to other things to do, which is why the pay is great and the inventions that you can come up with and collaborate your own ideas to make the next big thing in the world can be a possibility and the best accomplishment ever if you set your mind to it.

Taking these classes at New York City College of Technology help me learn more of the required information and hands on experience that I should experience before I go into my career of choice in the near future. As of now I am in a Technical Drawing class, which is required for engineers it’s the way you communicate and draw like an engineer. I’m also in an Electrical engineer class where you get to use your hands to create things and use special important tools to develop important projects which will serve me good in the future. To top off all my reasoning on why becoming a computer engineer is a great major I did an interview with Jodi Ann Young, a college laboratory technician at City Tech. I then asked her, why she chose this major, she replied that “I was interested in electronics and computer science and how things work together”. The next question I asked was, how somebody can benefit from this, she replied “you can go multiple different routes with this degree, become a programmer, technician do a little bit of both, or go into the engineering route.” The reason why I find this major interesting is because, you can decide what you want to become, with the skills and knowledge you acquire you can go to many different locations and not just stay at one place all the time unless you choose to. You will get to work with many other people that major in the similar type of work you did.



In conclusion, the career path that’s best suitable for me is computer engineering. This field has many types of interesting and awesome career paths associated with and you can eventually end up developing a whole new invention that will be the next big thing and every one will love. What you will need is innovation, creativity, design and be imaginative. I’m interested in working with computers and making the next best ultimate computer just as I am with developing or coding for new popular games or coming up with a whole new product, so if you’re creative love using your imagination and most importantly computers, then this is the correct major for you.


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