Exploring John Jay’s Criminal Justice Management at John Jay and a Career in Criminal Justice by Elvin Shikder

My name is Elvin and I am a freshmen at New York City College Of Technology. My
current major is architecture but however, hopefully benefit semester I will be transferring to
John Jay to major in criminal justice management. This is the best career for me because I
believe I can adjust and blend well into field, not only because I like learning about enforcing the
law also because I have a passion for criminal justice and I love the action and studies. I have
past experience because my father works for the FBI and thus I’ve been experiencing the studies
since I could remember. I learn something new about the job everyday. In this essay I will show
you why my passion for my major and how it is important to me and my life, also how I am
developing this for my future.

Pursing a Criminal Justice Management Major in the federal field of studies is about law
and it’s practices. Pursing a job in the federal field by majoring in criminal justice management,
is useful to facts about law, criminal justice, paralegal studies , etc. The 2014-2015 John Jay
college of criminal justice, “Criminal Justice Management major focuses on the development of
leadership, supervision and analytic skills of students who aspire to executive positions in criminal justice agencies. (John Jay pg1.) Majoring in Criminal justice management will help me
get into the federal bureau by ranking top with my expertise and knowledge thought the studies
in my. Knowing how to manage in the criminal justice field is a huge gain because
knowing how to do so takes brains, time, knowledge, and experience which i can gain from
internships through my major.

Thus pursing a job in the criminal justice field is a bit of time and knowledge consuming
but it is worth it. One of the reason s why i am pursing this career field is because of the high
pay and benefits this job offers. To better understand my career choice as a criminal justice
management major pursing a federal position, I will talk about the job’s pay and benefits of the
job. According to the Bureau of labor statistics “A freshly graduated Special Agent’s salary begins at approximate $43,000 per year but this salary can increase to anywhere between
$63,000 and $69,000 depending on locality pay and availability pay adjustments.” (BLS). In
addition to the salary the benefits include, “ Paid vacations ranging from 14 to 26 days a year, up
to 13 days of sick leave per year, 15 days of military leave and 10 holidays. The agency offers
several health plans for investigators and their families, with part of the costs carried by the
government. A Flexible Spending Account program allows employees to set aside up to $5,000 a
year tax-free for medical spending.” (BLS). Even though the job can be dangerous, it is very
exciting and beneficial and rewarding.

Some of the other reasons being on why to i want to join this field of study is because of
the action that takes place in the job. I’m a guy who is full of action and drama. I always have to
be doing something, i cant sit behind a desk all day with a pencil, I’m out in the field always
using strategic thinking putting them in action. I can’t find a better occupation to do so instead of
this field in the FBI or some sort of government team. In the New York Times, there always
action and some new news about the FBI or CIA. For ex, “Boston Bombings Suspect’s Friend
Convicted of Lying to F.B.I.” (New York Times). The bombing of the Boston marathon was a big
event for the FBI and they were all over it and they got the guy and the ones held responsible within no time.

Thus being an agent in this field is very important to me and excited because i believe i
was born to do this but it took me a while to figure it out. For years i wanted to be an architect
because thats what my father wanted me to be. However the respect one earns from the public is
a crucial part to me in this career. Later on as i got older i realized he didn’t want me to join the
Bureau because he knows how dangerous it can be, but i believe i was born to do that and i have
a passion for it just like he does. Cops get well respected in the public and federal agents get
twice the respect because of the position they are in. Walking down New York City streets with
respect and responsibilities of the citizens is one i am willing to take. Many cops, or majority of
the cops have lost respect from the public because of there actions but i can assure that i will be
the responsible authority and model for the public For example in this article by the New York
Times (NY Times), “The opposite of respect: Mayor’s empty words on cops” talk about how the
respect of cops has declined because of their action and will power.

Throughout my study in this career field I have learned a lot from sources and
experience, but now I have interviewed one who has first hand knowledge and experience in the
career. Interviewing this one individual has helped me gain more knowledge in the career field
and give me more reasons to pursue my study onto becoming an agent.

Pursing a Criminal Justice Management Major in the federal field of studies is about law
and it’s practices. Pursing a job in the federal field by majoring in criminal justice management,
Is useful to facts about law, criminal justice, paralegal studies , etc. After all my research and
facts learned about the career it has bought to my attention onto the amount to physical and
mental preparation i will be needing and I’m ready for it. Yes, it can be dangerous and
challenging but I believe I will fit in well to my surroundings and learn quickly. This occupation
is the best fitted for me but there are many other careers similar to this, such as an attorney, CIA,
Homeland, Etc.


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