Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineering and a Career in Computer Engineering by Christian Ross

Welcome. My name is Christian Ross, and I am a freshman at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). My choice of major is Computer Engineering. Reason why I know this major is for me is because, ever since I was first introduced to a computer when I was younger in elementary school, I’ve always loved spending time on them and figuring out how they work and function and what really a computer consists of. Computer Engineering is the best career for me because of the work you get to do and the pay you receive is great. Becoming an engineer takes dedication and I have dedication for this major. With the skills that I will acquire such as coding, I will have the ability to go anywhere I want. I will give a descriptive background on the path and future of pursuing this major and where will the skills I acquire lead me to. You’re going to see the wonderful paths that this major will lead me to, why I’m pursuing it, and hopefully crosses your mind.

According to the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) College Course Catalog 2014-2015, the Computer Engineering Technology program, “the courses in the baccalaureate program build upon the knowledge gained at the AAS level, with an emphasis on computers, computer-controlled systems and networking. More emphasis is placed upon independent thinking and analysis. In addition to advanced coverage of computers and electronics the curriculum includes programming and advanced mathematics. (City Tech 220)” By studying in this major, a wide field of technical electives including topics from computer engineering technology, electrical and telecommunications engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, computer programming and design, gives me the ability and opportunity to further pursue my choice of own area of interest. “Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to transfer data, and develop ways to make computers, faster, smaller, and more capable (Virginia Tech 2).” Based on this sentence, computer engineers work with their hands which is very fun to do, you feel like you’re creating a whole brand new awesome product just with your own two hands. Their job all around is to make computers and the performance more developed with better specs and performance while still making them more lighter, easier to carry around and transport, which is just great for the consumers that love to travel to place for vacation to other parts of the world and love being on their computers.

In order to further expand the reasoning and field of study of my major in Computer Engineering, I will demonstrate to you the three reasons that I have that best show the evidence of why I chose these options. The first reason why I chose to become a computer engineer is due to the fact that I love computers and what they can offer to you. Computers are the future! Ever since I was younger and was first introduced to computers in elementary school, I’ve completely fell in love and become hooked to them. I personally believe that with using computers from a young age as soon as possible, it will help your skills in the future, for example, using software programs and learning them to develop videos, art, using programs such as Microsoft word that improve your writing and reading skills, the future is in computers. According to an article in the New York Times, “With the right software and the right and the right guidance, personal computers can also be a marvelous tool for regular student, Mr. Colligan noted, especially for writing. A computer and word processing software can allow a student to revise his or her work without the penalty of laboriously retyping every word each time a better thought comes to mind. Despite the abundance of inferior educational software on the market, there are nonetheless some truly outstanding programs that can improve a child’s skills in math, science and other academic areas. We’ll try to identify the best of them in this column from time to time.” As you can see, computers are not only used for entertaining purposes they also improve your skills in many areas working with specific popular used websites and programs that teaches you skills, that you can apply to your future careers.

The second reason I decided to pursue a career in my choice of computer engineering is because, the salary for this career choice is actually really great. Reason being, is because there’s such a high demand for computer engineers and not many people are a part of it. I love working with computers and I love the salary, so the pay for engineers tops it all off. As stated by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean annual wage for a computer engineer is approximately $106,930. The hourly wage for computer engineers is $50.12. That’s exactly around the amount of what 50% of computer engineers make hourly, which is quite outstanding if you compare this salary to many other careers and professions, which I’m quite excited about.

The third reason that convinces me to become a computer engineer is due to the fact that, “strong demand appears to exist for entry-level workers as well.” Becoming a computer engineer or related to it as other areas within the field, such as computer programming and design or electrical anything associated with these types of work can be pretty tough. You will be constantly thinking of your work all day and always improving on what ways you can come up with to better your work for the next time through testing and testing nonstop. Many people start but don’t go through it and switch to other things to do, which is why the pay is great and the inventions that you can come up with and collaborate your own ideas to make the next big thing in the world can be a possibility and the best accomplishment ever if you set your mind to it.

Taking these classes at New York City College of Technology help me learn more of the required information and hands on experience that I should experience before I go into my career of choice in the near future. As of now I am in a Technical Drawing class, which is required for engineers it’s the way you communicate and draw like an engineer. I’m also in an Electrical engineer class where you get to use your hands to create things and use special important tools to develop important projects which will serve me good in the future. To top off all my reasoning on why becoming a computer engineer is a great major I did an interview with Jodi Ann Young, a college laboratory technician at City Tech. I then asked her, why she chose this major, she replied that “I was interested in electronics and computer science and how things work together”. The next question I asked was, how somebody can benefit from this, she replied “you can go multiple different routes with this degree, become a programmer, technician do a little bit of both, or go into the engineering route.” The reason why I find this major interesting is because, you can decide what you want to become, with the skills and knowledge you acquire you can go to many different locations and not just stay at one place all the time unless you choose to. You will get to work with many other people that major in the similar type of work you did.



In conclusion, the career path that’s best suitable for me is computer engineering. This field has many types of interesting and awesome career paths associated with and you can eventually end up developing a whole new invention that will be the next big thing and every one will love. What you will need is innovation, creativity, design and be imaginative. I’m interested in working with computers and making the next best ultimate computer just as I am with developing or coding for new popular games or coming up with a whole new product, so if you’re creative love using your imagination and most importantly computers, then this is the correct major for you.


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Exploring John Jay’s Criminal Justice Management at John Jay and a Career in Criminal Justice by Elvin Shikder

My name is Elvin and I am a freshmen at New York City College Of Technology. My
current major is architecture but however, hopefully benefit semester I will be transferring to
John Jay to major in criminal justice management. This is the best career for me because I
believe I can adjust and blend well into field, not only because I like learning about enforcing the
law also because I have a passion for criminal justice and I love the action and studies. I have
past experience because my father works for the FBI and thus I’ve been experiencing the studies
since I could remember. I learn something new about the job everyday. In this essay I will show
you why my passion for my major and how it is important to me and my life, also how I am
developing this for my future.

Pursing a Criminal Justice Management Major in the federal field of studies is about law
and it’s practices. Pursing a job in the federal field by majoring in criminal justice management,
is useful to facts about law, criminal justice, paralegal studies , etc. The 2014-2015 John Jay
college of criminal justice, “Criminal Justice Management major focuses on the development of
leadership, supervision and analytic skills of students who aspire to executive positions in criminal justice agencies. (John Jay pg1.) Majoring in Criminal justice management will help me
get into the federal bureau by ranking top with my expertise and knowledge thought the studies
in my. Knowing how to manage in the criminal justice field is a huge gain because
knowing how to do so takes brains, time, knowledge, and experience which i can gain from
internships through my major.

Thus pursing a job in the criminal justice field is a bit of time and knowledge consuming
but it is worth it. One of the reason s why i am pursing this career field is because of the high
pay and benefits this job offers. To better understand my career choice as a criminal justice
management major pursing a federal position, I will talk about the job’s pay and benefits of the
job. According to the Bureau of labor statistics “A freshly graduated Special Agent’s salary begins at approximate $43,000 per year but this salary can increase to anywhere between
$63,000 and $69,000 depending on locality pay and availability pay adjustments.” (BLS). In
addition to the salary the benefits include, “ Paid vacations ranging from 14 to 26 days a year, up
to 13 days of sick leave per year, 15 days of military leave and 10 holidays. The agency offers
several health plans for investigators and their families, with part of the costs carried by the
government. A Flexible Spending Account program allows employees to set aside up to $5,000 a
year tax-free for medical spending.” (BLS). Even though the job can be dangerous, it is very
exciting and beneficial and rewarding.

Some of the other reasons being on why to i want to join this field of study is because of
the action that takes place in the job. I’m a guy who is full of action and drama. I always have to
be doing something, i cant sit behind a desk all day with a pencil, I’m out in the field always
using strategic thinking putting them in action. I can’t find a better occupation to do so instead of
this field in the FBI or some sort of government team. In the New York Times, there always
action and some new news about the FBI or CIA. For ex, “Boston Bombings Suspect’s Friend
Convicted of Lying to F.B.I.” (New York Times). The bombing of the Boston marathon was a big
event for the FBI and they were all over it and they got the guy and the ones held responsible within no time.

Thus being an agent in this field is very important to me and excited because i believe i
was born to do this but it took me a while to figure it out. For years i wanted to be an architect
because thats what my father wanted me to be. However the respect one earns from the public is
a crucial part to me in this career. Later on as i got older i realized he didn’t want me to join the
Bureau because he knows how dangerous it can be, but i believe i was born to do that and i have
a passion for it just like he does. Cops get well respected in the public and federal agents get
twice the respect because of the position they are in. Walking down New York City streets with
respect and responsibilities of the citizens is one i am willing to take. Many cops, or majority of
the cops have lost respect from the public because of there actions but i can assure that i will be
the responsible authority and model for the public For example in this article by the New York
Times (NY Times), “The opposite of respect: Mayor’s empty words on cops” talk about how the
respect of cops has declined because of their action and will power.

Throughout my study in this career field I have learned a lot from sources and
experience, but now I have interviewed one who has first hand knowledge and experience in the
career. Interviewing this one individual has helped me gain more knowledge in the career field
and give me more reasons to pursue my study onto becoming an agent.

Pursing a Criminal Justice Management Major in the federal field of studies is about law
and it’s practices. Pursing a job in the federal field by majoring in criminal justice management,
Is useful to facts about law, criminal justice, paralegal studies , etc. After all my research and
facts learned about the career it has bought to my attention onto the amount to physical and
mental preparation i will be needing and I’m ready for it. Yes, it can be dangerous and
challenging but I believe I will fit in well to my surroundings and learn quickly. This occupation
is the best fitted for me but there are many other careers similar to this, such as an attorney, CIA,
Homeland, Etc.


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criminal minds photo

Nypd on horse

Exploring City Tech’s Commucation Design at City Tech and a Career in Graphic Arts by Karen Rodriguez

Karen Rodriguez

ENG 1101

Project 2: Using Your Brain

Thinking back to my childhood, when we were always ask what we wanted to be when we grew up  I always stood frozen and never  knew what to answer. Having so many different interests, I could never pin it down to one specific career. However, attending City Tech put a stop to that. As oppose to being in elementary school, in college there is a vast number of different majors to choose from in order to find the right career for you.  And, I manage to get a hold of the perfect major for me, which is Communication Design. This would be the best major for me as it provides me with the creativity, variety in work, and flexible schedule. Another major role in my choosing of this major it’s that  it combines a lot of my interesting into one. Through this essay I will first give a background of the job and explore the different career choices it could ultimately lead me too. Ultimately,  proving the reason behind this being the best major for me and perhaps you.

To get a better understanding of how earning a major in Communication Design will help me get a career as advertising art director , I will explore the major in depth and how it will help me get the job I desire. The course catalog of  New York City of Technology stated that, “[I’m] offered a broad range of foundation courses… to advance into the advertising design profession.” Through this major I will be able to gain a wide range of helpful skills that are of importance to the advertising field. By earning a degree in Communication Design, I will graduate with a strong resume that will allow me to further advance in the field. According to Megg, Philip B, a professor and author of books of graphic design. famous graphics designers, “spent… years freelancing for advertising agencies and corporation, even painting logos…[these] activities evolved into a design studio.” With this said it can be concluded that in order to advance into the field, one has to gain experience.

Now that I’ve provided you with the necessary background  knowledge concerning my major and career choice in the Communication Design field, I will introduce one of the reason for which I’m best suited for this field. One of the reasons I choose this job is it provides me with flexibility. With the broad graphic design field, you can find something that fits what you like. For example, a recognized graphic designer, David Carson, achieved a job magazine, “covering travel, fashion, music, and social life along with beach activities and surfing.” As someone who has an interest in surfing, he was able to get a job that fits his needs. This is just one the many routes one can take within this field.  As I have a lot of different interests, it is amazing that I can find a career where I can combine all of them. According to Tim Girvin, he argues that, “the basic ability to express oneself and be a good listener are the two… most powerful tools for a [graphic] designer.”Thus, the ability to be able to use your creativity to do the job plays a vital role as to why I am entering this field.

In addition of the flexibility of the Communication Design field, another major reason I’m best suited for this path would be the wide range of job opportunity I can obtained  within this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a graphic designer one can enter industries such as computer systems designs, advertising, newspaper, books, motion picture and video industries, etc. This clearly depicts the many different job fields I can encounter once I graduate. Thus, having a variety of options would be especially important for   me since at this point of my young career I’m still unsure of what I want to specialize in. Additionally, through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I was able to learn that New York is top within “the highest concentration and job quotients for [graphic design] occupation.”  This means there are job openings for this occupation within New York. Already living and graduating from New York means I will have a vast amount of opportunity once I graduate.

There are necessary steps  you will need to fulfill in order to become a graphic designer. In an interview with Desiree Alvarez, a professor in the Communication Design major at City Tech, she talks about what you will need to do in order to become a successful graphic designer.When ask what is the advice she will give to someone who wants to choose a career in this the graphic arts she said, “Creating a good portfolio that showcase who you are as a designer is the best tip I can give you.” For any designer, be it in fashion or arts, in order to get a job, one has to present a portfolio to future employers. When Prof. Alvarez mentions this, one can see that creating a strong portfolio is key in landing the job.

While I discuss and provided you with the necessary knowledge of a career in graphic design, I hope it will peak your curiosity into perhaps becoming one yourself.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this major. For me, it was important to choose a career in a field that enables me to put my creativity to work. As I’m still young and my interest always fluctuates, I hope that a career in graphic arts is the right choice for me.


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Jonathan Gottschall’s The Storytelling Animal, The Future of Story

During the first ten minutes of class, write your summary of Jonathan Gottschall’s The Storytelling Animal, The Future of Story in your notebook. Also, write about the other ways that you experience story. Think about some of the examples that Gottschall mentions in this chapter. Before our next class, post your summary/discussion as a comment on this post.

Exploring City Tech’s Biomedical Informatics and a Career in Pediatric by Julenane Jules


My name is Jules Julenane, and I am a freshman at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). I am currently reflecting on my major, and I am considering to choose a precise profession. My major is Biomedical Informatics also called Health Informatics, According to the City Tech College Catalog 2014-2015 “Biomedical Informatics baccalaureate program is designed to provide well-rounded, interdisciplinary training for a new generation of biomedical and health care workers prepared to meet the challenges of today and of the future. The dual of the program is to prepare student for a range of career options and to adapt to changing conditions in the field.” (City Tech 1)  It will allow me to enter into medical school, where I will be able to pursue a career path in pediatrics. This is the best career for me because I have a love for children. I believe, I want make a difference in infants’ lives. I care about the health and safety of defenseless children. In this essay, I will develop the reasons for which I chose this major and this métier, I will explain what the educational requirements are, and I explicate what the job description for this field is exactly.


The work of pediatricians focus on the physical, and emotional of infants, adolescents, and young adults from their day of birth until they reach their twenty one years of age. The responsibility of a pediatrician, toward his patients is to prevent, and manage their physical health, in addition of detecting any social problem that can affect children. Pediatricians operate to reduce every type of disease that might increase infant and child mortality. They manage serious illnesses that are threating children’ existence, they as well ease the day to day difficulties of those who are subject of chronic malady. A large portion of pediatrician’s duty is to identify child’s behavioral problems that may derive from exposure to psychosocial pressure, by an early and constant evaluation and intervention. They treat sickness such as strep throat, pink eye, and chicken pox. The type of pediatrician job requires a certain level of patience, love and understanding because this career include to deal with children as well as their parents, which can be stressful. Therefore, a pediatrician must enjoys working with children. It is fundamental for this livelihood to appreciate helping those who cannot be an aid to themselves. The Bureau of Labor Statistic states “Employment of physicians and surgeons is projected to grow 18 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. Job growth will occur because of the continued expansion of healthcare-related industries. The growing and aging population is expected to drive overall growth in the demand for physician services as consumers continue to seek high levels of care that uses the latest technologies, diagnostic tests, and therapies. Some medical schools are increasing their enrollments on the basis of a perceived higher demand for physicians.” (BLS)



In order to more thoroughly apprehend my resolution to enter into medical school and to chase a pediatrician career, I now going to explicate and demonstrate by procuring evidences, the reason why I chose those options.  The first reason why I chose to be a pediatrician is due to the fact that I love children, I like being around them. In my point of view, it should be one of the first motivation that should incite students to pick pediatrics. From what I have learned about this field, children require a lot of attention, love, and patience. They respond better to the people that they feel really do care about them. Therefore, any prospective physician must have a passion for the care of children of all age. It will rather be difficult and even impossible for somebody to be successful in a profession that does not aspire them any ardor. Hays says ” When a doctor works with a patient, especially a child, he or she is actually treating the whole family. The child has the disease but it is the parents who deal with the anxiety of the illness and the difficult decision to be made about their child. It is they with whom the doctor has to communicate the most. However I have always had the conviction that the child’s health and safety come first. That is always my primary responsibility.” (Hays, Natasha T. par 3)  The last couple of years that precede my entrance in college, I have always interrogate myself about what I really want. Medical school is obviously a tremendous amount of years, of hard work. I certainly do not want to be the type of student who get all the way in medical school and afterward find out that they do not really want to be there. I chose this path because I think that those creatures need to be protected, I want to be the type of doctor who have to ability to heal them in case of illness. Pediatrician is one rare profession that I can picture myself being able to perfectly adapt to it, take care of children as a profession occurs to me as a right choice. Professor Astrof affirms “Ultimately, the desire to become a physician should be motivated by a desire to help and serve. Being a physician is a tremendous responsibility, and a sense of compassion towards others is absolutely required to be successful.” (Astrof par. 4)

The second reason why I chose to be a pediatrician is because I deeply believe that Pediatrician can make a difference in infants’ lives.  For this project, I dug very deeply into researches, so that I could understand what my career choice is really about, what will be expected from me and what it entails. One of the things that struck me, is the fact that the people engage in a pediatric career are not only saving lives, but also they are changing beings. Diverse association have been built in the purpose of helping children to get a happier and a healthier lifestyle. My aspiration to be in pediatrics is enhanced, I definitely want to be a part of this. To support my point of view,” The American Academy of Pediatrics continues to support the development and implementation of immunization information systems, previously referred to as immunization registries, and other systems for the benefit of children, pediatricians, and their communities. Pediatricians and others are aware of the value that immunization information systems have for society, the potential fiscal influences on their practice, the costs and benefits, and areas for future improvement.” (Amaya-Jackson par.5)


The third reason that pushes me toward a pediatric career is the fact that I am concerned about the safety and health of children. In my point of view, pediatrician contribute grandly in keeping children safe in many different ways. They built different organization in the purposes of constructing a safer society for children. For instance, they establish a campaign against firearms in order to prevent that guns can cause to children. Gun violence can be an issue that can profoundly affect children both mentally and physically. The exposure of children to weapons cannot do them any good, they are certainly not made to be managed by minors. The access of guns to juveniles can lead to hurt them self either unintentionally or intentionally. The duty of pediatricians also implicate to ensure the wellness of children both at the hospitals and at their homes. They advise and encourage parents to maintain a safer domicile for their infants. I chose to be a part of pediatrics because it is one of the most powerful position where I can pose in action in the favor of children’ health and safety problems. “Violence in American society has reached epidemic proportions. In 1991, homicide was the second leading cause of death among adolescents aged 15 to 24 years and the third leading cause of death among children aged 5 to 14 years. Firearm injuries accounted for the majority of the homicide deaths in both age groups: 82% of adolescent homicides and 65% of child homicides. In 1991, over 5300 children under the age of 19 died of firearm injuries; 61% of these deaths were homicides, and 28% were suicides .Pediatricians have often promoted policies intended to prevent unintentional childhood injuries. They initiated and promoted the advocacy efforts that led to many state laws requiring car seats, seat belts, and bicycle helmets and those prohibiting children from riding in the cargo area of pickup trucks. Advocating for the prevention of violent injuries is a natural extension of those efforts and of pediatric practice. Pediatricians experience how pervasive violence is in the lives of children; one out of six reported treating a child for a gun-related injury in 1988. By bearing witness to the pain, pediatricians can help to refocus efforts to contain violence, thereby contributing to the change from a criminal to a public health approach.”(Judith Cohen #1)


To reinforce my reasons and my arguments, I am going to add an additional source of testimony. I had an interview with professor Astrof from the biomedical office. He teaches Biology and biochemistry. I was confused about what I was supposed to do, since my previous advisor was not able to satisfy my curiosity about medical requirements. I chose Professor Astrof as a reliable source due to the fact that he was able to give satisfactory answers to my questions. I interrogate him about the principal requisites and courses that medical request. Professor Astrof states “There are a number of requirements for students to be admitted to medical school.  All programs are somewhat different, and students should check each specific program that they intend to apply to.  However, there are also some general requirements that students should have fulfilled if they wish to attend medical school.  These are:1 Year General Biology sequence,1 year anatomy and physiology,1 year General Chemistry,1 semester (or 2 semesters) of Organic Chemistry,1 semester Biochemistry. Recommended (but not usually required): additional advanced sciences courses including: Microbiology, Genetics, and Immunology. 1 semester of Physics, Calculus, Statistics, 1-2 courses in behavioral sciences (Psychology), and Additional humanities classes (such as ethics or literature).Students must maintain a GPA of no lower than 3.0. Students must take the MCAT examination. Students must complete a medical “shadowing” experience where they spend time observing a physician in practice. There is also a requirement for letters of recommendation (typically 3), at least one from a professor in the sciences. Students also must compose a Personal Statement explaining how their life experiences contributed to their desire to attend medical school.” (Astrof par.6) Before this interview, I was really wondering about how my education at City Tech would enable me to pursue my future career, I was even thinking about transferring to another college. However, due to my researches from the college catalog, diverse articles and the answers of Professor Astrof,  I realized that my tuition at City Tech represent an import depart for my future career. I recently heard about a club for pre-medical students that provides a supplementary opportunity for the undergraduates who plan on a career in medicine.


In conclusion, the students who have an interest in the same major or profession than me, should try to plan early in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are provided to them, and also to be prepared to face the requirements for medical school. It is important to have very good grades, consequently I recommend them to stay focus, to do whatever it takes, and to take things very seriously. A career in medicine is noticeably difficult, but I deeply think that this field absolutely worth fighting for.


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Exploring City Tech’s Accounting Program at New York City College of Technology and a Career in being a Chief Executive Officer by Afsana Asha

I’m Afsana Asha, an 18 year old New Yorker attending New York City College of Technology (NYCCT). I am currently enrolled as an accounting student, but plan on transferring schools to pursue my desire to be a top executive (Chief Executive Officer to be exact). I believe this is the perfect career for me because I love to write, I love planning ahead, and I have great financial management skills. This career opportunity will also help me accomplish a big dream of mine, to become an actress. In this assignment I will give an in depth description of the career I want to pursue, how I will pursue it, the steps needed to pursue it and how it will correlate with my dreams of becoming an actress.

In this paragraph of my essay I will provide an in depth background for my intended major and career path. In the 2014-2015 New York City College of Technology (NYCCT) College Catalog it states that, “The Accounting program equips students with accounting skills that will make them immediately employable upon graduation with the associate degree.” (NYCCT. 126) We, as accounting students, will not only be prepared educationally but professionally as well. NYCCT’s Accounting program also allows us to “…understand how management uses information from the accounting system to operate business enterprises” (NYCCT. 126) and to be “proficient in the use of computer system.” (NYCCT. 126) Getting an education in the accounting field will better prepare me for a career as a Chief Executive. According to Investopedia.com, a Chief Executive officer is someone who has the main responsibilities to develop and implement high-level strategies, make major corporate decisions, manage the overall operations and resources of a company, and act as a main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations. “Top executives (such as Chief Executives and Chief Financial Officers) devise strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals” states The Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics par. 1) Chief Executives, as well as other top executives, are known to make decisions on what to sell and whom to sell it to, research the market, crunch numbers, make speeches, travel a whole lot, do a lot financial research/management and have many different jobs along the way to get the company to the top. As a Chief Executive Officer “it helps to be able to quickly absorb and analyze large amounts of information.” (BigFuture.com par. 6) Top executives are also known to have excellent leadership and communication skills. Along the way of being at NYCCT as an accountant major I will get the opportunities that lay hand-in-hand with my career and dream, acquiring leadership and communication skills that will be applicable as a top executive and as an actress.

Writing Samples

WORKS IN PROGRESS: This is a picture of my previous work. It shows that I like to write and often am preparing myself for the future and thinking ahead.

Now that we have learned a little about accounting and being a chief executive, I will discuss why my decision to be and accountant major and why pursuing a career in the business field, as a chief executive, will be right for me. As a chief executive, it is very important for you to be able to write and present speeches clearly and thoroughly. This is one of the reasons why I want to be a chief executive. From a young age I was always fond of writing stories, poetry, scripts and monologues. Being enrolled in a drama class throughout my teen years has also influenced me heavily on becoming a writer of some sort. According to the article “A Good Speech: Writing for CEOs” written by James L. Horton, a good speech is an effective form of efficient communication. He states “Content is what a speechwriter is usually concerned with when writing. But content does not exist by itself. Content exists in a relationship between audience and speaker.” (Horton par. 9) He also goes on to say that, “A CEO’s conviction is as important as words the CEO articulates. An audience doesn’t just listen but looks at the whole person and what that person communicates through expression, body movement and confidence – or lack of it. That is why it is important to place words in a CEO’s mouth that a CEO is likely to say in a way the CEO expresses ideas.” (Horton par. 15) Both the quotes show that as a Chief Executive Officer speech delivery and speech writing is very important. Although now many Chief Executive Officers have ditched the idea of writing their own speeches, it is still very important for them to have the speeches directed towards them. Being able to adapt to the character’s emotions and roles in the scenario is an essential to not only actors/actresses but Chief Executive Officers as well. Embellishing these traits that are already acquired will not only help me career wise, but it will also help me boost my confidence level as a whole.


INFLUENCES: This picture shows how heavily I am motivated to actually pursue my dreams in life. At a very young age I had decided that no matter what I did, it had to involve theatre work. The picture also contains works of literature I read to help me write my own works and a sample story that I had written when I was younger.

The second reason as to why I want to become a Chief Executive Officer is I love planning ahead. I love to travel and learn new theories and ideologies that will better help me with future “turning” points in my life. Planning ahead allows risks. Risks are a big part of being a Chief Executive Officer. Taking risks allows Chief Executive Officers to look at downfalls and plan ahead. According to Jan B. King of Senior Magazine Online, it is important for CEO’s to analyze things from a negative perspective and plan ahead based on the worst case scenarios. She states “A great CEO isn’t afraid to look at the downside and answer the hard questions he or she hopes will never become a reality. The CEO needs a backup plan—one that is designed by looking at the company’s worst-case scenarios.” (King par. 10) Being able to plan ahead shows that we are able to look at the “big picture” and absorb every piece of information thrown our way. Going into this career using my ability to plan ahead and create backup plans will allow me to grow and learn more along the way as well as help me pursue my dream.

Now to the third and final reason as to why I want to pursue a career in this field, my financial management skills. From a young age I have always been interested in seeing my investments flourish and extend into my future. I’ve always had an eye for budgeting, saving money, and prioritizing via “needs” and “wants”. It is known that as a Chief Executive Officer, you must be perceptive towards the company you work for and make use of the utilities, in this case money, you have at hand. According to the New Business Consultant website, you have to pay attention to “numbers” as a Chief Executive Officer. The author states, “…when it comes to reading and understanding the numbers, most prefer to leave the “bean counting” to someone else. Unfortunately, avoidance or negligence of your financial management responsibilities can get you and your company in very hot water. The only solution is to accept the inevitable and get comfortable working in the financial side of the business.” (New Business Consultant par. 3) The author also states that, “Your financial people can and should do most of the heavy lifting; that’s what you pay them for. But when it comes to making high-level decisions that affect the financial performance of the company, the buck still stops with you — literally and figuratively.” (New Business Consultant par. 16) Both of the quotes reflect the thought that although having extensive knowledge on finance, such as holding a PhD or Masters Degree in the subject, is not needed it is very important for a Chief Executive Officer to be able to understand their company’s financial stance in the market. By studying in the accountant field at NYCCT, I will be polishing my already existing knowledge on financial management and better preparing myself for my career in the business industry along with my dream of being in the film industry. Many directors, art department heads, and set designers are known to crunch numbers and preform on budgets. Knowing how to manage money correctly will not only help me better understand my career choices but will also prepare me for reaching my dream.

Financing the brain

FINANCING THE BRAIN: This picture shows that inorder to be able to pursue a career in business, I have always done research outside of the educational area. Whenever I get free time, I always am reading about how to save money.

Now that we have discussed the basics of my career choice, aspirations and major and have gone over the three main reasons as to why I’d like to pursue such careers, I would like to go over some main points that will help you better prepare yourself in the field of business and acting. For this section of my essay, I decided to interview NYCCT’s Effective Speaking Professor Ramon Albino. Since I am interested in acting and business, I asked Mr. Albino how may I incorporate business and acting. He stated that, “Not being you or pretending to be someone else may be seen in business as false, dishonest, and counterproductive” (Albino par. 1) but also said that “…there are elements of performance that have been used and you may continue using in business to great effect. As discussed in our own Public Speaking course, there are certain skills related to performance that may become handy when dealing with business matters. Oral presentations, for instance, may benefit greatly if the member of an organization is dutifully trained in public speaking, especially when it comes to persuading, informing and on special occasions.” (Albino par. 1) Although acting and business is not fully correlated both careers induce knowing your audience very well and being comfortable with the given audience. In the interview conducted I also asked how may you display yourself to be confident without seeming over confident. He responded back with “Yes, by considering your audience’s first and by tailoring the speech to their interests, concerns, predispositions, and needs. This goes back even to the moment speakers are choosing their topics. Speakers should consider their own interest, knowledge, skills, and needs as part of this process that is also important. But first and foremost they should analyze the audience.” (Albino par. 4) Both of the careers I want to integrate myself in uses the analysis of their audience. Although the approach is very different, it helps to be comfortable in publicly speaking and using correct vocabulary.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is very important for you to have at least a bachelors degree and loads of work experience in the field to be a considerable “Top Executive”. It is also great to have certifications, licenses, and/or registrations in regards to earning the Certified Manager credential. The Bureau of Labor Statisics states, “Although not mandatory, certification can show management competency and potential leadership skills. Certification can also help those seeking advancement or can give jobseekers a competitive edge.” During freshman orientation week I also remember Mr. Singh, a professor at NYCCT, talking about being a certified accountant and the various different certifications you may get. He stated that although some are not required, it is great to have them on your resume while applying for a job. Being able to apply the things learned by my interviewees and the research done during this project will help me advance myself into thinking deeply and strongly about my career plans.

At the beginning of starting this project, I had planned on pursuing a career in Entrepreneurship but the more I read about it, the less desirable it seemed. After quite a bit of research I found a suitable career that not only fit my intended major but also fit being part of the filming industry. While doing this project I have definitely raised my motivation to strive for both of my career goals. If I were to recommend any tips for students looking to be in similar fields then I would say that you should always set goals for yourself and to dream big. No matter how big your “dream” may seem it isn’t impossible, especially if you set your mind and heart to it. This project has definitely helped me clearly envision myself in the future doing what I love. Although many believe having a “big name” and high-income job means being successful, I believe that doing what makes you happy makes you the most successful being alive. If you have a passion towards something, whether it is drawing, cooking, acting, dancing or even skateboarding, I think that you should put your heart into it and let your mind free. If you are still uncertain of your career choice or college major, if you are still undecided that is, please visit www.bigfuture.com. The site is filled with descriptions of various careers and majors. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your “match made in heaven” career.


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Exploring City Tech’s Computer System Technology Major by Janie Su

I am currently a first year student attending City Tech and I plan to study in the field of computer science, specifically in cyber security. I believe that this is the best career  for me because of how it’s so diverse. Diversity leads to experiments and experiments lead to thinking and logic. I enjoy constantly expanding my mind and going from something rudimentary to intricate and complex. In this essay I will exhibit how these three reasons can be unified together into harmony.

In order to obtain a job in cyber security I must first get an associates and bachelors in computer science as a threshold to specialize in cyber security. As in computer science it means the language of program and it relates to our melting pot of languages. Since the associates is just the beginning, I will learn from a wide variety it must be general because in order to protect a system you must know the system. As to how I can utilize my college to achieve my degree and job standing I hope to learn from the professionals and earn the job I desire.

The first reason why I believe this is the best major for me is because of it’s diversity. In an interview with Professor Tony Holley I asked him “What do you think is the most important quality a prospective student needs for this career field?” and he responded with “An interest in science  and a strong curiosity.”. A constant curiosity is something I have and researching different methods is something that entices me. According to “An Evaluation Framework and Comparative Analysis of the Widely Used First Programming Languages” there is a chart made that shows the some of the major languages taught starting from 1994 to 2011. They stated 9 of the most known languages, Ada, C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Modula-2, Pascal, and Python. Each of these codes do something different and all require a decent amount of practice and studying to master it. In 1994  6 out of 9 languages were taught but it began to decrease. In 2014 Ada and C# was neglected and only 1% for both were being taught. This reinforces selfstudy but some languages are either not taught or rarely taught. I was never fond of always just studying one topic or one thing. A habit I maintain that will I hope to continue is studying something general. Something that will continue to grow and continuously amaze me and make me ask myself questions as to “How do does this work?” or “How can I apply this to another subject?”. Each computer science language has it’s own function. An example would be Javascript, it is used to created websites and make them respond to the user. It’s very intriguing that we can make something that’s not living but rather a piece of technology respond to us with different codes and programs. Diversity is something that is rare in a major, it gives me to pleasure to know that I will always have to continue to expand my mind and be open to new ideas compared to knowing one thing and never changing that view. It’s amusing how computer science can turn something factual into something that’s factual into something that’s experimental because of diversity. These symbols displayed are some of the crucial things that one needs to code with and constant experimentation will help perfect my ability to know when to use and either or not it is wrong.


My second reason for why I believe this major suits me best is because of how experimental and flexible this career is. I like to solve problems and I learn better when I can apply the lessons myself. To experiment is to learn and to learn is to understand. I believe in order to love something you must understand it. In a way computer science is a relationship. You must know it’s advantages, disadvantages, and have your problems but be able to find solutions as well. To see things in a different light and being able to constantly destroy codes and remake them into something better is something that comes rare with other careers. Some have a set of rules you must follow or your formula is wrong while other careers only have one way of doing something. An example can be taken from “On Language Equations with One-sided Concatenation” as they state “For a fixed finite alphabet Σ, we consider systems of equations of the following general form: ψ1(X1, . . . , Xn) = ξ1(X1, . . . , Xn).” These are basically substitute for unknown numbers as stated above. Just like our  modern day math there is also math in computer science, just not the same way it’s applied. There is always a constant and a way to formulate a code or program. The image below is command prompt which some of you may know. We use this to verify certain things such as, finding out our ping (internet speed) and you can also abort commands with ctrl+c. By typing in “ping google.com” it will list out the speed and the average speed your internet goes at.

Command Prompt


Third reason is basically, logic. If a brain does something constantly you remember it and it can become a second function. Expanding my mind is the most one of the most important things to a person for them to continuously grow. I do not want a job where I can’t excel because I no longer have any material to study from. I want to think and further improve myself. That is another thing NYCCT will help me in and my major as well. In NYCTT’s 2014-2015 catalog they say “The AAS in CIS prepares students for entry level jobs.”. As it states in the catalog an associates can only help me in getting a position that’s entry level but when I get in preparation for my bachelors and future I believe NYCCT will aid my attitude and tenacity. I hope to utilize the resources from my college and get an idea of how my future will be and prepare for it while I can because I know this major is not easy. In reasoning and logic there is always an opposing side so I must achieve an idea of how I can forge something with two different ideas that will work in unity. That may take me years but it’s a challenge and I would feel accomplished if I did manage to understand a theory and piece it together. The image below is a website called CodeAcademy where they teach you different coding languages and ask you to do task such as using what you learned in the lessons to get a certain outcome.


Computer science is another world for some people, it can feel like an escape from reality. I see it as a way to relieve stress because you are able to change things unlike in real life where if you cannot always have control over the situation. When I interviewed Professor Tony Holley I asked him, ”s being in the CST career field exciting?” and Professor Holley said “It certainly is! Especially in the area in which I specialize – web design. Constantly, new products and expansion of old products are being introduced that need to be shared with students.”. Further analyzing what controls the future of our technology is something I would like to do. As computer engineers make the technology the coders make the programs that bring the computer to life. In order to accomplish such a task I will seek the aid of those in NYCCT as a mentor for the things I cannot understand for the things that they have learned throughout their own experiences. It will serve as a memento to look back on. As computer science is a combination of many things the most important is grasping the concepts from my professors and learning persistence and dedication.


In an email interview with Professor Tony Holley, he says, ‘’”An interest in science  and a strong curiosity” (Holley Par.3).

In an article “On Language Equations and One-Sided Concatenation” Franz Baader and Alexander Okhotin says, “For a fixed finite alphabet Σ, we consider systems of equations of the following general form: ψ1(X1, . . . , Xn) = ξ1(X1, . . . , Xn).” (Baader and Okhotin Par.4).

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In an email interview with Professor Tony Holley, he says, “It certainly is! Especially in the area in which I specialize – web design. Constantly, new products and expansion of old products are being introduced that need to be shared with students.” (Holley Par.6).

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My name is Bidemi Akinrolabu, I am 18 years old and I am a freshman student of New York City College of Technology. I major in Fashion and Marketing and am working harder to complete my course, and enter into a specific career field such as Macys. This is the best job for me because, I have the taste of fashion and hopefully for me, I got the opportunity to major in it. I enjoy making comment on cloths. I told most of my friends and family what type of cloth they should wear for different type of occasion.  I was eleven years old when I discovered this talent in me, then I was advised by my aunty to major in fashion when I get to college.

The second reason I chose this job is because, I want to have connection with top designers and models. To be honest, I have always wanted to become a model. The moment I started growing up, I made a promise to myself that I am going to model for different types of shoes, cloths and bags so that I can make some connections and have my own fashion trend.

My third reason that I think this career is the best for me is that of the money I am going to make and how famous I am going to become.

For better understanding about my decision to major in Fashion and Marketing and also to pursue a job at Macys, it is important to know the following fact about my major.

According to the 2014-2015 New York City college catalog College of Technology (page 126), it makes us understand that, ‘’City Tech-Fashion and Marketing will teach us the theoretical Knowledge and practical skills necessary for my career, including fashion merchandising, textiles and fashion buying.’’ Also it (city tech catalog) states that, ‘’ this program is designed for the student in the dynamics of fashion, both as a business and as an expression of contemporary culture.  Graduates are employed in business organizations in the United States and Europe as executive or administrative trainees in the growing field of fashion marketing and business management. Some establish and operate their own businesses. Among the employers of graduates are Saks, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, ENYCE, the Gap, Bloomingdale’s, Dolce & Gabana, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Victoria’s Secret and Models.com. Graduates have a history of success in the industry and many advance to higher executive positions. Many continue their education and receive baccalaureate degrees of contemporary culture.

Here are the photos that i took to support my research.




I read a book at my school library titled the vogue factor by Clements Kirstie. This book talked about the inside story of fashion’s most industrious magazines and how important fashion means to the world.

City Tech is helping me prepare for my career by providing me with great and wonderful professors that are teaching me what I need to know in my future career. According to Professor Roosevelt Bartholomew (Essential of marketing professor), he made it clear to me that, ‘’ Students in fashion marketing are introduced to buying and management careers in fashion-related manufacturing firms, showrooms, retail stores and electronic commerce’’.

I will recommend those who are interested in my major or those who are already in it to ask a lot of question and do more finding because this major calls for research, but I will advise that the school (city tech) library should be used for anything we need to research on.


The New York City College of Technology (city tech) college catalog 2014-2015 states, ‘’ city tech-fashion and marketing will teach us the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for my career’’ (city tech 126).

 In my interview with Professor Roosevelt Bartholomew, he says, ‘’ Students in fashion marketing are introduced to buying and management careers in fashion-related manufacturing firms, showrooms, retail stores and electronic commerce’’ (Roosevelt Par.3).

Kirstie tells us that, ‘’ this book talked about the inside story of fashion’s most industrious magazines and how important fashion means to the world’’ (Kirstie Par.3).


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Exploring City Tech’s Fashion Marketing at City Tech and a Career in Fashion Illustrator

Hey my name is Sabrina Josephs, I am freshman student at New York City College of Technology. To be honest, this college has been interesting so far. The major I chose is Fashion Marketing because I am planning on becoming a Fashion Illustrator. The reasons why I made the decision for that to be my future career is because I want to design fashions for woman every size, especially the plus size woman, yet I want the clothes to look stylish for them. I also want to know the pay. Lastly, I want to show my creativity all around the world. In this essay I will go through the specific details about my major and how it will help me pursue my career.

I love what I do :-)  https://www.flickr.com/photos/128544675@N07/15728594316/

Here are some following facts about my major in Fashion Marketing and my future career of being a fashion illustrator giving helpful background material that support my choice.The 2014-2015 New York City Technology Catalog tells us that “The Fashion Marketing program is designed for students interested in the dynamics of fashion, both as a business and on expression of contemporary culture” (City Tech 128). It also mentions that “The study of fashion begins with the fundamentals of business, marketing and merchandising of fashion goods and technical product information. Through the core curriculum that student gains insight into many subjects that help to explain sociological and psychological factors which influence fashion interest and demand in today’s global market.” This is also something Professor Alyssa said when I ask her How does Fashion Marketing help me to become a Fashion Illustrator? She said that “ being in such means having an idea or logo and putting them up on display.”

According to “Illustrating Fashion” when wanting to a be Fashion Illustrator “It is necessary to have a portfolio of reasonably good samples of your work to show when applying for an art job. You must have a ground-work of training and knowledge in order to complete, though it is still possible to learn and improve through working with artists in the field.”

Now we will go through the specific details about my reasons why I want to be a fashion Illustrator that I had stated earlier. My first reason was that I wanted to design fashions for woman every size, especially the plus size woman, yet I want the clothes to look stylish. New York Time made an article by editors of V about the situation saying that “Fashion Magazines have always purported to embrace diverse images of the female body, publishing periodic “shape” issues that juxtapose the thon and very thin with the moderately fleshly. But only in the last year or so have notably larger woman been released from the fringes, appearing not only in magazines and on television but also in the more rarefied world of the runway, including a Chanel show in St.-Tropez this spring.” However, they said that “If defenders saw in these photographs a less-restrictive imaging of the female form, detractors perceived further instances of fetishistic extremism. “This is not a positive look at larger women in fashion but a freak show,” one Internet poster wrote of the V shoot. Another pointed out that glorifying the other end of the weight spectrum did nothing to change fashion’s essentially unhealthful message: We are taunted daily by skeletal fashion models…. However, I defy any of you to idolize these woman. Nobody wants to be fat! With this I felt like its this kind of talk that makes me want to come up with some idea on how to make stylish outfits for plus sized woman.

On to the next reason which was how much will I get pay? Now to figure this I had to go and log on to www. BLS .gov and it says that “The BLS noted that you could get your start as a fashion designer by pursuing an entry-level position as a sketching assistant. In March 2014, PayScale.com reported that junior graphic designers who worked in the fashion industry earned a median salary of $41,722. At the same time, assistant fashion designers earned a median wage of $39,371, while fashion designers earned a median wage of $70,311. The same source reported that illustrators in all industries made a median salary of $44,916 in March 2014.

For my last reason, I said that I wanted to show my creativity all around the world. Now its pretty obvious that I have many ideas that expresses myself with my fashion illustrations and the creativity I have for them is in my heart. I even once said in a video on I made about “who I am and what I wanted to do” that “ Creaivity is something that can express ourselves in many different ways and I express myself through my fashion sketckes. I have many ideas for outfits and since I draw my fashion illustrations very well and I just love to draw them I figure what better way of expressing myself best than by doing something I love.” I love coming up with new idea for my fashion illustration. Getting inspiration and seeing if my plan can become into art in any I can. In fact a fashion book I have called “Fashion Illustration Inspiration and Technique” by Anna Kiper says “A design journal is an essential tool for the development of a fashion collection. Fabrics, trims, and inspirational images help create an atmosphere for the creative process to begin.” This is true bercause after reading the book especially that quote I took it into consideration and follow the advice and it worked, now I can get a lot more inspiration than I ever had before.

The book of Fashion Art  https://www.flickr.com/photos/128544675@N07/15785201640/

Hm..Classy   https://www.flickr.com/photos/128544675@N07/15314058450/

Overall it may like a very difficult and such, but it is so worth it in order to fufill your dream of creating your own fashion ideas to the whole world. To get started with that kind of field, “Illustrating Fashion” explains that “ It is possible for an artist starting out with the idea of being a fashion illustrator to end up in some different but related field. Ethier some other line is more to his liking or a job possibility opens a different door.” So keep your head held high for those job oppertunities.

So in conclusion trying to be a Fashion Illustrator is a very hard thing to achieve, but I believe those hard work and dedication the possiablities of becoming one is endless. If there is any advice I could possably give you is don’t give up, try your best to find inspiration, practice, practice, practice and lastly keep believing in yourself no matter what.


Fashion is my life  https://www.flickr.com/photos/128544675@N07/15476688206/

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Exploring City tech Fashion Marketing at City Tech and a career in Fashion Merchandising By Kelvin Galvez

Hello, my name is Kelvin Galvez and I am a student at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). The major I intend on pursuing is fashion marketing, and within this major I want to get into the career of a fashion merchandiser, or a fashion buyer. I believe this career is best for me since I am really interested in clothing, and the content and work behind it. Another reason I believe this career is best for me is the fact that you get to travel out of the country time to time and that is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I also believe this is the best career for me because of the salary and because of the responsibility you have to have. In this essay you will be able to read more on the fashion marketing major and what courses are required to obtain a degree in it. You will also be learning all the different things that this job consists of. Finally you will be getting some advice, if you do decide to take this course, on what you should be doing to become successful.

New York City College Of Technology (Citytech)

New York City College Of Technology

The following facts about a fashion marketing major will be helpful in understanding not only the fashion marketing major, but also the career. As stated in the 2014 – 2015 New York City College of Technology Catalog, “The fashion marketing program is designed for student interested in the dynamics of fashion, both as a business and as an expression of contemporary culture” (City Tech 128). With a degree in fashion marketing one gets to pursue a career in becoming a fashion merchandiser. Some roles as a fashion merchandiser is to create the need for something new. According to Norris Cassy in the Spend Spend Spend article, “Marketers are keen to exploit our fashion needs through planned obsolescence, by promoting new looks which make our existing clothes outdated. In this way marketers create a need for something new” (Business Date 1)

Now that you have more of an understanding about this field and career, we can move forward with the reasons on why I picked this major. The reasons include traveling, salary and responsibility. But let’s take a deeper look into traveling. As a fashion merchandiser you have to make sure the company and the brand maintains a good image. Hence, one has to travel from place to place to make sure everything is running smoothly. Fashion merchandisers also have to travel in order to attract new business for the company around the world. As said in Fashion Buying, “The experienced buyer’s role invariably involves travelling, mainly to see clothing suppliers and to gather trend information” (Goworekchapter 2). If you are one that likes to travel like I do, this job is best for you. Depending on the company you work for, will determine where you will be traveling to. However, you can expect to be traveling.

Kate Spade Clothing

Kate Spade Clothing line

My second reason is the salary you receive with the degree as a fashion merchandiser. Of course this is one of the reasons I picked this career. Many people believe in gaining high amounts of money with their career choice, I am also one who wants a high salary. Included with the different responsibilities and traveling in this job, the pay is worth it. As said in BLS, “Fashion merchandisers earn an annual mean wage of $73,930 in 2010, over $25,000 more than the average for all occupations.”(Bureau Of Labor Statistics par.1). There is also a number of fashion merchandisers who earn a maximum of $120,000 per year. I am very comfortable with the responsibility and pay ratio, since one handles many different responsibilities in this job a salary such as this is I believe is just.

The same topic of responsibility brings me to my last point. Having the responsibility, a fashion merchandiser must handle every day in order to make the company successful. Some Responsibilities fashion merchandisers have are promoting the company, and also maintaining their image and helping promote a new image for their company. Fashion merchandisers also have the responsibility of preparing for events such as holidays and sales promotions. One of the hardest responsibilities fashion merchandisers have is determining fashion trends. If one is able to successfully determine the next “big” product of clothing it can bring up a company’s wealth tremendously.  As said in the article Fashion Industry Supply Chain Issues “main purpose of a retail business is to continuously maintain the responsiveness to the changing trends in consumer fashion taste” (Kursadpar.1) just as a fashion merchandiser has to do every day.

Gucci Clothing line

Gucci Clothing line

With an education and degree in Fashion Marketing from City Tech, you will be able to get to achieve this career. City Tech gives you the opportunity and skills that prepare you for this career by having classes such as, Textiles, Essential of Marketing, and Fashion Buying as said in New York City College of Technology College Catalog. With these classes and many others you will be able to understand the fashion industry and the business behind the clothing. According to professor Reinig “In addition to earning good grades and a solid GPA, students should seek out and participate in extra-curricular activities related to their major.” (Reinig par.1). You will take the responsibility of diversifying yourself from others to stand out in order to become known around the fashion industry. With these guidelines and teachings that city tech supplies you with, you will be able to be successful in this major and career down the road.

In conclusion, the fashion marketing program at city tech is best for anyone interested in understanding clothing from the point of view of a designer side and the business side. My advice to people who are interested in this program is to make yourself known. Participate in many clubs and groups that can teach you more about the major and career you intend on pursuing. In doing this, it will make classes easier and will make other companies look at you prospectively for internships and, later on, careers. Internships are a real key when it comes to this major and career, so I highly recommend getting into a summer internship at the very least in order to get your foot in halfway to the career. City tech also offers abroad programs to Paris and Milan, the fashion capitals of the world, to give you the experience of a lifetime in learning how different companies work day to day and fully understand the world of fashion. Another recommendation I have to students interested in this major is to make sure you maintain your GPA. This is a two year program and many people are interested in getting their bachelor’s which would most likely mean they would want to transfer to FIT. In order to transfer to this school you need a GPA of 3.5 or higher. This major is best for me because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the fashion industry and also gives me the knowledge of what will I actually will be doing in my position.




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