“Exploring City Tech’s Architectural Technology and a Career in Architecture by Hyoeun Kim”

Attending City Tech gives a lot of opportunities to student. My name is Hyoeun Kim, and I am from Seoul, South Korea, came here and attending as City Tech international student since fall 2014. I am Studying Architectural Technology for bachelor degree. Many people wonder about what is the difference between Architecture and Architectural technology. Is it relate to Architecture? Or more like Civil Engineering? The answer is ‘Yes’. Yes to both. Architectural technology is the application of technology to the design of buildings. It is a component of architecture and building engineering and is sometimes viewed as a distinct discipline or sub-category. I chose this major because become a Licensed Architect is my only dream ever since I was a kid. And studying architectural technology gives more benefit than just studying architecture or civil engineering because it deals with both fields. Becoming licensed architect is long and difficult journey that I have to pursue in my future, but I have confidence in me that architect is best career for me that I can contribute to society in many ways. In this essay, I am going to write about why I want to be professional architect and how City Tech helps me to develop my career as an architect. Also, I will discuss about significance of architectural technology and what kind of architects I want it to be in society today.

City IMG_2388Tech requires four years of curriculum to get bachelor degree in architectural technology, while other schools require five years of curriculum to get bachelor degree in architecture. Saving a year of time is huge benefit to students who want to start their job career or internship early as possible. According to the Department of Architectural Technology’s catalog, “City Tech offers a unique four years Bachelor in Technology that prepares the student to be proficient in the 21st century technologies required to manage all phases of professional practice in architecture and related fields: design, construction materials and assemblies, architectural history, mechanical and structural systems, building information modeling (BIM), codes and professional practice, site planning, building performance analysis and sustainable design, and digital fabrication and manufacturing.” (NYCCT Catalog 212) This is what I exactly need for next three years of learning in City Tech. To learn expert and specialized knowledge about building constructions and the ways how to actualize my concept of building design. Also, the specialized computer software techniques that today’s work field uses. And the design studios in City Tech give me an opportunity to develop my own ideas and creative talents through participation in architectural projects from inception to final presentation and fabrication.   Graduates from bachelor in architectural technology degree program are well equipped to be a part of an architectural design team in a broad range of planning and construction coordination roles. They are provided with immediately marketable skills and a solid foundation for career advancement. After graduate of this program, I can go on to apply for a master’s degree in architecture, also qualify for the architectural registration exams and New York State licensure following a seven years period of work under a licensed architect. (NYCCT Catalog 212)

In my view, architecture is the one of fields that mixture of science, art, and history. I used to like to build something with LEGO blocks when I was kid. I was interested in science kits than other toys. Also, I liked to read books about human archeology in history than other fantasy nobles. These kind of habits influenced me to decide my dream as an architect.

Architectural Technology is unIMG_3225ique major that discusses design and technology both. If Architecture is the art of building in which human requirements and construction materials are brought to bear in a practical as well as aesthetic solution, Architectural Technology focuses on the technical and functional elements of design. Architectural Technologists are experts in function and build ability with the intention of providing efficient and effective solutions to the design and construction of buildings. To achieve this in an increasingly complex construction industry, the Technologist will develop specialist skills in, for example, project management, sustainable technologies and building information modelling. The courses in this major also develops students key attributes, in developing motivation, engagement and transferrable skills so that the graduate is capable and desirable in a wide range of industries. Although the structure of architecture and architectural technology is similar, Architectural Technology focuses on the technical aspects and tools involved in the construction of a building whilst Architecture only focuses on design and how this fits within the boarder context of society. Become an Architect after graduate in this major has privileged that a passion as well as a technology and an art. Architecture industries have been described as a social art and also an artful science. Architects look at the big picture and through Architecture they aim to look at our environment and how this impacts the society that we live in. It involves the design of buildings, cities and spaces, whilst taking account of culture, history and innovation to produce new architecture as a mark of our society.

The world we l IMG_4186  us significant problems that lack of human’s basic needs. Housing is one of problems that I want to contribute to society as an architect.  I grew up in South Korea where the country size is small as same as state of New Jersey. And I also lived in Japan for four years when I was in elementary school where the country size is also small and have many nature disasters like frequent earthquakes. As time goes by, the number of world populations are increasing, having an own house is become a significant matter in most Eastern societies. Not only that, for Japanese, it is important matter developing building technology for safety against nature disasters. Also, the ecology and environmental sustainability is key issue to many architects in world widely.   One of my favorite architects, ARTURO VITTORI said “Building is designed to be owned and operated by the villagers, a key factor that should help guarantee the success of the project. Building is not only provide a fundamental resource for life – house – but also creates a social place for the community, where people can gather under the shade of its canopy for education and public meetings.” Likewise, I believe architects are exist not only for designing lank mark buildings in the century itself. What more important aspect to an architect is the attitude that how to contribute their talent to society, how to find out or develop the solutions for the problems that world have today. These kind of thoughts are important to become an architect.


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Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineering Technology Major and a Career in Computer Engineering.

Name: Travina Beaton
Section: ENG 1101, D371
Date: 05/13/15
College: NYCCT


Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineering Technology Major and a Career in Computer Engineering.

I am Travina Beaton and I am a student at New York City College of Technology. I am currently studying Computer Engineering to acquire a job in that field as my future career. I am looking forward to working for Viacom as an Information Technology Specialist or at Apple as an engineer after I graduate college. This is the best career for me because I am fascinated with technology and computers in particular. I realized that the best way I learn is doing hands-on activities with personal computers. I believe that if I do get a job in this field, it would be my passion instead of a dead end. In the following, I will discuss further on my major and how it will open many opportunities for my career path.
The City Tech Course Catalog mentions that students studying Computer Engineering will take Electromechanical Engineering as an Associates. Electromechanical Engineering allows students to build their own devices, repair, install, upgrade and test mechanical systems in computers. This program will help me learn how to assemble components of computers, such as power supply boxes, and learning electric components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and more. It will also help me learn how to read schematic symbols, which are electronic symbols, and draw circuits connecting the symbols. I plan to apply what I learn at City Tech to engineering internships I work for in the future. There are many engineering jobs. The City Tech Article states “Among the employers of the graduates of this program are Con Edison, General Electric (GE), Verizon, Cable Version, Apple, Logic Control, Lutron Electronics, JetBlue, MTA, NYC Transit, NYPD, and the elevator industry”. According to an article written by Roger Moncarz, called “Computer Engineers”, to qualify for a computer engineering job, one “must have strong problem-solving and analytical skills. They also must be able to communicate effectively with team members, other staff, and the customers they meet. And because they often deal with a number of tasks simultaneously, computer engineers must be able to concentrate and pay attention to detail”.

IMG_1886 2IMG_1887I became fascinated with technology because in my four years of high school, I took A + Computer and was very interested in learning the different components inside the computers and their functions. A+ Computer is general knowledge of PCs, including installation and configuration, hardware and software upgrading, safety procedures, diagnostics, maintenance and repair. At the time, I did not know what I wanted as my career. The class had a lot of hands-on activities with Dell desktops. The activities involved the components on the motherboard and the computer tower. I learned how to connect electrical cables, install processors, hard drives, and many more. The activities made me want to know more about building computers by scratch and installing the electrical components. Unfortunately, my teacher for the A+ computer class did not teach it. After graduating high school, I wanted to learn more in depth on how to build computers. I became confused as to the difference between computer engineering and computer science. According to “Computer Engineering A Good Major?” by a Youtuber named Engineering Truth, “computer science tends to be more on the programming side, how operating systems work, how databases work. While computer engineering, you’re going to focus more on the hardware and how the hardware communicates to the software”. After watching the video, I had figured out that computer engineering would be the ideal major for me.
I realized that I learn better by hands on because as I learned A+ Computer in high school, I almost never paid attention. There were long lectures and a lot of note taking that I never looked back into. The only time I paid attention was when I performed the hands on activities. I took the CompTIA A+ certification test and failed horribly. The CompTIA A+ exam tests your ability to troubleshoot networking and security issues within operating systems such as Android, Windows, Apple, and more. There are two tests, CompTIA A+ 801 and CompTIA A+ 802. As stated in the Wikibook titled “A+ Certification/Basic Exam Info”, ‘The CompTIA A+ 801 and 802 exams both consist of 90 questions each. A passing score on the CompTIA A+ 801 exam is 675, and a passing score on the CompTIA 802 exam is 700’. My score was not anywhere close to 675 on the first exam. Therefore, I did not qualify to take the last test. I did not find networking and software informations interesting. Learning about the hardware caught my attention a lot because I had to learn by doing hands-on activities.IMG_1890
I believe that working in the computer engineering field would be my passion because I find that many people acquire jobs just because of the pay. People do not have the job that they want. Therefore, it causes a lot of dissatisfaction and a feeling of being stuck. These types of people work because they feel as though they are obligated to; it would not matter what job it is, what matters to them is the money. Personally, I do not think that is the way of living. Alyson Shontell, a Buisiness Insider emplyee, mentioned in an article she wrote named “80% Hate Their Jobs — But Should You Choose A Passion Or A Paycheck?”, that unhappy employees try to stick with their jobs. I would not want to be one of those dissatisfied employees. I believe that having passion in what you do brings out motivation and determination to reach the top. If you do not have any passion in your job, you would not want to excel in the field. As Shontell stated in her article, “without passion, people will be choosing between the lesser of two stresses: stress from being unemployed versus the stress of being in a dead-end job”. I think that more people should employ in a job that they would be passionate about. I found my passion when I was just a kid. I often fixed electronics in my home for family. I learned more about engineering from the customer support technicians of the internet providers and computer companies of desktops I have had such as Dell, Optimum, and Direct TV. Every time I needed troubleshooting on my computer or of any cables and wires, I would find information online on how to troubleshoot any problems I had.
My education at City Tech prepares me for my future career by giving me information on how each class that are related to my major would help me on my path to my career as a computer engineer. The Course Catalog shows what classes I would need to take, how many credits I need to advance, the jobs that hire for this field, and many more. It mentally prepares me for what to expect in the future for my college career. In order for me to graduate with an Associate’s degree, I would need 36 credits. The City Tech Course Catalog shows the required classes needed to graduate. This information helps me decide on classes I will take that are required.
This major is ideal for anyone that loves technology and likes to learn by doing hands on activities. Computer Engineering is a blend of electrical engineering and computer science. In result, engineers use knowledge of computer hardware and software to keep up with the latest innovation. I am looking forward to accomplishing my goals in my college career by being determined, focused and continuing to have passion in this field. I believe that is the only way to succeed as a computer engineer.

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Exploring City Tech’s Chemical Technology and a Career in the Medical Field by Michelle Vazquez

20150508_170825My name is Michelle Vazquez and I am a Chemical Technology major student at City Tech College. I want to be a physician and I plan on entering the medical field with this major degree studies as my starting point, then I plan on transferring to York college where I can really get moving with my career choice. I want to be a doctor because of the finance the job comes with, the preparation for any medical situation and the it’s a degree with no limits.

The Chemical Technology program, from the claims of the City Tech catalog what we learn is, “a understanding of the fundamental principles of chemistry, skills in written and communication, in experimentation and scientific method, in problem solving, critical thinking, analytical reasoning and a general knowledge.” What this means is this degree covers the “baby steps” of what a Pre-med program covers. It is a program that can also get me a job with a bachelor’s degree in other scientific fields such as chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering.

Throughout my entire life finances has always been an issue. In the medical field there is a high guarantee of a stable income. No job is inferior than the other but to be able to compare and see the relationship between the jobs within the field and the income we have to create a hierarchy. The categories  will be composed of assistants, general, and specialize. In the assistant section there is an assistant nurse and an  assistant physician. According to Outlook handbook, a nurse per year earns $24,400 and a physician per year earns $90,930. Next, in the a general/regular section we have a registered nurse and a optometrist. In the statistics of outlook handbook, a eye doctor earns $97,820 per year while a nurse earns $65,470 per year. Lastly, the specialized doctors. A dentist earns $149,310 per year and both a physician and a surgeon earns $187,200 per year. It is very hard to even create a hierarchy because even among the categories there were jobs who were paid more than the other and this is only a few that were mention out of many other medical jobs.

In my mind there is always this fear of seeing someone dying and feeling completely helpless. A physician may not be a surgeon but they can still help save a life. According to the york college catalog, “ admissions requirements of medical schools and/or schools of dentistry can only be met with at least three years of college work, with a strong preference for a baccalaureate20150512_130230 degree. The student can meet admissions requirements with the BS in Biology program.” To be consider for medical school I would have to transfer to York college and take their bachelor’s degree in biology. Now the classes for their biology course, their department requirements alone would take about four years. This includes “ General Zoology, General Botany, Medical Terminology, Nutrition, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, General Microbiology, Environmental Science, Concepts of Biological Origins, Genetics, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Natural Sciences Seminar”and within these classes the content would take more than those years to be learned. The content of these classes are what physicians must know to perform their jobs. In this other article “‘The next step’ alumni students views on their preparation for their first position as a physician” by Ola Linberg they make a study case of how all these practices and education actually plays in the “real” world. This was her conclusion to her study case “some alumni, perhaps the perfect pre-paration for work as a physician is not attainable. Real-life situations such as encounters with sick patients, decision-making under pressure and conflicts with colleagues cannot be easily or realistically simulated.” So this article may say that no matter how well students are prepare for the medical field it still can’t be compared to a real life situation but it is still better than not having any preparation for medical situation.

Previously I mention that the last reason was because this degree has no limits. What I meant by that is according to Filip Derke this degree once you have earned it can be used anywhere. It could be earned in Europe and you will still be qualify to work as a doctor in Texas or anywhere else in the world. To me this is a privilege that is right for this degree because all the hard work and knowledge can now be used in different places that may not have easy access to the medical. I personally once I have earned this degree would like to travel to such places.

My advice for anybody who wants to also be a physician is to not only look at the benefits of becoming one but also look at the negatives. For example, schooling for us is another  7-8 years coming right out of high school. The working environment of a physician can also be a problem if you might consider having a family or already have one. Also the person has to be 100% sure they want to go through this or else it’s a waste of time. Another thing that is important is being able to handle stress from both work and their personal lives. If they are willing to put up with stress then they are good to go if not they should reconsider and think of other fields or options.

In conclusion, the road to becoming a great physician is a bumpy path but at the end of it are many rewards. Not just the money, the studies themself  or the doctoral degree benefits but a personal accomplishment. As I mentioned before considering both the benefits and the negatives of this job is a must or it could lead to wasting money on college courses not needed and wasting time on a career that is within their desire for what they want to do in the future.20150512_164046 However, if we are successful we can become inspiration to future children or billionaires; who knows but the reward possibilities of a physical or mental reward are endless.

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“Exploring Computer Science at City Tech and a Career in programmer/Developer by Shah Khan.”


ENG 110120130903_202242

Success requires hard work and knowledge, City Tech is the perfect place to seek knowledge. My name is Shah Raiz Khan and I am a student of Computer Science at City Tech, City Tech only have associates degree in my major due to that I will have to get transfer to City College for further studies after completing my associates from City Tech. Once you learn about computer science you will find a different world full of excitement and unlimited knowledge. This is the best career for me because my problem solving skills got better after choosing this career. I have been around the computers since I was a kid and now I feel it like a part of my body and I know when something goes wrong with it and this ability will help me as a computer system analyst. There is no limit for knowledge in this field, so far I have learnt three computer languages which are “C, C++, Java”, C++ and java are the most common languages used in today’s programming world. Our whole future depends on computers as we see from Planes to small corner street cameras all work on computer and you need someone to program it for you.

Technology have made human life so easy that we even do not pay attention to the stuff that is happening behind the program, and how is everything working, but a computer science student knows “The language of mathematics is used to translate the solutions of real-world problems into algorithms. Constructing efficient and effective algorithms to solve a particular problem is the business of computer science”,(City tech catalog). Computer science is an excellent field of study for those seeking career opportunities in the worlds of business, education, government and industry. Employers value computer science graduates, not just for their specific technical skills, but for the broad analytic and problem-solving abilities that are developed in the study of computer science. After completing my degree in Computer Science I will be able to get jobs in fields like Information Security Analyst, Software Developer, Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer and Information Systems Manager and many other fields. At the moment when I am studying at City Tech I want to gather as much knowledge as possible, I want to learn all the skills of the professors either it is about the stuff that they teaches us or just personal behavior that he developed over time with his experiences, I want to learn about all and use it as necessary.

The best tool to be successful in any field is to “become a problem solver” (Professor Jason W. Ellis). Computer Science is the best career for me because it keeps me busy with different issues which comes up on testing new programs, I never feels tired by this process because this is what I always liked due to its power to communicate, today we are working on to built a cap that can get access to the computer by using our brain without any use of keyboard or mouse we can use computers by sending signals through neurons in our brain (Corinna Lathan). Computer science is the field for people who like discoveries and believe in their selves and always look forward to do new invasions in modern technology.

Science have always shown a new way to human life but when it comes to Computer Science, It has changed the way of our thinking and the World as well , Without computing, the Allies may not have won the World War two, humans would not have walked on Moon, and Wal-mart would be a small store in Arkansas (David Evans). All this stuff was possible due to Computer science inventions. I spend most of my life around computers one the things that I learnt from it is the more time you spend with it the more knowledge you obtain from it. If you can understand the computer science here is no place in the world that you can stay behind from others. Two years ago I was free in my house and I had nothing to do so I decided to built an application for computer to keep the record of all the things that I do in my day, It took me over 2 months to built it and fix all the errors that I was facing while using it and finally I found someone who wanted to buy that and sold him for 12 thousand dollars on the condition that I will not use my name on it, I did not thought for a second and sold him, that day I realize If you have some knowledge of computer science you will never loose in this world.

Modern technology is changing the way our brain works, the human brain the most sensitive part of our body can now control things just by thinking about them in our mind. It all became reality due to computer science, an electronic chip is being developed that could allow a paralyzed patient to move a robotic limb just by thinking about it (Professor Susan Greenfield). Every field needs people in Computer science to keep up with the world and to maintain the record and provide them cyber security which is the main threat to any company for example few years ago a group of hacker hacked into the world biggest and security agencies and uploaded their top secret information on a website named wiki leaks founded by     Julian Assange (Julian Assange).images

Computer Science gives you the opportunities to fulfill everything that you have dreamed of in your life, they have the best jobs in the world which keeps you active and entertain even at work. With a bachelor degree in Computer science you can get jobs in fields like Computer analyst, Data base administrator, Cyber security analyst, Web developer, Computer and system manager, Software developer and even as a Computer and information system manager (BLS). You can easily make from 70,000 To 120,000 per year depending on the company that you work in.

My studies at City Tech are preparing me to be ready for the outside world without any problems and to focus on what I have to do in my field of work. City Tech offer numerous internships and work facilities that gives you a look of work world and teaches you how to communicate with other people and to have a professional conversation with the people at your work place that all gives you confidence to go out and face the world without any hesitation.

I would recommend everyone to choose Computer science as your career if you have the problem solving skill and you know you can make change. If you like gaming with computer science you can create your own game or you can be the person in IT who protects the whole industry single handedly. If you are student at City Tech, you have the best chance to study Computer science from the best professors in this field and learn from them not just about your course about their lifestyle and way of talking this will help you to give positive impression to others.





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Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineering Technology program and a career in Computer Engineering by Connor Kempf

I am Connor Kempf; A student at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). I am studying Computer Engineering Technology and it is my first year of college. My first reason for choosing this major and this career is the fact that this career has many opportunities and advancement once hired. The second reason why I chose this major is to learn more about technology. Based on previous experiences,technology is the future of mankind. The third reason for my choice of major is I feel I can make a living doing a job I enjoy. The fourth reason is the broadness of this field, it is not focused on one specific thing.

In this essay, I will go into detail about my choice of major and my reasoning for choosing this major. Evidence will be provided to justify my claims. People ask me about my IT experience, I have it. I started studying technology in the sixth grade, continuing through middle and high schools. Upon my graduation from high school, I was certified by Microsoft in networking and security fundamentals. These certifications have the potential of giving me a career. I hope to continue learning about computers and technology as a whole, becoming a productive member of the community. When i finished high school, I elected to continue my education. I want to prove myself to potential employers.

People have asked me why I have chosen my major of computer engineering technology. One of my reasons for choosing this major is the fact that it is a job. This may be an understatement in itself. I know from my experience that this career field is growing, Instructors or workers, they all work under the same title. I encourage the reader to look around and observe the people always using their electronics. I think the phrase “to be left to ones devices” has taken a whole new meaning. This career has a trait, the growth of the field. People use technology in every day life, such as a smart phone or computer. It does not matter what it is, what matters is the fact that it is technology. Technology itself needs someone to maintain it, this is where I think I come in. According to the City Tech College Catalog(2014-2015) “Manufacturers and users of computers and electromechanical equipment are potential employers. Among the employers of graduates of this program are Con Edison, General Electric, Verizon, Cable Version, Apple, Logic Control, Lutron Electronics, JetBlue, MTA, NYC transit and the elevator industry.” (City Tech 218) This in itself is a mouthful of information to swallow. The quote from the college catalog is from my perspective from my perspective showing just how broad the career field really is for someone in this major. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this field. I could end up find a specific area related to computer engineering that I really like. I have not found this specific part as I am still in school.

Technology is the future of mankind as we know it. Many people, including myself, own at least one item of technological equipment. Technology itself is very complicated, there are many specialized subsets of technology such as computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer systems technology, and much more. “Decades ago, Alan Turing predicted machines would likely get smart enough to pass for humans. But these days, artificial intelligence is just one of the technologies shaping the devices of tomorrow.” (Fitzpatrick 75) I can imagine a world where robots and humans interact. Imagine a world where humans and robots coexist. What about the conspiracies that may arise if technology use becomes malicious? There is a lot of “what if’s?” in technology. If however,something does happen that warrants the attention of humanity, it will likely get it. Technology is an invention of humans, it can evolve like we do. Humans design new pieces of technology every day. I suggest the reader search on google for  ‘New Technology’ and read a little. Humans like to retain information. I theorize this as a part of the reason why the personal computer was invented. Instead of having handwritten notes or photo albums, many people today store all this great knowledge and memories in the cloud. Computers today were distilled from larger computers, computers the size of a whole room. Today’s technology includes smartphones the size of our hand and tablet the size of a book, allowing us to see the technological world before us. Imagine a day thousands of years in the future and you are looking back through them in the family cloud, looking at photos of your distant ancestors. All this technology is dynamic, it can adapt with humanity. I myself say that in my field, I must be dynamic as things are changing. When I started learning about technology, computers still ran windows xp. That is just to put it into perspective. I have being learn about technology since the sixth grade. I chose this major to build on the experience I do have.I know only one thing about my future and the future of mankind, the fact that technology will be present in some form.

Computer engineers are very important members of technological society. People have a desire for technology. This desire is met by the engineers who design and maintain technology. I know from observation that technology is getting progressively smaller and more complicated. This in itself creates additional workload for engineers who must work within certain parameters. One would think that a computer engineer is paid a huge sum of money for complicated work. This is not true. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational Outlook handbook “$100,920 salary per capita, $48.52 hourly median pay”. (BLS)This shows that  although the pay is not great, there is still potential for a living to be made. Think of the average cost of living for New York City, anywhere in the five boroughs. In Manhattan, the average cost of living is somewhere in the region of $8000 monthly when you include food, rent, transportation, etc. Think of how much I would be making when I am starting out. I might be pulling in around $55000 a year in my first couple of years of work. This means that Manhattan is completely out of the question unless my wage was substantial enough to afford the extremely high cost-of-living. I’m not saying that I cannot live comfortably, I just have to be careful where I live in terms of living cost. I know in my field there is at least some potential. It is stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that “the expected growth for Computer Hardware Engineers is around 7% between 2012-2022.” (BLS) This means that computer hardware engineering might not be the way I should go if I am pursuing a career. This is not to say that computer engineering is limited to software or hardware, the field is diverse.

My fourth reason for choosing Computer Engineering as my major and indeed my career path is the fact that it is a broad field. According to the City Tech College Catalog(2014-2015) “Manufacturers and users of computers and electromechanical equipment are potential employers. Among the employers of graduates of this program are Con Edison, General Electric, Verizon, Cable Version, Apple, Logic Control, Lutron Electronics, JetBlue, MTA, NYC transit and the elevator industry.” (City Tech 218) This quote has a dual meaning, the potential for employment and a demonstration of just how broad the field really is. Con Edison, for example, is the primary electricity provider for New York City and the surrounding areas. JetBlue is a low cost airline. This goes to show that it is not just one employer who needs computer engineers. Computer engineers are always in demand. The field is broad, avionics, elevators, design and drafting, all fall under the realm of computer engineering. I wonder what my future holds. Where will I work? Where will I live? What kind of work will I be doing?

Computer Engineering, I feel, is the correct choice for me. I have an interest in technology, a drive to succeed, and a need for a job. I do not know where I will be working. I know I will leave City Tech in no way other than with a degree in Computer Engineering Technology. College for me is an opportunity to learn, and grow. College is an outlet for potential in my eyes.I want to make myself a better member of society. Maybe I will invent the next great thing in technology. I have my reasons, Broad Field, Employment, and The Future of Technology,now all I need to do is finish school and get a job.





















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Exploring City Tech’s Mechanical Engineering Technologies and a Career in Aerospace Engineering by Nicole Lopez

My name is Nicole Lopez, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech). After graduating, I plan to attend graduate school where I will earn a Master’s of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. As an aerospace engineer, one who will be working on and building airplanes for either NASA or the United States Air Force (USAF). This is the best career for me because I have been into building and working technology for a long time and feel like I am good at it. I love to build. I chose this major because, there will always be room for engineers in this industrial and technologically advanced world, and if I have a bachelor’s degree in a field as broad as Mechanical Engineering, I feel I would have an advantage to the changing needs of the industry when I move into Aerospace engineering, even though Aerospace focuses more on aircraft rather than machining. In this essay, I will provide information about my chosen major, show why this is the best career for me, and explain how City Tech’s preparation can help me with my chosen career path.

While my career choice is Aerospace engineering, my undergraduate major is Mechanical Engineering. In the Occupational Outlook handbook, Mechanical engineering is generally defined as engineering that will focus in machinery, mechanics and production tools. At City Tech specifically, a student who is majoring in mechanical engineering will learn a “broad-based engineering technology education required to solve applied engineering problems through design and analysis” (City Tech 291). This means that City Tech’s programs teach the basics of engineering and industry standard tools to provide better career flexibility in the work force. Aerospace engineering can be defined as working with and designing aircrafts, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles (occupational outlook handbook). I believe the preparation I get from City Tech and studying Mechanical Engineering will help me increase not only my knowledge of machining but also what I should expect to face as I enter Aerospace engineering.

The first reason I am in Aerospace engineering is because I enjoy building. Both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering deal with designing and creating things. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Aerospace engineers “may develop new technologies for use in aviation…[and] can specialize in designing different types of aerospace products.” I have been interested in building since I was in middle school. I used to be in the robotics club throughout my middle and early high school career. For me, this is perfect because I enjoy being able to build and design new technologies. It gives me a sense of pride to be able to build something that will not only function properly, but will be put to use and will help take a step forward in the advanced technological world. Building is my passion and there is nothing I’d rather do.

The next reason I am in Mechanical Engineering as a major before I go into Aerospace engineering as a career is that Mechanical engineers are known to be flexible and have the advantage in the engineering work force. According to career cornerstone, “The key characteristics of the profession are its breadth, flexibility, and individuality.” The worldwide learning website states that some other careers that can be used from mechanical engineering are the following: Automotive engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineer, nuclear engineer, and robotics engineer. This means that mechanical engineer are able to flex into other careers and put their talents to use in different ways.

The last reason I aspire to become an Aerospace engineer is because there will always be room for engineers in the technologically advanced world we live in today. According to Career Cornerstone, and the U.S Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor statistics, “Mechanical engineers are expected to have employment growth of 6 percent between 2008 and 2018, slower than the average for all occupations.” However, they continue to say “Mechanical engineers hold about 238,700 jobs in the United States. Mechanical engineers are capable of working in a wide variety of industry sectors, and new technologies will create industries that don’t exist today.” Even though there has been a drop in the amount of engineering jobs expected to arise, mechanical engineers will always be able to expand and improve upon the technology we have and will have in the future. The future is technology, therefore the future is in engineering.

In order to prepare for a career in Aerospace engineering, there are many things I must do. According to Sullivan, “A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required for almost all entry-level engineering jobs.” Basically, many places will be satisfied with a Bachelor’s degree, but I want to make the most of my education by going for a masters in Aerospace engineering, as proven where the worldwide learning center website states “Mechanical engineers often continue their education throughout their careers because technology changes rapidly.” If I want to survive, I have to know the ins and outs of the current technology. Engineers also need a “good understanding of science, mathematics and computers with a good knowledge of current technology” (Worldwide Learn). Basically, an engineer uses science, technology and math in their everyday work, so naturally an engineer must be well-rounded in these areas. Some other important qualities an engineer must have are “Analytical skills, Business skills, critical thinking skills, math skills, and writing skills” (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Engineers also encouraged to go for their Fundamentals of Engineering Exam senior year (FE) and Professional Engineers (PE) license after a few years of Engineering experience, as stated in careercornerstone. This means that my education does not stop after I graduate college. I must always be knowledgeable in my field of work in order to keep up with the advancements of technology.

As stated throughout this essay, my plan is to graduate college with a bachelor’s in Mechanical engineering before getting my masters in Aerospace engineering. However, I know it will take more in order for me to be successful. I plan on finding internships for mechanical engineering and learning as much as I can in school. I plan on getting help through the school in getting my first job, hopefully somewhere in the mechanical fields I work towards my masters in aerospace. Eventually I will move on to the aerospace engineering field. Even here, I cannot stop learning. I must stay knowledgeable about the current technologies and advancements. Technology never stops expanding, so my knowledge should have no limits. For others looking into this field, I recommend doing a lot of research to make sure this is the career your heart is set on. Engineering in general not only takes math and science, but it also takes curiosity and a love for learning and building. With this career, I can achieve many things. One of my many goals is being able to inhabit Mars, or building a machine that will give us details and recordings on what happens in black holes and worm holes. I also want to try and make a time machine. The possibilities with this major and career are endless and I plan on using that to my full advantage. The sky is the limit and I plan on reaching for the stars.




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“Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineering Technology at City Tech and a Career in Computer Engineering by Amir Magar”


              My name is Amir Magar, and I am currently enrolled in Computer Engineering Technology at New York City College of Technology. This field of study incorporates both my interest in the electrical, and programming aspect of engineering. This versatile major makes this engineering field not only broad and sophisticated, but also makes job opportunities limitless. My decision to join Computer Engineering has always been my first option in this engineering department, and I am privileged to be in this major. This is a perfect major for me because, jobs in technology are understood to grow rapidly in the future and the passion I have for this industry is second to none. In addition to that, working with computers for a very long time, I understand how technology advances can have a huge impact in our society. Through various internet researches and, peer-reviewed articles guided from my school resource, I will explain how my commitment to this major is worth every second in the long run.


pic 1

In this major, I expect that the department will prepare me to utilize my knowledge, and the skills that I will acquire, and be able to perform in the professional world. As an Computer Engineer, I am required to know hardware and software. This school gives exactly that, and furthermore, it gives students an opportunity to provide hands-on classes. Few of the classes that I am really interested are, Electronics, Electrical Networks, and Applied Analysis Lab (NYCCT Catalog 224-225). These classes involves circuits, software, and mathematics. Without these background, it is impossible to work as a Computer Engineer. When I graduate with an Bachelor of technology degree, companies such as, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, or JetBlue, are just the few employers that expects their potential employees with this degree (NYCCT Catalog 218). However, it is important to gain experience before graduating, to do this, I have to apply for internship which this schools is known for its internship opportunity.

Technology is one of the few reasons why this major has grabbed my interest. The reason because, technology live to exists everywhere. It is a universal scientific knowledge that is bound to expand, and grow exponentially in the coming years. Businesses have started using computers as their main gate to sell, and advertise their goods and services. According to Lauren Csorny, businesses that uses computers has had a positive effect as “employment in the industry rose quickly, as many businesses began to invest in computer systems.”(Csorny par 6). Even though the employment has rose significantly, statistics has shown that employment in technologies has a fair amount of decline just like any industry. However, the decline in employment is due to the fact that “for certain positions, thousands – even tens of thousands – of positions remain unfilled, largely because they are so new and lack qualified candidates”(DISYS par 3). Technology is fairly a new industry when it comes to modern business collaboration. Both depends on one another in terms of supplying and demanding. It is only matter of time when in result, as technologies advances, business benefits at the same time, or vice-versa

.pic 2

It is inevitable that technology continues to improve even though we may think it has reached its limit. Take an example, in the late twentieth century when calculator was first invented, people in the past, thought this was a huge technology break through (Ball & Flamm Par 1). It provided a way to calculate without manually calculating, and which, allowed nations to safely land on the moon, or send a satellite. Calculator was then further improved so much so that, everyone has a calculator application in their phone. It did not take that long for calculator to be portable, but the process that it took based on an underlying procedure showcase that the inventions is limitless.  The idea from this example shows that not only did calculator triumph the science, but it also revolutionized how technology can have a big impact in our society.

The society is dependent on technology as time goes on, and this is supported through my “calculator theory”. Even though calculator may not appeal to many people, it is an necessary advancement. It is important because, a future society will always look for more efficient form of productivity. According to Tim Wu, who wrote an article “As Technology Gets Better, Will Society Get Worse?”, states that, ” Technological evolution has a different motive force. It is self-evolution, and it is therefore driven by what we want as opposed to what is adaptive.”(Wu Par 12). In short, humans want to improve things that makes our life better, and that technology is never about “getting used to”. If the technology is not up to the standard, it needs to be improved or it will be improved. From the following quote by Kevin Kelly in his book “What Technology Wants”, it illustrate the main idea of his book, it states ” Technology wants what life wants: Increasing efficiency; Increasing opportunity; Increasing emergence; Increasing complexity; Increasing diversity; Increasing specialization; Increasing ubiquity; Increasing freedom; Increasing mutualism; Increasing beauty; Increasing sentience; Increasing structure; Increasing evolvability “(Wu Par 4). It will always improve, not because it is compulsory, but because it is our interest that drive us to have a better life. Definitely, even the smallest changes in an idea can lead to bigger things.

As an engineer it is naive to only look at the possibility of innovating, and not at the business aspect. As mentioned, both business and engineering works together in this modern society. However, to become successful computer engineer, the main thing that a person must have is, mental strength. It is a characteristic trait that will only happen through personal life. As Elvis Michael mentions in an article “What qualifications do I need to become a computer engineer?”, he describes many aspect of engineering qualities to become a computer engineer. However, he points out the most important quality in this article, he states, “Along with the appropriate education, qualifications for a computer engineer include analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as an aptitude for mathematics.”(Michael Par 3). Thinking critically is in my opinion the best attribute that I have. I like to visualize problems through various ways. Understanding both the correct and the wrong, is the way how it should be in the engineering field. Especially in computers, and as technology involves, thinking critically is the best attribute to offer in this engineering field.

City Tech is fundamental in my journey to have a successful career. It provides necessary skills that allow me to become versatile in computers, electrical, and mechanical. The benefit of this major consist of multiple engineering fields combined into one major. According to the catalog from the computer engineering technology it states, “It is multidisciplinary in nature in that students are taught the fundamentals of electrical and mechanical technology, computer hardware, software, data communications and networking.”(NYCCT Catalog 218). Accredited by the ABET, or also known as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology,  the employers understand that, “with ABET accreditation, students, and the society we serve can be confident that a program meets the quality standards that produce students prepared to enter a global workforce.”(ABET).  Just recently, the school announced that students in city tech that are to graduate from Computer Engineering Technology are eligible to take the professional engineering exam. Not only does that build up our resume, but as an engineer, the responsibilities that I will uphold in my future job will hopefully make a significant effect to the community. City tech provides numerous opportunities for students to be well prepared before graduating.

This is a course that requires extensive effort from students. If an individual is bound to make bad choices all the time, I fear this may not be the right major for him or her. Students must be open-minded, and disciplined in time management. The work that will be given out in this course gives you an ability to work under pressure, thus allow you to gain real life experience. Last of all, you need to be versatile. In other words, being able to adapt new things quickly. Especially in this industry, technology grows rapidly, and engineers’ responsibility is to keep in date with all things. However, my personal advise would be is to do what you are told to do and, always ask question. It will take time to settle with the amount of work that will be given, but at the end of the day, the amount of effort you have put in will benefit you in the long run. Always strive for best, and be hungry for success.



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“Exploring New York City Tech’s Computer Engineering Technology and a Career in Computer Engineering Technology by Ayesha Javed”

Ayesha Javed
Professor Jason W. Ellis
English 1101
May, 11, 2015

ayesha project


Choosing and coming to City Tech has opened many doors of opportunities for my career. My name is Ayesha Javed and I am studying Bachelors in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering Technology. After obtaining my degree in this field I would be pursing my career working for technology companies that I have always wanted to work for in New York. Getting this degree will open up a wide range of jobs for me from semiconductor design and fabrication to operating systems. As said by Oprah Winfrey, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” which leads us to why I know this is the best career for me. You have to be passionate about everything you want to achieve in your life. Technology has always amazed me and I always wanted to know how computers were built, and worked. What parts did what function and what parts went where in the computer system? Also in this field I know not only do I have many career opportunities but a high range of pay as well. The average salary of a computer engineer in USA is $89,000 per year, which is 97% higher than the average U.S. salary. In Computer Engineering Technology not only must you know how to fix a computer but also how to explain technical things to non-technical people and that is what companies look for in their employees. Deloitte was a company I visited while I was studying Net + at Per Scholas. While being there it attracted me more since that was a company I had always wanted to work for. Deloitte was one of the reasons why I basically “fell in love” with Technology. From being so passionate about this career field I chose, to having my goals set for my future all I lack is the knowledge which I will get at New York City College of Technology. In this essay I will talk about the main things that you should know about Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology, all the background on it, my reasons to why I chose this as my career and how City Tech will help me prepare and achieve this goal.


Computer engineering technology students learn the technical skills they need to help computer engineers design computer hardware and software. Class topics include computer electronics and programming, computer installation and testing, and report writing. Being in this field I will learn to select and apply the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of the discipline to broadly-defined engineering technology activities. Also I will have “An ability to select and apply a knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to engineering technology problems that require the application of principles and applied
procedures or methodologies.” (City Tech). Being a student and taking all my required courses will give me the advantage of knowing how to design systems, components or processes for broadly-defined engineering technology. I will be able to work with computers to a far depth and know as much as there is to be known. Besides all the technical abilities that I would have City Tech also teaches you how to apply written, oral and graphical communication skills in both technical and non-technical environments. Having as many more skills as you can makes you more valuable and another set of abilities that City Tech provides you with is ” a commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement and the ability to function effectively as a member or leader on a technical team.” (City Tech). This leads us to what would be expected when I graduate from this college. “Graduates of the Computer Engineering Technology program are expected to be employed, as engineering technologists or the equivalent, in positions beyond the entry-level for which this program has prepared them.” (City Tech). For progression in and graduation from the Computer Engineering Technology (CEB BTech) program, a minimum grade of ‘C’ is required in the following courses in the major: MAT 1575, MAT 2680, Computer Engineering Technology 3625.Since you have gained all the knowledge that you needed to be qualified as a engineer then you must be able to achieve this goal. This was just an over-view to what my career is and what advantages I would have. Being able to study in this college has given me a lot of hope to moving closer to what I want.


ayesha pro
“Computer engineering majors are some of the highest paid workers in the country, according to new data analyzed by the Brookings Institution.” (“Computer engineering graduates are some of the top paid workers in the country”, October, 8, 2014). Who doesn’t want to earn money when they are working? That is the only reason we are working so we can get paid not only to pay our bills but fulfill our desires. This was one of the reasons why I chose Computer Engineering as my field because you are considered to get a high pay. My parents have done a lot for me and I want to do something back for them. As much as they would be happy to see me achieving my dreams, I want to do something in return for them so they don’t have to struggle when they are older and money is one factor that would help me achieve this. Students who graduate with engineering degrees across a variety of fields are rewarded with high-paying jobs and have strong earning potential throughout their career. Computer engineering has grown the fastest over the last few decades and computers now permeate our everyday lives. With the increasing demands of computers so are more chances of you being successful in this field. The average salary of a Computer Hardware Engineer is $106,930 annually. Salaries start from $64,620 and go up to $154,810. In this case not only money is earned but more knowledge as well with your experience in this field.

You must be passionate, you must dedicate yourself, and you must be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. If you do, you will be successful. This is what always has derived me to pursue my education in Computer Studies. My mom has always said that always choose what interests you since you will never get bored of it and it will seem more like a hobby rather than a job. You cannot do what you don’t find happiness in. Computers have always amazed me and I have been learning about them since middle school. From the very little parts such as a CMOS battery in the motherboard to all the software’s used to run a computer have always kept my attention. My curiosity has led me to this point that I want to continue my career in this field and as said by Albert Einstein “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Ever since I was a child I wanted to know how things were built and what made them work and as I grew up I realized that I was into Technology and devices even more. In high school I took Computer Studies as a subject and I learned how to make programs and learn different computer languages such as Visual Basic 2010.” Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing and what you love doing. ” (Mubin Ejaz. Personal Interview. 26 March 2015. While being at Per Scholas an institution that I went to, to get my Net + certification I had 500 hours of extensive hand on experience with computers, fixing them, putting and breaking them apart. As hectic it was it gave me joy just to learn how to fix it. These experiences I had made me more passionate about this field and made me want to continue what I was doing. It pushed me further to achieve my goals and get the knowledge I did not have yet about computers.

If you’re convinced that technology can help solve many of the world’s greatest challenges. Driven to make a difference. Eager to make big ideas a reality. Open to learning from preeminent leaders in the business. Searching for a stepping-stone to a bright future. And, above all, if you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, then you basically have the potential to succeed at Deloitte. There are a lot of technology companies out there and I had been to quite several of them but Deloitte attracted me the most and upon achieving my Bachelors Degree I always wanted to work for Deloitte as a Computer Technician.” Technology at Deloitte isn’t simply about using technology for technology’s sake; it’s all about how our clients use technology to achieve their desired business outcomes. Consequently, we require individuals with a passion and enthusiasm for technology and a desire to innovate to solve the unique challenges facing our clients and their business.” (Bill Frauda, “What makes Deloitte different.” March 30 2015). It’s not only about fixing computers as said by Bill Frauda but it’s about how it would give advantage to others as well since it’s not only about taking but giving back to your people. You must know how to interact with people and how to talk with them and I have always been good at that. Deloitte has been one of the most successful companies we know of and still advancing in the field. Being at a company like that you would get to learn so much and so many more doors to opportunities would open up for me. Today business and technology are inextricably linked. And keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy leaders, and that is what Deloitte is for. From the environment, people, to all the experience I will be able to get in that company I would want to work there for every reason there is and I hope to achieve this goal when I get my Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering Technology.


“The Computer Engineering Technology Department takes a multi-disciplinary approach with theoretical and practical foundations in current and emerging technologies. The department is dedicated to prepare students with the fundamentals of electrical technology, electromechanical technology, computer hardware, software, networks, using engineering principles to integrate these technologies to control electromechanical devices, and develop computer controlled and embedded systems.” (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15). This is the main things you will get to learn while being enrolled at City Tech and these skills are what employers look for in a candidate when on an interview. Learning all these skills will benefit me in my future since it would give me more chances to get a job that I want in Technology. At City Tech students are prepared for entering into the fields of computer engineering technology related industries and for pursuing an advanced degree. Through excellence in teaching, hands-on laboratories, internship experience, and innovative use of technology, the department provides a friendly atmosphere for each individual where learning, creativity, and personal growth can flourish. The classrooms are equipped with modern computers, embedded system development platform and tools, computer network equipment, simulators, design and application software, and measuring instruments. These are some of the equipment’s which we will use later on in our jobs as well and we would already have practiced on them. Being a student at City Tech I have already learned so much and there is so much more to come. “The Computer Engineering Technology department is proud of having accomplished faculty members who bring a wealth of knowledge from academia, industry, and business. In addition to being experienced teachers in classrooms, Computer Engineering Technology faculty are involved in a wide variety of research activities such as Mobile Robots and Multi-robot Systems, Network Science, Embedded Systems, Conformance Testing, Software Engineering, Control Theory and Application, and etc.” (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-2015). In this quoted part you are able to see that City Tech doesn’t only give you the knowledge but it gives you the opportunities to explore more into your career and advance. Events like these open up students minds as well as mine and that is more one achievement for students like me who are also doing Computer Engineering. There is a saying by Franco Bacon that “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” but I think that New York City College of Technology will give you all the opportunities that you need.

What can you not do with this degree is the question instead of asking what can you? After getting Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology it would be a dream come true for my parents and myself. With this degree I will be able to get many job opportunities at companies which include Verizon, Deloitte, Bloomberg and many more. But not only will I be able to get a good job I will save a lot of money as well since I would know how to fix computers I wouldn’t have to spend money on getting them fixed like I do now. This degree would give me advantage in every way possible. If anyone interested in this field would want to learn more they should at least visit some colleges to find out about their programs, and visit technology companies to see if they do interest you. Often working on teams with engineers and designers from other disciplines, computer engineers can contribute to a wide variety of compelling projects. From designing new microchips to developing industrial robots, computer engineers use their skills to help businesses and consumers solve all kinds of problems. With computers integrated in more and more products around the world, a computer engineer’s career choices are nearly limitless. They will be able to explore more exciting new opportunities in their career and this is one thing that I want the most. “No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” as said by L. Frank Baum.

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“Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineering Technology at City Tech and a Career in Computer Engineering by Jo. Jumalon”

2014-06-21 16.54.49


Project EMT 1130 “Digital Trainer” Wiring 14pin and 16 pin rainbow cable to the top panel.

My name is Jo. Jumalon and I am an active student at New York City College of Technology. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering Technology. Earning this degree would be a huge step forward in my current career field as a server technician. It would also enhance my skills in the Computer Engineering field, and give me more background knowledge and leverage for when I pursue one of many computer engineering related work in the future. I believe this is the best career for me, due to the amount of passion I have working with computer technology. I have a very good understanding of computer technology, and in a growing industry to showcase my creative work, to one day create a self-sufficient tech company, and to create new technology for the future generation.

Computer engineering technology is the study of understanding the inner workings of a computer system. This includes working with system software, hardware, networking, and many problem solving. In the computer engineering course you will learn to do basic and advanced mathematics, electrical circuits, fabrication, coding, sciences, and communication. According to the City Tech College Catalog, once you have earned a bachelor degree in this field of computer engineering, you are considered to be hired in companies like JetBlue, Verizon, Apple, Lutron Electronics, General Electric, Con Edison, and many more similar tech companies (NYCCT Catalog pg.218). The one thing I want to do the most with my education in City Tech would be to invent a new technology that can help people live better and easier.

2014-08-23 01.22.33

Troubleshooting a faulty part or wiring.

A quote by Sean Aiken” The belief that you can have a meaningful career is the first step to finding one.” The belief of reaching a goal takes time and a lot of effort. Enjoying your activities only enhances the effort put into the goal, thus catapulting your career to endless possibilities.  According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a huge fluctuation of jobs between the years of 2012 to 2022. In the growing computer engineering field, new emerging students are going after these positions, and soon competition will only become harder. With my technology background as a server technician, and in the future a Bachelor or Master’s degree in computer engineering, these can be beneficial when applying for a new job in the growing industry with a growing competition. According to Migliorino, Nicholas J. and Jeffrey Maiden, “As a result of enormous advances in communication and computer technology, there is increased opportunity for the application of technology”. More emphasis in the application of technology is needed to work the new technology that has been created. Computer Engineering is a field that requires the application of various new technology to create efficiency in a work place. Creating new technology is still in reach and should be pursued.

With the current technology advancements, and new technology companies emerging, one may think that “new” technology cannot be invented. This technology block was referred to as “The Dot-com Bubble” or “Tech Bubble”. I believe there is still a place for new emerging technology in the market. Although it can be hard to create something new, my passion and knowledge of technology in depth can push me to make innovative things that one day, can probably change how we live. According to Closs, S. J, “Computer technology has revolutionized many aspects of our society and is, without doubt, the most significant innovation of the century. As the technology has advanced it has encompassed more and more of our daily activities until it now permeates almost every aspect of modern life.” New technology is emerging every day, whether it is beneficial or not to our daily lives, the drive towards the goal of evolution, and creating a better life for everyone in this planet is the one thing that will always be there and never change. Technology will always be needed whether it is an old feature that is improved, or a new improved innovation that can significantly change the way humans live.

2015-02-18 01.17.21

My Workstation

The effects of new technology, can be a huge burden in the economy. Some examples are automatic teller machines are replacing bank tellers, and new programs are replacing manual labor such as filing your taxes, and etc. As more jobs are being overtaken by automation, there is more urgency to turn to more competitive companies to make blue collar jobs to white collar. According to a survey “OECD” “Highlights the need for policies to encourage innovation. Countries which are the first to use new technologies, the OECD study says, will be the ones most likely to capture the benefits, including new jobs and trade. “Countries which lag in introducing advanced technologies risk the decline or even loss of domestic and foreign markets, resulting in pronounced unemployment,” the OECD warns.” In a survey from “The Guardian”, “More than eight in ten small and medium sized firms intend to introduce or add to their existing new technology during the next two years in spite of the fact that they consider such investment to be costly. It is imperative that new technology companies, implement their new technology instead of thinking about the cost of implementation”. Technology will always find a way to become beneficial and more convenient to implement as it is used more. Advancements can only happen when there is constant usage of the particular invention. Think about a desktop computer and the invention of a laptop. The need and drive of a personal computer to be more mobile, is the process of continued application of technology.  I believe I can make a company that will be self-sufficient, in a way that it can market, produce, and innovate technology through constant application. Only then it can be enhanced and improved accordingly to make it cost effective.


Drawing Schematic EMT 1120

The courses in City Tech will provide me the essential skillset to achieve these goals in my career choice. This includes basic and advanced courses such as “Logic and Problem Solving”, “Manufacturing Labs”, “Electronics”, ”Microcomputer Systems Technology”,  “Robotics Technology”, and lots more. “Logic and Problem Solving” Introduces basic number systems, and programming techniques, with practical examples in modern programming language. “Manufacturing Labs” consists of manufacturing a working mechanical, and electrical device. This practice will benefit me when I try to innovate or invent a new product. “Electronics” is a course where I learn fundamentals of circuitry, semi- conductors, and etc. “Microcomputer Systems Technology” is an advanced introductory course to basic concepts used in a PC, although I know a lot of things about a computer, I’ve always been curious with how each component is manufactured and made. Whenever I build computers, the components are already pre made, and I just assemble the pieces together. “Robotics Technology” is one of many advance courses that teaches the usage of different robotic drive components, electric hydraulics, pneumatic, sensors, data handling/retrieving, and the usage of robot/computer systems. Overall I will enjoy the courses here at city tech, they sound very engaging and exciting. While enjoying the courses, it will also help me reach my goal, as an innovator, and inventor.

2014-08-23 21.17.29

Troubleshooting a problem with connection or component. (Outcome picture above),

If working with precision tools, getting your hands dirty, and building tools, this major is not for you. Although if you consider trying an engineer program, I would suggest this course. So far this has been the best first experience I had in City Tech. Building a device from scratch, connecting wires, learning basic logic systems, and reading schematics. It is something I only had a slight experience with before attending City Tech and this has kick started my curiosity to make new technology. If you enjoy it, that’s something nobody can take away even if the job is hard. This course is very engaging, and has a great mix of applied science and theory which I enjoy. If you are pursuing this course, I suggest to do your research and make sure you want to learn the topics that are listed in the course catalog, because it will be a big hassle to change.

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“Exploring City Tech’s Career and Technology Teacher Education and a Career in Elementary Education by Moises Velasquez.”

My name is Moises Velasquez. I am currently enrolled in the New York City of Technology. I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences, this is only temporary. I am undecided at the moment, but I feel like I have an idea on what I would like to base my career on. I would like to become a teacher in the future. I am not sure what subject it will be yet but I just know I like to teach. Although I don’t look it, as I was growing up I was always that student the classmates would go to when they needed help on a problem. I always enjoy helping others in something I am good at so this field is something I am very interested in. Helping kids is something I want to do because I feel like a teacher has a very big impact on the future of some students. If I can impact at least one student’s life I would be content. I want to find those students that waste their potential on negative things and help them as much as possible. I also like to learn so pursuing this field will give me a lot of new learning experiences.
Pursuing this field will entitle me to have general knowledge in various things. According to the City Tech catalog is should be “based on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences that forms the basis for our shared values understanding and responsibilities in a democracy”. The steps I am taking right now is already connects to this.Other steps I will have to take is having the ability to use modern day technology to use in a learning system. I will also have to be able to make a learning plan based on the abilities on to students. The major thing I want to do in city tech is get all the general classes out of the way. If I have to end up transferring then so be it but I would like to have all those general stuff out of the way at least.
“Don’t ever say you can’t do something until you trying, and if you fail, try try again”. This simple quote has followed me since I was a kid. My fifth grade teacher, Mr Smith, repeated this quote several times during my fifth grade year. I have no doubt in my mind that he has forgotten who I even am but if I could wish for something it would be for him to know he has unconsciously affected someone’s life in a positive way. The main reason I would like to be a teacher is because of this. Most people can remember at least one teacher from their schools years that have affected their lives or at least experience in school on some way. Sometimes is can be a negative effect or it can be a very positive one like I have experienced. I hope to provide the latter if I do become a teacher in the future.
No matter what kind of subject I want to teach as a teacher I would still have to be well educated in every kind of field. According to the city tech catalog I should have a general knowledge of every subject such as math, science, and history. One of the reasons I also want to become a teacher is so I can learn more about every field. Having considerable knowledge in various fields will also help me as a person feel better about myself. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to be kept out of the loop so whenever someone is having an educated conversation I would rather give my input than staying quiet. I am also very prideful so knowing things other people don’t gives me a sense of power over them even if it is just for a second. I promise I am not actually a jerk.
“ Seeing students develop new skills and gain an appreciation for knowledge and learning can be very rewarding. However, teaching may be stressful.Occasionally, teachers must cope with unmotivated or disrespectful students”. As said by the occupational handbook being a teacher can be both rewarding and irksome. I can personally agree with the latter. I have seen at least two teachers in my lifetime that have honestly cried because of their students. It is an undisputable fact that there are horrible students out there that make a teacher’s life a living hell. Nothing can really be done with these kind of students. Unlike these kind of students there are students are just as disrespectful but have the potential to be something much better. I’d say I personally can somewhat fall in this category. Although I never actually outright disrespected my teachers, I never really listened to what teachers had to say. I didn’t respect their wisdom and experience. This was mainly in my early years of high school. Junior year I was finally able to pick up my act, but I would be lying if I said I did this alone.
My english teacher throughout my last two years of highschool gave me the words I needed to hear at the time. She told me I had the potential to be something much more. I reluctantly took her advice to take school more seriously and by the end of highschool I had risen my GPA from a 78 to about a 90 average. I made it into the honor roll and the national honor society by graduation. Fewer than ten of my classmates were in the national honor society. It gave me great pleasure to see people surprised that I was a member. This personal experience is another reason I want to become a teacher. I hate seeing kids with so much potential fail to become something much better than they are just because they don’t have someone to push them. I know there are student out there like me who just need someone to believe in them in order for them to become successful. I want to become that teacher, that role model that students can think back and thank for the person they didn’t become.
Since City Tech does not provide the kind of education major I am looking for I will have to eventually transfer to another school. According to the city tech catalog the only major they provide in education is in career and technology teacher education. Since this occupation is similar to the occupation I am looking into I can take more classes they are offering. The classes they offer for this major coincide with whatever teacher I will want to become in the future. Taking these general classes and passing them with high grades will allow my transfer to another school to run smoothly.
If someone else in city tech is looking to become a teacher as am I then my best advice would be to get those general classes out of the way first. Once you have down transfer to another school that provides more opportunities in the teaching field. Go back to any teachers that have helped you in the past and ask them for advice. That is something I am looking forward to doing when I have more time once this semester ends. Teachers have a huge impact on how some students will turn out in life, especially those students who need that extra attention they can’t get somewhere else. I am excited to embark on the journey I am about to take to become the helping hand of some future person out there.

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