“Exploring City Tech’s Architectural Technology and a Career in Architecture by Hyoeun Kim”

Attending City Tech gives a lot of opportunities to student. My name is Hyoeun Kim, and I am from Seoul, South Korea, came here and attending as City Tech international student since fall 2014. I am Studying Architectural Technology for bachelor degree. Many people wonder about what is the difference between Architecture and Architectural technology. Is it relate to Architecture? Or more like Civil Engineering? The answer is ‘Yes’. Yes to both. Architectural technology is the application of technology to the design of buildings. It is a component of architecture and building engineering and is sometimes viewed as a distinct discipline or sub-category. I chose this major because become a Licensed Architect is my only dream ever since I was a kid. And studying architectural technology gives more benefit than just studying architecture or civil engineering because it deals with both fields. Becoming licensed architect is long and difficult journey that I have to pursue in my future, but I have confidence in me that architect is best career for me that I can contribute to society in many ways. In this essay, I am going to write about why I want to be professional architect and how City Tech helps me to develop my career as an architect. Also, I will discuss about significance of architectural technology and what kind of architects I want it to be in society today.

City IMG_2388Tech requires four years of curriculum to get bachelor degree in architectural technology, while other schools require five years of curriculum to get bachelor degree in architecture. Saving a year of time is huge benefit to students who want to start their job career or internship early as possible. According to the Department of Architectural Technology’s catalog, “City Tech offers a unique four years Bachelor in Technology that prepares the student to be proficient in the 21st century technologies required to manage all phases of professional practice in architecture and related fields: design, construction materials and assemblies, architectural history, mechanical and structural systems, building information modeling (BIM), codes and professional practice, site planning, building performance analysis and sustainable design, and digital fabrication and manufacturing.” (NYCCT Catalog 212) This is what I exactly need for next three years of learning in City Tech. To learn expert and specialized knowledge about building constructions and the ways how to actualize my concept of building design. Also, the specialized computer software techniques that today’s work field uses. And the design studios in City Tech give me an opportunity to develop my own ideas and creative talents through participation in architectural projects from inception to final presentation and fabrication.   Graduates from bachelor in architectural technology degree program are well equipped to be a part of an architectural design team in a broad range of planning and construction coordination roles. They are provided with immediately marketable skills and a solid foundation for career advancement. After graduate of this program, I can go on to apply for a master’s degree in architecture, also qualify for the architectural registration exams and New York State licensure following a seven years period of work under a licensed architect. (NYCCT Catalog 212)

In my view, architecture is the one of fields that mixture of science, art, and history. I used to like to build something with LEGO blocks when I was kid. I was interested in science kits than other toys. Also, I liked to read books about human archeology in history than other fantasy nobles. These kind of habits influenced me to decide my dream as an architect.

Architectural Technology is unIMG_3225ique major that discusses design and technology both. If Architecture is the art of building in which human requirements and construction materials are brought to bear in a practical as well as aesthetic solution, Architectural Technology focuses on the technical and functional elements of design. Architectural Technologists are experts in function and build ability with the intention of providing efficient and effective solutions to the design and construction of buildings. To achieve this in an increasingly complex construction industry, the Technologist will develop specialist skills in, for example, project management, sustainable technologies and building information modelling. The courses in this major also develops students key attributes, in developing motivation, engagement and transferrable skills so that the graduate is capable and desirable in a wide range of industries. Although the structure of architecture and architectural technology is similar, Architectural Technology focuses on the technical aspects and tools involved in the construction of a building whilst Architecture only focuses on design and how this fits within the boarder context of society. Become an Architect after graduate in this major has privileged that a passion as well as a technology and an art. Architecture industries have been described as a social art and also an artful science. Architects look at the big picture and through Architecture they aim to look at our environment and how this impacts the society that we live in. It involves the design of buildings, cities and spaces, whilst taking account of culture, history and innovation to produce new architecture as a mark of our society.

The world we l IMG_4186  us significant problems that lack of human’s basic needs. Housing is one of problems that I want to contribute to society as an architect.  I grew up in South Korea where the country size is small as same as state of New Jersey. And I also lived in Japan for four years when I was in elementary school where the country size is also small and have many nature disasters like frequent earthquakes. As time goes by, the number of world populations are increasing, having an own house is become a significant matter in most Eastern societies. Not only that, for Japanese, it is important matter developing building technology for safety against nature disasters. Also, the ecology and environmental sustainability is key issue to many architects in world widely.   One of my favorite architects, ARTURO VITTORI said “Building is designed to be owned and operated by the villagers, a key factor that should help guarantee the success of the project. Building is not only provide a fundamental resource for life – house – but also creates a social place for the community, where people can gather under the shade of its canopy for education and public meetings.” Likewise, I believe architects are exist not only for designing lank mark buildings in the century itself. What more important aspect to an architect is the attitude that how to contribute their talent to society, how to find out or develop the solutions for the problems that world have today. These kind of thoughts are important to become an architect.


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