For Wednesday, 8/7


In Class

  1. Attendance
  2. What Was the Most Important Point from Yesterday?
  3. Keywords: Negative Externalities
  4. Social Network Analysis
  5. Public Sociology
  6. BREAK
  7. Review: Kyle D. Stedman, ‘Annoying Ways People Use Sources’, Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Vol. 2 (2011):
    1. Armadillo Roadkill
    2. Uncle Buddy’s Encyclopedia of Useless Facts
    3. Am I in the Right Movie?
    4. I Can’t Find the Stupid Link
    5. I Swear I Did Some Research!
  8. Review: FInal Exam
    1. Decoding Cryptic Grading Comments
    2. When Should I Use Dictionary Definitions? (Hint: Rarely)
  9. For Next Time

For Next Time

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  1. Folks, the first of Matthew’s videos is on pessimism as a philosophy; the second is on the Kaepernick protests.

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