For the Final Exam Period


  • Make sure to submit the link to your final exam (remember: it should be the same Google Doc you created for the midterm!!!); I will wait until after we’ve met to begin grading, however, so you’ll have a little time to make any last-minute revisions.
  • Don’t forget to review Caroline Hodges Persell, Kathryn M. Pfeiffer, and Ali Syed, ‘What Should Students Learn After Taking Intro Sociology?’, Teaching Sociology 35 (October 2007).

Zoom Session 

We will meet for part of our regularly scheduled exam period to discuss any remaining questions/issues regarding the exam, and I will then offer a few concluding thoughts.

  1. Prelude: Which core themes might be applicable here?
  2. Attendance
  3. On Plagiarism
  4. Review: Ten Core Themes
  5. Review: Final Exam

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