Edwin Samaniego

( 347 ) 977 – 3536 |


Kite Away | Repo

  • Created a Unity Game. Built as a practice tool to increase mouse accuracy.
  • I built the rules for the game.


Java | C# | C | JavaScript | PHP | HTML | CSS | React.js | Node.js
Git/GitHub | Adobe Xd | MongoDB
Professional Development Training:
Codecademy Java | Codecademy JavaScript | Udemy’s The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp
Professional Development:
Indeed Java Proficiency | Indeed Software Proficiency | LinkedIn Java


New York City College of Technology (NYCCT), City University of New York (CUNY)
Bachelor of Technology
| GPA : 3.4

Relevant Coursework:
Database Fundamentals | Programming Fundamentals | Data Structures & Algorithms
C++ Programming | Web Programming | Java Programming | PHP Programming
App Development | Game Development

Relevant Experience

CUNY Tech Prep Program:
Fellow, Software Development
Learn in-demand technologies like React, Node + Express, and PostgreSQL as well as industry best practices for design, implementation, and deployment such as MVC, version control with Git/GitHub, agile & Scrum with Trello and Slack, test driven development, and CI/CD