Week 9.21.21 – 9.27.21

I started the week by creating a new project in Unity. Then after refamiliarizing myself with the tools. I began thinking about what I wanted this project to look like. After playing a few games and talking with some people we discussed mouse accuracy which made me think and pivot my project to focus on improving mouse accuracy. Thus, Kite Away was born. I wanted to focus primarily on one specific mechanic of gaming which is spacing. I then began blue printing how I believe the game should function.

Week 9.28.21 – 10.05.21

This week I began doing the programming. I started by working on movement. I had created 3 iterations of movement scripts and felt each had its pros and cons. One was using NavMeshAgent which I did not feel was fluid and at times could feel clunky. Another was using a point and click move here and do nothing else until that has been completed script which was not efficient at all. Finally, I found that a mix of both would be best. Especially if I override the do not do anything else aspect of the previous script. I began working on the combat functionality. I also added an input targeting system.

Week 10.06.21 – 10-11.21

This week I wanted to fix the camera to make it easier to control and watch my character as I control them. I also added and tested the functionality of an ability and cooldowns UI. I also improved the movement script and deprecated the last version.

Week 10.12.21 – 10.18.21

This week was midterm week, and I did not work on the project much. I did visual changes.

Week 10.19.21 – 10.25.21

This week I worked on the damage system. I recreated an existing damage system and was testing damages and how long it would take to defeat a single enemy and tweaked it.

Week 10.26.21 – 11.01.21

This week I was bug testing and fixing issues I found while also working on my abilities not working the way I expect.

Week 11.02.21 – 11.08.21

This week I worked on ranged attack functionality.

Week 11.09.21 – 11.15.21

This week I started to look at assets. I found a few and considered hiring someone to make something to my liking but opted out of that. I also pushed all changes since then. I also refactored some code. I started to implement a super class for characters in case I want to add a 2nd character. I added enemies to test against the current systems.

Week 11.16.21 – 11.22.21

This week I worked on adding a second character with the new systems. I improved the health UI. Created super classes for skill shots, and for characters.

Week 11.23.21 – 11.29.21

This week I added the game over screen and added character selection screen. I tested the functionality and tweaked any issues I had. I also found some character models and animations which I think are good.

Week 11.30.21 – 12.06.21

This week I was organizing scripts, refactoring small chunks of code. I added another enemy with animations and am still working the 2nd characters functionality. I hope to be finished and add a 3rd by presentation.