Unit 1: Education Narrative

(750-1000 words) 

Together, we have discussed several works, including Caroline Hellman’s “In Defense of the Classroom,” Stephon Hobson’s “The Caged Bird Prevails,” José Olivarez’s “Maybe I Could Save Myself By Writing,” Barack Obama’s Promised Land, and Jamila Lyiscott’s “Articulate,”  in which the authors speak to educational experiences both inside and outside school settings.

Now it is time for you to write your own education narrative. Think of one or more experiences in your life when you learned something important and transformative (you do not have to discuss school specifically). Describe these experiences in detail. What did you learn or conclude, and take with you moving forward?  You will want to fully develop your ideas with rich detail and further explanation, along with 2 connections with the class texts,  integrated with The Quote Sandwich (TM).

Blank Education-Narrative-Outline Form for You

Essay Breakdown & Quote Sandwich Info Powerpoint

Evaluation Criteria Checklist

  • An overarching point about your educational experience(s)
  • Main ideas (one particular event or a series of events) that support your claims
  • Rich details that illustrate your claims and paint a picture for the reader
  • Narrative progression and paragraph sequence that makes sense
  • Clear sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation