Tomorrow! EcoFest 2022

Greetings City Tech community,

EcoFestĀ has been the Collegeā€™s Earth Day-centered event for the past 7 years. It is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to celebrate environmental successes and educate each other concerning the huge challenges we face.The theme of this yearā€™s EcoFest Conference isĀ Crisis: Itā€™s Time to Take Action.Ā TheĀ event will have a hybrid format: there will be live panels and presentations in the Academic Building lobby and theater, and it will be shared synchronously as a Zoom webinar. Ā Ā Last yearā€™s conference had 140 viewers and more than 50 participants. We are planning on even more viewers for EcoFest 2022. The conferenceĀ schedule is designed so the panels coincide with the times collegeĀ courses are taking place.Ā Faculty are encouraged to bring their classes.Ā 

Join usĀ in person in the New Academic Complex Theater or,Ā ifĀ you cannot attend live, joinĀ via Zoom webinar at the link below. EcoFest 2022 ConferenceĀ webinar registration:

EcoFestĀ 2022Ā promotionalĀ video:Ā

Please see theĀ EcoFest 2022 ScheduleĀ andĀ posterĀ for more information.We look forward to seeing you on the 28th!

Thank you, City Tech Campus Sustainability Council