Thursday, April 22nd, 9:30am-5pm


Russell K. Hotzler, President, New York City College of Technology, CUNY

10am: Environmental Justice

  1. Eric Wood, Hudson Valley Regional Coordinator, NYPIRG
  2. Masoom Moitra, Director, El Puente Green Light District Toxic Air Quality in North Brooklyn (South Williamsburg)
  3. Santosh Nandabalan, New York Organizer, Food and Water Watch

11am: Innovative Technologies

  1. Alba Pena, New York City Community Engagement Manager, Equinor, Empire Wind
  2. Walter Meyer, Principal Urban Designer, LOLA – Local Office Landscape, Reason to Change Power Grid Conditions, founder iSolar Libre! Puerto Rico
  3. Alan Robock, Associate Director, Center for Environmental Prediction, Rutgers University, Risks and Benefits of Geo-Engineering

12pm: Resilient 21 / Policy-Laws and Regulations: Biden Administration- First 100 Days of Change

  1. Marissa Aho, Chief Resilience Officer Houston
  2. Laurie Schoeman, National Director, Resilience and Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Green communities
  3. Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy, Founder and Chief Precoverist, Precovery Labs/ Director Global Strategic Partnerships and Development, and Senior Advisor North America, Resilient Cities Network

1pm: Green Jam

  1. Ngozi Okonkwo, City Tech Student Government Association President, Let ‘s Turn This World Around!
  2. Sustainable Technology Association Club
  3. City Tech Questions For New York City Mayor Candidates Survey Responses
  4. Student & Faculty 180-Second Video Challenge (Most ‘Liked’Videos)

2pm: Culture and Communication

  1. Bill McKibben, (Video Presentation) Author, Founder”Where we are in the fight against climate change, what new opportunities arise with the Biden ad m in ist rat io n, and what folks should be doing to make an impact now.”
  2. Jill Kubit, Director, Co-Founder of Dear Tomorrow
  3. Catherine  Harris, University  Of New Mexico, Assistant  Professor  of  Landscape,  Architecture, Art and Ecology, Principal Investigator-Red Water Pond Road Community in the Navajo Nation

3pm: Food and Climate Connections

  1. Thomas Philpott, Author, has written extensively on food justice and environmental issues and is the author most recently of Perilous Bounty
  2. Elizabeth Royte, Author, of the books Garbage Land, Bottlemania, and numerous articles on food science and the ecosystem including”Compost King of Queens” for the NY Times
  3. Bruce Friedrich, co-founder of the Good Food Institute, author of many articles on diet and climate, and the book Clean Protein

and much more, including oral presentations from students and professors.